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Private Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints

Discussion in 'Morhall' started by Roy Mustang, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist

    9th February, year 7
    Tags- @Edward Elric

    Al had been called away by Riza, but he had only left because Roy had promised to sit with the heavily drugged Ed and Roy had wondered what the boy had thought he was going to do, leave Ed here with no one to keep an eye on him while he rested, slowly healing? No Roy knew he was bad and often appeared heartless, but in reality the truth was he cared far too much. So he sat there and sat there, his dark, brown eyes never shifting from Ed's form, the silence had started off peaceful but as time slowly ticked by Roy could feel it growing heavy with the weight of his own pain.

    He shifted in the seat, trying to distract himself from his dark thoughts by taking his eyes off the blonde haired teenager and instead scanning his room, it was a rather plain room, kept organised to military precision as Roy had never been able to escape that tidiness once he'd been a part of the military for awhile. But now the lack of interesting things in his room drew his gaze back to Ed, lying there so still, so quietly in that bed and yet Roy could see the steady rise and fall of his chest teling him he still continued to rest.

    For a moment Roy's jaw worked as he watched Ed lie there, before he muttered"You know sometimes Ed, you're not wrong about me... I am on occasion a fool... You're just a kid... A kid I should have done more for, a kid I should of protected... This is my fault.. All of it.."His hands rose to his face as he let out a pained groaning sound, before shifting back in his seat.

    His dark eyes found Ed's sleeping face as he went on"I swore that if I could not protect everyone then I would at least protect everyone I cared about after Ishval... And yet even here, in another world, in another dimension I can do nothing but helplessly watch.... I should have stopped you... I should have done something..." His voice faded away and suddenly he couldn't bear it anymore, his gaze shifted from Ed to stare out the bedroom door in the direction of the lit fireplace as he spoke softly more to himself than to Edward"My fault..." A distant look in his dark gaze.
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  2. Edward Elric

    Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist

    Roy might have thought he was asleep, but in fact Edward was anything but in that moment. He had been awake for a few good hours, irritated as it was the sound of a clock even in another room that had felt like the hands of time were pounding against the inside of his skull. But he didn't call for help or attention, lord knows he hated relying on anyone else and this was no different.

    He hadn't been left alone for long though.The colonel had joined him and whilst he was grateful that there were other noises he could now concentrate on, he didn't let it be known he was awake for he wondered what the man wanted. But he knew. Edward knew that Mustang had come here to speak his blame and self hatred - things the Elric had no interest in listening to. And yet, Edward found himself listening to the other alchemist, though a small frown had appeared on his features soon enough, one he couldn't stop and hide no matter how much he wanted to. Even then, he only had so much in him...

    Enough was enough.

    "Shut up..." Edward let the words trail off into the otherwise now silent room. It seemed to echo around the walls before it finally sunk into the wallpaper, Leaving the boy a few given moments as he figured what he wanted to say to the fool in a moment.
    "You're always blaming yourself for other's decisions. How're you going to be a leader, a better leader if you're like that?" Sighing softly to himself, the boy had shifted just a bit, rolling onto his side and looking at the colonel quietly so when the elder decided to lift his head, he might see a slither of what remained of the boy looking back at him once more.

    "And besides, who the hell do you think you're calling a kid?" There was no malice in his final words there, perhaps an echo of a laugh, but there was nothing more to it than that. It would have perhaps had the boy laughing at one point, but as he'd been pretty much confined to a bed for the last couple of days it was fair enough that the last thing he wanted to hear was Mustang blaming himself for something he had no control over.

    He was never good at these kinds of things.

    Sighing and rolling against his back once more, Edward sunk against the mattress before he draped his arm over his closed eyelids, his hand curled up into a tight fist out of frustration.
    "I'm fine." It was perhaps one of the biggest lies Edward had ever told and he knew it, he could taste it in his mouth and disliked how it sat with him as such. It was hard to swallow and to even start with, but it was there and if Roy had decided he wasn't buying it, then the teenager would just tell him to suck it up and that there was really nothing else to it. Another lie... But at least this one he didn't have to say.

    "Don't you have Morhall to be running?" He was looking for an escape, an excuse to be left alone once more so he didn't have to pretend that he wasn't terrified of being left alone or seeing the colonel in such a damn rage again. But he'd do anything, even now, to get Roy to stop being so damn hard on himself.
    "I'm sure your people need you. So help them, why don't you? If I need anything I'll let you know." Turning his head, Edward kept his ace towards the wall, out of Mustang's sight.

    Typical Edward, hiding behind a strong facade when all he wanted to do was to cry.
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