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Doctor, The

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by The Doctor, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor Doctor Who

    The Doctor
    Don't be Lasagne

    Played by Cait

    Fandom: Doctor Who
    Age: Looks to be in his mid 60's but he's actually over 2000 years old. Lies a lot about his age.
    Species: Galifreyan; Timelord
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: End of series 10, before he gets shot by a Cyberman.


    Special Abilities
    The Doctor is a Timelord from the planet of Gallifrey. As such, he has a specific set of abilities and capabilities. His physiology is different to that of a human, mainly in the fact he has two hearts. The Doctor chose his name a long time ago to represent someone who heals; his real name is only known to a few people.


    The Doctor has the ability, when he is mortally wounded, to regenerate. This is where his body materialises and changes into another in order to save him. Time Lords typically have 12 regenerations, so they may in essence have 13 lives, but then they die after that. However, the Doctor was gifted an extra set of lives by the Time Lords of Gallifrey which reset his regeneration count. He has therefore, technically, got 11 regenerations left. The Doctor is only able to regenerate as long as nothing interrupts the regeneration cycle e.g. if he has been wounded, if he was to be continually hurt after ‘death’, he would be unable to regenerate and would therefore be permanently dead. Furthermore, if he were to suffer a severe attack, for example repetitive shooting or decapitation, he would also be unable to regenerate as the process requires the body to be near enough intact.

    Time Lord Capabilities

    As a Timelord, the Doctor has an extensive knowledge of what has been, what is going to happen and what could happen in time and in space. He understands the variables of the universe, however, that doesn’t mean he is able to predict the future and everything which happens in it. He can just see what might happen and why that could happen. However, he knows sometimes there are fixed points in time which cannot be changed; this is a sense he has from being a Time Lord (e.g. the death of Rose Tyler’s father was a fixed point in time, and therefore he could not change it because of the repercussion that would have on the fabric of time matter).

    He also has a comprehensive understanding of a range of creatures and universes. This came from his education at the Time Lord academy. He can recall particular strengths and weaknesses of different species as well as parts of their history. This tends to be a breadth rather than depth recall, but give him a planet and he’d be able to tell you a bit about it. The Doctor is able to understand different languages because of the TARDIS’ translation service; both written and spoken.


    The Doctor has an IQ which is immeasurable. He has extensive knowledge in histories of different planets, mechanics, engineering, mathematics, science and meddling. He’s also quite handy with a pair of knitting needles. The Doctor has developed a range of skills over his 2000 years, and that makes him a jack of many trades. However, that doesn’t mean that he’ll just be able to fix something or solve a problem straight away. Though he is intelligent, he still has to work things through and use a textbook, or several, to solve his problems. His abilities as a Time Lord have helped him to gain information and store it away within his memories to be used at a later date; the process of recalling this can vary depending on the situation. He’s good at problems solving and solving mysteries, despite the odds being against him most of the time.


    The Doctor is able to partake in telepathy and transfer information to someone else’s mind. He can’t read minds without them allowing to and he has to be in close proximity to them and there must be some kind of physical contact between them for this to be successful. He can also look into someone’s mind by doing this to find particular memories which they, themselves, might have hidden.


    The TARDIS is a time travelling device used by Time Lords. Though it is supposed to blend in with its surroundings, the Doctor’s got stuck on a trip to England in the 20th century so it is permanently stuck as a blue Police Phone Box (it has all the dimensions, including weight). Inside, the TARDIS has a plethora of rooms. It is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. There are hundreds of rooms, from an extensive library, control room and even a swimming pool. The Doctor himself isn’t sure he’s even examined all the rooms as of yet, but the clever exterior of the TARDIS masks the much larger interior. The TARDIS is able to dematerialise in one location and materialise in another; it has a special circuit which means that it never lands on anything living or breathing. This can happen in a matter of moments. Sometimes, because the mark 40 is temperamental, the co-ordinates might not always be adhered to, but most of the time the Doctor can get to where he wants to be easily.

    Only the Doctor is able to fly the TARDIS, as the controls are isomorphic so they only respond to him. The TARDIS also affects people who have been exposed to it a temporary ‘gift’. This gift allows the occupants to be able to understand different languages; both written and spoken. This gift is temporary and the length of its effect would depend on the length of the stay of the person in the TARDIS. People who were only in the TARDIS for a day or so might only have the gift for a couple of hours while someone who lives in the TARDIS would have it for much longer. The Doctor has one of the few keys available; some of his former companions also have keys, but without these then someone would have to enter the TARDIS by force, or not at all.

