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Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Nikola Tesla, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    12th February Yr 7

    Nikola started off the day feeling pretty good about himself. He had already picked out Helen’s gifts for Valentine’s Day and had kept them successfully hidden from her. They weren’t an item (yet), but he had long since felt the desire to be, and wanted to make his intentions known. It also wasn’t entirely unprecedented that he give her a gift on the day of romancing lovers, and certainly not the first time he had done so platonically. Whatever you could say about Nikola’s thoughtless mouth, his gifts were anything but.

    The warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment, the high of being a successful man in a world full of successes, and the knowledge Helen had remained still in his home despite Henry soothed his worried soul. Nikola was going to keep Helen there. Every day she didn’t leave was another day it became closer to being hers, rather than his. Of course Helen had a way of owning everything she came into contact with. It was rather annoying when you wanted to be in charge but he was a sucker for an independent woman telling him what to do.

    And while he may be a sucker for Helen, he was not a sucker for instructions that came in the form of paper forms. That required his signature. Nikola Tesla didn’t do autographs for fans! And he certainly wasn’t going to do it for the Sanctuary Network! What the hell? Nikola studied the paperwork that had appeared for his attention. No not Sanctuary Network. Just for Helen. Was that a DNR? Nikola couldn’t decide whather the was touched, or insulted, and settled on insulted because that was easier than thinking about the other thing. Also any thoughts of Helen ended up squished or, you know, on a slab, did cause him considerable anxiety.

    Nikola headed to the building Helen was using as an interim base of operations while she got her actual place set up with the intention of asking her, what gives! Because this was the sort of thing you spoke to someone about and didn’t just land on their laps! Seriously!

    Nikola just about caught sight of his target, when a fresh wave of irritation rolled over him causing him to vamp out as he headed in her direction in what could be considered a menacing manner.

    @Faith Lehane You're up! XD
    @Helen Magnus
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  2. Faith Lehane

    Faith Lehane Guest

    ((ooc// let me know if i need to make any edits!))

    Faith knew of a vampire called Nikola. She'd been told that from Helen herself after the doctor had helped Faith after a nasty run in with vampires. From what she knew, it didn't even cross her mind that this vampire was Nikola. All she saw was a vampire in full vamp face and what she could only describe as moving menacingly.

    As a Slayer she couldn't just turn around and pretend she didn't see anything. Instead she moved towards him, aiming a punch right for his face with her right hand, hoping she was faster than him and the attack would land. If not she would find another way. "Seriously? Haven't you heard of making sure you're alone before attacking?" Faith asked, tilting her head as if challenging him.

    Are vampires dumber in this world or is it just me?"
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  3. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    For all Nikola could be cold and calculating, distant and cruel, mean and bitter, it was all a smokescreen for a surprisingly soft hard that squished like freshly baked cookie dough. His sweet gentle nature was most often seen around defenceless birds, usually pigeons, and occasionally Helen who brought out the warm and fuzzies. That is, of course, if he wasn’t flirting shamelessly with her. There were very few things Nikola feared in the world, and while he’d deny them all, he’d be lying if the demise of Helen Magnus wasn’t top of the list. Or her so incalculably injured she could no longer recognise him or interact with the world as she once did. Great. Why did he have to think of that? Now he had a whole new nightmare scenario.

    To be left paperwork on his desk was always a dangerous decision. Nikola hated paperwork passionately and disliked the sound of the word. But to be left papers that were both honourable and … frightening did not sit well with him at all. He did, what he always does, and that is react emotionally. Emotions ran deep for his race, and while he had a great handle on them, there were times he could be overrun. Like now.

    Helen was in his sights, some distance away when he was stopped, rather rudely, by some young child thing. He knew someone was coming up to him but he wasn’t expecting something so primitive as a punch! Who punched people these days?! He forgot that it was the primary weapon of the human when they were unarmed. Nikola thought this, in mild shock, from the floor where he landed. Boy did she hit hard. Much harder then Helen who could pack quite the punch. But he was unprepared, he told himself, not because she was some kind of freak. Which she was. Because ow.

    Luckily Nikola healed fast so any damage she had done was repaired before he hit the floor from which he dusted himself up off of. ”Well if I was alone,” his voice deeper and warped in his vampire state. ”I would be attacking myself,” he pointed out irritated, the forms now scrumpled in his hand. Great. Even if he did agree to sign them she’d have to get more because who could hand this to anyone?

    ”I’ll have you know I’m the smartest man alive, human or vampire, so it appears to me that it is you who are dumb,” he retorted. ”Which, by the way, isn’t even the correct term, since you are referring to intelligence, and not the ability to speak,” he advised. Kids these days! ”Now if you don’t mind, I shall continue what I started,” which is yell at Helen. Or speak to her in tense tones. Maybe growl. He’s thinking growling would be good.
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  4. Faith Lehane

    Faith Lehane Guest

    "Why do vampires yammer on when I don't care?" Faith didn't care much for his words. She'd heard worse after all and the point here was to take out someone dangerous. Not let him prattle on about shit she didn't care for. "So you moving menacingly is what, a coincidence?" Faith retorted, stepping back and assuming a fight position. Her attack had landed, leaving him to fall to the ground from the blow.

