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Dharke's Thread Tracker

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by The Governor, May 27, 2015.

  1. The Governor

    The Governor The Walking Dead
    You kill or you die.

    Anna & Apollo's Pet
    The Governor's Threads


    Year 4

    Year 5

    Year 6

    1st September: Deep End (Complete)

    5th October: Festival of Free Food (Complete)
    7th October: Fight, Fight, Fight! (Complete)

    30th November: Stardust (Summary Ended)

    5th December: School Is Back In Session (Complete)

    1st January: Book of Revenge (Complete)
    3rd January: A "Family" Visit (Complete)
    21st January: Short & Sweet Visit (Complete)

    1st February: What The Hell Do You Want? (Dead)

    2nd March: A Shiny New Penny (Complete)
    4th March: Grasping At Straws (Dead)
    8th March: Pussy Whipped (Dead)
    17th March: Cat Fight! (Complete)
    26th March: Not With A Ten Foot Pole (Complete)
    27th March: Bogeyman In Your Closet (Complete)
    31st March: Save The Children (Complete)

    1st April: Sunburn (Dead)
    2nd April: The Walking Meme [Whispering Woods] (Complete)
    5th April: Burying The Hatchet (Complete)
    6th April: Talk (Complete)
    16th April: More Revenge (Complete)
    30th April: Fly Swatter Needed (Complete)

    1st May: Just "Playing" (Dead)
    4th May: Restlessness in the air (Dead)
    7th May: Poking The Fire (Dead)
    26th May: Damn Right I'm a Maniac (Complete)
    28th May: KILL EM ALL! (Complete)
    30th May: Sweetheart & Friend (Complete)

    1st June: Final Payments (Complete)
    2nd June: Got Your Girls (Complete)
    3rd June: Liar (Complete)
    4th June: Show Your Might (Dead)
    14th June: Jungle to Jungle (Dead)
    20th June: What's That, Makkachin? Little Viktor is beaten up in the alley? (Dead)
    21st June: Just Girls Breaking Bones (Dead)
    25th June: Bribery (Complete)

    1st July: The Tea Party (Complete)
    2nd July: Allies? Enemies? All Are Prey In Some Eyes (Dead)
    5th July: burn em all up (Complete)
    12th July: Stealing The Agiel... Or Not! (Complete)
    15th July: did you fall from the sky (Dead)
    16th July: Sandwich Dare (Complete)
    16th July: Reasons To Stay (Dead)
    17th July: Big Cat Attack! (Dead)
    21st July: Pussy Cat Licker (Complete)
    22nd July: Rabbit Skin (Complete)
    23rd July: stone em all (Dead)

    1st August: Not You Again! (Dead)
    20th August: Could things get any worse? Yup... (WIP)
    21st August: Tormenting Father & Son (WIP)
    25th August: a mother's fear (Dead)
    26th August: The Wrath Of The Sun (WIP)
    29th August: No Rest For The Wicked (Complete)
    29th August: The Lady Or The Tiger? (Complete)

    30th August: Walking Down The Aisle (WIP)
    31st August: Perrin's Manicure (WIP)

    Year 7

    ?? September: Chess + Ouija = Jumanji (Dead)
    10th September: The "Volunteers" (Complete)
    13th September: The "Performers" (Dead)
    22nd September: danger zone (Complete)
    22nd September: Sandwich? (Complete)
    28th September: Gimme Info! (Complete)
    29th September: Gotcha (Complete)

    3rd October: the girl you think i am (Dead)
    6th October: Cry Wolf (WIP)
    9th October: The Little Girl Found (Complete)
    24th October: take my face and desecrate (Complete)
    27th October: Trip To The Woods (Complete)

    3rd November: What Do Vampires & Fleas Have In Common? (WIP)
    14th November: The Future Doesn't Look Good (WIP)

    ?? December: Remember Me (WIP)
    ?? December: Let Me Die (WIP)

    3rd January: Across that Sandy Sea (Dead)
    6th January: Paying Back The Loan (Complete)
    6th January: Snow Angel (Complete)
    13th January: A Murder of Stripes (Complete)
    16th January: Something wicked your way comes (Complete)
    17th January: Trophy Heads (Dead)
    20th January: Kindness (Complete)
    27th January: Here's Your Rock (Dead)

    3rd February: New World, New Skies (WIP)
    7th February: No Need for a Hero (WIP)
    9th February: The Eye of the Tiger (WIP)
    9th February: She-Cat (Dead)
    13th February: Sweet Dreams (WIP)
    17th February: Sand Sharks (Complete)

    1st March: A Stubborn Winter (Complete)
    1st March: Chise is in Trouble! (WIP)
    1st March: Rescuing Chise (WIP)
    26th March: Nature Documentary Gone Wrong (WIP)
    31st March: Venom (Complete)

    2nd April: Mystery Benefactor (Complete)
    15th April: I pray the Lord my soul to take (Complete)

    8th April: The Grant Escape (WIP)
    30th April: Scientific Hooliganism (WIP)

    7th May: Errantry (WIP)
    13th May: the great animal adventure (WIP)
    28th May: Human Livestock (WIP)
    30th May: we got gods to appease (Twins?) (WIP)

    1st June: white lyrium (WIP)
    5th June: Dragons and tigers and ...? Oh, my (WIP)
    14th June: follow the red dirt road (WIP)
    16th June: Night of the Hunter (WIP)

    10th July: The Angry Bird (Complete)
    21st July: Beach Drama (WIP)
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  2. King Ezekiel

    King Ezekiel The Walking Dead

    Wizard(ish). Werelion(ish).
    Lawful Good
  3. Shere Khan

    Shere Khan The Jungle Book

    Naughty Cub
    True Neutral
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  4. Aulus Plautius

    Aulus Plautius Britannia

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