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Direct Action, Part 1

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Lonnie Machin, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Date: January 28th, Year Seven
    Tag: @Roy Mustang @Riza Hawkeye


    Sometimes you did everything right, made no mistakes, and things still seemed to collapse all around you.

    That day, Lonnie had made a difficult and long journey to the mountains; he had an appointment to keep with another exploiter, and he didn't intend to disappoint. A "mining company" had set itself up in one of the deeper caves, all nice and legal according to the law-enforcers of Morhall, but one that hid a dangerous secret. The miners were, according to their paperwork, "private contractors;"in other words, they weren't employees of the company but self-employed third parties, at least in the eyes of the law.

    Under the lens of reality, however, the term most appropriate was probably "slaves." Desperate for work so as to eat, the miners had signed contracts which tied them to work for less than the legally mandated minimums required by the mountain town, and only some bureaucratic incompetence or state collusion - Lonnie didn't know which, yet - had hidden this fact from the powers that be. In either case it didn't matter; if the representatives of the so-called law wouldn't lift a finger, then it was time that the people in charge of this little operation had a visit from someone with a bit more punch.

    Sneaking into the mining facility had been surprisingly easy. Anarky had been concerned that the tunnels would restrict his movement and prevent him from being able to properly infiltrate the place, but so far he'd gone unnoticed. Perhaps it was the light, or lack of it; red was a good colour if you wanted to be hidden in the dark.

    He slipped into the mining site's main offices just as easily, stealing past a couple of relatively tired-looking guards. Unlike the miners the company didn't officially employ, these men were well paid and even better fed, and it was this self-satisfied stupor that led them to miss the crimson shadow slipping into the records offices.

    There, Lonnie found what he was looking for; files that proved the illegality of the operations here. If the government wanted to avoid embarrassment, they would have no choice but to act when these files became widely known - if they didn't, Lonnie was certain that the miners themselves would take action if their dignity went trampled on for much longer, especially once they learned that he'd sneaked proof of their exploitation out from under the boss' nose.

    It was just as Lonnie was considering the best way to get the news out that said boss walked into the office, a couple of flunkies in tow.

    For a moment, both parties simply stared at each other, both utterly shocked at being interrupted. Then Anarky darted forward, tasering the boss square in the chest. The man went down like a sack of old potatoes, but his aides were quite a bit quicker, and even as Anarky stood above his still-disoriented victim an alarm began to sound throughout the facility.

    Oh, great. Just when things were looking up, too.
    "Wake up, Mr. Kovell. It will take your thugs a little while to reach this place, I think; plenty of time for you and I to have a little chat about your "contracted" workforce, and what constitutes a fair deal..."
    Kovell had more or less come to at this point - and as the red figure in the room pointed the sparking end of his brass rod down at him, the manager managed a shrill and distinctly terrified scream.
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  2. Riza Hawkeye

    Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist

    Neutral Good
    While it wasn't in Riza's line of duties as Aedile to check on workplace conditions, at least as a rule, but when they started wanting to have more water and energy allotments, or greater access to other resources as well as reshaping the mines underneath living areas, that was a different story. It was important for the safety of the populace to keep these things in check, as well as fair. No matter how many jobs he brought to the area there was a balance to be maintained in the distribution of resources to be considered, especially right now, with the potential for trouble on the horizon.

    Considering that she wasn't sure how long it would take she'd put it at the beginning of her agenda for the day and walked down into the mines early in the morning. As always she was dressed for business, slacks and button-up shirt covered with a coat that also concealed her handguns on their shoulder holsters. These mines were known for trouble, whether it was the occasional monster incursion or raiders, or just a mugger, and going down into them without some kind of defensive measures was foolhardy. And when the alarms started going off- loudly ringing through the tunnels- she was glad she did, and she started that way without a moment's hesitation.

    Surely the fact that it was in the direction she was already going, toward the mining company that would have the resources for alarms, wasn't a coincidence- it certainly wasn't luck. When she saw the open door before her she started slowing down, drawing one of her handguns and cutting closer to the wall, moving quietly around the corner and peeking in. A figure dressed in red, masked, stood over a man lying on the ground, calling him Mr. Kovell, holding something like a baton that sparked at the end which he drove into the prone figure's flesh, eliciting a shout. Brow furrowed she quickly slipped through the door, handgun raised toward the cloaked figure. "Stop what you're doing and lower the weapon," she told them firmly, expression stoic and eyes calm cool.
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  3. Damn it, damn it. How had everything gone south so quickly?
    "Ah, the long arm of the law is here. Seems like it's your lucky day, Mr. Kovell."
    Keeping the frustration out of his voice as much as possible, Machin kept up the "character" as much as possible. Anarky couldn't be seen to be afraid, even if Lonnie could very clearly see the gun being aimed at him.

    Keeping his stick in front of him, nice and visible to the officer, Lonnie's other hand reached slowly behind him to where a few choice smoke-bombs were stored. He was going to have to be careful here; one false move and he was as dead as dead could be.

    "Our little chat will have to wait, I think. Don't worry, though - once what you've been up to here gets out, there'll be a few other people who'll want to talk to you too. As for you, officer... are you sure you're on the right side?"
    And with that little riposte, it was time to make a quick getaway. Pressing the activation stud on the smoke-bomb, Lonnie swung it around and threw it to the floor, swirling his cloak as he moved. Theatrical? Yes, but it also helped obscure where his limbs were a touch.

    As the smoke filled the room, Anarky made his exit, barrelling past the officer and down into the darkness of the corridor outside. He had won precious moments - now he had to make good on them.
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