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Open Desi's Graphics Shop!

Discussion in 'Graphics Request' started by Desi, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Desi

    Desi Guest

    I have found, lately, that doing some graphics requests really does help me to get back into musing. It just gets me back into the proper mindset to write and that's super cool. So I would like to offer you guys what little skill I have if you'd like to take me up on it. I'm not sure how many of you may want to request but I would like to ask that only two current requests be posted at a time. I don't want to get ahead of myself. I can do signatures and avs and gifs and text and all sorts of things. I've kind of fallen into my own way of doing things which has brought my growth to a plateau so I'm hoping that bringing in new minds with different expectations than my own will help in breaking that! So yes, request away.


    So here's a form, you totally don't have to use it.
    [b]Type:[/b] What kind of graphic can I make for you today?
    [b]Size:[/b] Even if you don't have specifics, give me an estimate or I'll go overboard more than likely.
    [b]PB Name or Pictures:[/b] If you want specific pictures, link them. Galleries are perfect, free reign is great though, I really like that.
    [b]Style & Color:[/b] Should this be dark and angsty, bright and bubbly, a little twisted? Should there be teeth in the background, a fairy forest, Hogwarts, the tardis? I must know!
    [b]Text:[/b] Whatever text you want goes here. Names, quotes, what have you. If you want a specific font link me to where I can download it for windows, please.
    [b]Other Notes:[/b] Anything else?
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  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Type: Could I get a set please? (siggy and avvie?)
    Size: UH...not something huge? And the avatar would preferably be nice and avatar szed
    PB Name or Pictures: So I play Ruby 2.0 , who's actress is Genevieve Cortese. You can totally grab any pictures you think would work, though let me know if you'd prefer me to find some
    Style & Color: On the darker side of things for sure, but not super dark! I liked Ruby as this sorta hero enigma she was. So yeah dark but not super dark and angsty or anything.
    Text: Either "You have to admit...I'm Awesome." Or "Who do I have to kill to get some french fires around here?" (I enjoy Ruby's fixation with french fries, ok)
    Other Notes: Um...thanks in advance? Oh one thing is, if you don't use the french fry quote it would be awesome if you could sneak some fries into the sig..if it fits the tone and everything and stuff. Otherwise, don't worry about it.
  3. Regina Mills

    Regina Mills Guest

    Type: Set please, Signature and Avie
    Size: whatever you think will look best
    PB Name or Pictures: I would you to put Regina ( Evil Queen) in the signature but everythign else is up to you.
    Style & Color: dark and angsty, and a little twisted please. and a appple somewhere in there
    Text: I would like " As wicked as you think you are, you're not even in my league." or " Evil isnt born, Its made"
    Other Notes: I will ( hopefully) Be Regina mills from OUAT, I love her in Evil Queen outfits, the red dress (on in profile picture) the best but love all of them, i was hoping for a signature with a few of her faces and outfits all togather with a dark background.
  4. Nairne

    Nairne Guest

    Type: Set please! (Sig and Av)
    Size: Nothing too big. the avatar should fit the box reasonably well and the signature should fill all the way across
    PB Name or Pictures: For the signature, I'd like a combo of this and a good matching one. (maybe this or this or something else?) I'll leave it up to your artistic instinct on what matches.
    Style & Color: I'm going for a mysterious look. Either that or make it resemble the 80s. (maybe a red border contrasting like in the logo. If that doesn't look right though, just go with what looks cool.
    Text: "You were right. This whole time you were right."
    Other Notes: There's a cool effect that the show does where it looks like there's almost spores everywhere. Example here If you could do that, that would look cool too. (If it looks too busy though, scrap it). Thank you very much!