    "I'm not going to let you hurt an innocent." Faith reached into her jacket and pulled out a wooden stake - weapon of choice for slayers. Had she realized the woman ahead had been Helen and that this was her vampire friend she would have stopped her attack. If she had been more on the ball and not in a primal state, the words smartest man alive, vampire or human would have helped. Right now she was in slayer mode and this was a vampire so naturally, that meant she had a task to do and do it she would.

    Darting towards him, she aimed a kick and then spun around to hopefully embed the stake within the vampire's heart.
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  5. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    ”Yammer?!” Nikola retorted. ”I don’t yammer,” he protested loudly and clearly. He found this particularly offensive and everything he ever said was golden. It was brilliant. It deserved praise and it should be exalted from the heavens. Yammering. Pah! ”Everything I say is of importance,”

    But she wasn’t finished. She was still, ha ha, yammering on about his movements. He knew his movements. He was the one making them thank you. What was wrong with her anyhow? He had things to do, people to see, immortals to pick ones with and she was holding him up! Helen wasn’t even particularly busy right now! She was just over there probably pretending this wasn’t happening so she didn’t have to deal with him. Well think again blondie! He’d get his way! He usually did. (until she ruined it). ”That?” Tesla asked. ”That’s just movement. It is the stride of a man with purpose and a target for his vexations!”

    Damn that woman!

    Ha! Innocent. Funny. ”Trust me, nothing about that woman is innocent,” Helen may be a good woman, she may even be the best, but she was far from innocent. Nikola was going to continue on his way, thinking this confrontation over, because it was stupid and a waste of his time until he saw a pointed piece of wood in her hand. He was so thrown by this, it cleared his mind and he wasn’t prepared for the attack. Again! Next thing he knew his back hit the wall and he had a stake protruding from his chest.

    A stake!

    The bitch staked him with pointy wood! OH MY GOD. Horrified, and in his usual dramatic manner, Tesla looked down at the cylindrical object protruding from his chest. ”Helen!!” he shouted. ”Helen,” he continued in offended, appalled tones. ”She just stabbed me with a piece of wood Helen. A piece of wood,” and started to do something that might be considered hyperventilating.

    He turned to Faith. ”I just bought this shirt,” he added for it too was a casualty today.
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  6. Helen Magnus

    Helen Magnus Guest


    Helen had just left little little rented office she had set up to get the Sanctuary started and off her feet. She was heading down the street towards home when her cellphone had rung and pulled Helen into a bit of a conversation with a herpetologist who was temporarily housing Poseidon for her. "Slow down, he did what?" Helen asked as the man on the other line spoke a mile a minute. "Are you certain he isn't just in shed?" She asked putting a finger to her temple. "He's normally such a docile creature. I mean, yes I know he did try to eat me one time but honestly it wasn't his fault." She made a face a little like she had a bit of sympathy for him but was also a little upset about the situation. "Well, we could try to drop his pool another two feet to see if that makes him feel more comfortable. I'm certain he didn't mean it, he was just startled. At least he isn't venomous so you can be thankful for that. I hope your hand heals, I'll come look at it tomorrow but right now..."

    Helen paused looking down the street and seeing what appeared to be a fight breaking out between two people. "I have to go." Helen hung up her phone and started to run towards the fight before she noticed one of the people was Faith and she was about to stick a stake right into what Helen could only assume was a vampire. Of course that was when she recognized the vampire. "Nikola." Too little too late. Before she could reach them Nikola had been staked, not that it was actually going to do anything to him. He called out to her obviously having seen her coming from a distance and Helen picked up her speed. "I see you are just as good at making friends as you always have been, honestly Nikola I can't leave you alone for a few hours without you getting into trouble. Weren't you at home? What are you doing out here?"

    It seemed like the million question blame game, a typical game for Helen to play with him. Only because every time she turned around he had his hands in something he shouldn't. Walking by Faith she rested a hand on the girls back to calm her down and then crouched down next to Nikola. Grabbing the stake in his chest Helen tugged at it finding it might have been better to let Tesla pull it. Helen was strong for a woman but she wasn't strong enough to just pull out a stake like a splinter. A few more tugs and the crunch of some bone Helen had it out in her hand, covered in Tesla's blood but she still didn't seem too concerned. Helen dropped the stake beside him like this was just a normal day, her hand over the wound even if she knew it was going to be healed in seconds. She looked between Nikola and Faith, her expression showing she was less than pleased right now. "Could someone please explain to me what happened? Nikola what did you do?"

    Helen was going with Nikola first because normally when someone hit him there was a good reason for it. Pulling her hand back from his wound she grabbed hold of his arm to help him off off the ground. "And did you finish that paperwork I gave you?" Already acting like the boss and the Sanctuary wasn't even on solid foundation yet. Actually scratch that, the foundation was solid but the walls looked like a stiff wind might take them out.

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  7. Faith Lehane

    Faith Lehane Guest

    "No, that is yammer." Faith shrugged, not really caring either way about his protests.

    What was more important was to keep him from attacking anyone. And that meant stake meeting his heart and exploding into a puff of dust. Except he didn't explode. The stake remained firm in his chest and he still stood there.

    Horrified, with memories coming back in full force of emotions, Faith dropped her hands and took a few steps back. In her mind, Nikola was Alan, the wall was the dumpster. She closed her eyes and all she saw was blood.

    Even Helen's hand wasn't much in terms of comfort as she turned around, her instincts screaming at her to flee. Instead she forced herself to stay put, doing everything she could not to look at the scene that was going on behind her back.