    Sonic Screwdriver

    The sonic screwdriver has been the Doctor’s faithful companion for many years. The device emits a sonic signal which can manipulate things like locks, wood or other materials such as rope. Though it is a clever device, it does have its limitations. Though it can be used to help fix mechanical devices and to diagnose mechanical issues, when it comes to raw materials it can’t do as much. The screwdriver can open doors or manipulate locks, but for raw materials it can only work with what is there e.g. setting rope alight or reattaching barbed wire together. It doesn’t create anything new, it just works with what is there.

    Psychic Paper

    The psychic paper is a small piece of paper in a black plastic pocket. The paper can say whatever the Doctor wants it to, as long as the person he is telling is psychologically receptive to the paper. The paper works off a small amount of psychic ability, so it would only work on people whose thoughts could be penetrated by it. It would also only work on people who were listening to the Doctor and understood what he was saying. For example, he could say that it was a passport, but if someone was not listening or misunderstood what he said, they could see something different on the paper.


    Never ask the Doctor to turn out his coat pockets; they’re incredibly deep and he is able to store a lot of ‘junk’ in there which helps with his day to day activities. For example: sonic screwdriver, psychic paper satsuma, pen and yo yo’s.



    The Doctor is incredibly sentimental. He’s lived many lives and he cares deeply for those around him. That means that sometimes his emotions can get the better of him, and he can make the wrong decision to save someone close to him. It also makes it possible to manipulate him one way or the other. He also cannot preempt what will happen in the future; he is only aware of various possibilities which could happen.

    Also, despite looking human, he is not, and sometimes he struggles to understand simple human emotions. This depends on the context but occasionally his Gallifreyan nature does come out. Furthermore, he is also susceptible to any form of attack or disease which affect humans. The only difference is that he is also able to regenerate, however, if his regeneration cycle was interrupted or if he were to suffer an attack which was severe enough to mean he could not regenerate, he would die completely. Therefore, he can still suffer with medical conditions and his regeneration cycle does not completely protect him from death in certain circumstances.

    Also, the Doctor always wants to see the best in people and likes to think everyone can be redeemed. Therefore he can sometimes be a little naive in his decisions as he has a real need to believe people can change and that those around him can make the right decisions.

    Object weaknesses

    TARDIS- The TARDIS’ powers have been restricted in Pandora. It is only able to travel within seasons and is unable to break out of whichever season it is presently in (summer, winter, autumn or spring). Similarly, it still cannot change its appearance from a Blue Phone Box. Very few people could enter TARDIS by force, or destroy it; the only things which could realistically destroy it would be something of superhuman strength or something like dropping it in a volcano. Typical human strength or projectiles don’t do much to it. This TARDIS has survived all sorts, even the Battle of Agincourt.

    Sonic Screwdriver- The sonic screwdriver cannot break deadlock seals and would have some difficulty with material it was not familiar with. Also, material which has been enchanted would not react to the sonic screwdriver. The screwdriver also is fragile and can be easily broken.

    Psychic Paper - Sometimes this doesn't always work if the person doesn't understand what they're supposed to be seeing or if they're not susceptible to psychic ability.


    The Doctor has been around the universe long enough through his 2000 years, but he never gets tired of what he sees. He’s always out for adventure and he actively seeks it. He has a good sense of humour and enjoys the company of others. The Doctor tries to remain upbeat and has a good talent for spotting the good and positive in most situations. He can sometimes be seen as being a bit childish, despite his years. He is also incredibly secretive, and is very good at only telling people what he thinks they need to know.

    The Doctor is also quite generous and selfless- he never seeks thanks for the planets he saves; he sees it as his duty to protect those in his care in the universe. The Doctor is an incredibly loyal friend and companion, and while at first he can be quite distant, once people have got to know him and they’ve managed to come into his life, he does everything in his power to protect them. In his present incarnation he can come across most of the time as being quite grumpy and random at times. The Doctor enjoys looking smart and bending the rules; he doesn't have much care for them and has become a little more reckless in his later years. The Doctor can sometimes come across as quite rude and abrupt, as he's got older he has found he has less time for people's comments and for time wasting.

    He can also be quite serious and feel the pressure of his Timelord responsibilities. Therefore, he can be appear quite unhappy or lonely, even when surrounded by others. The Doctor also has quite a bad temper; when he has been engaged in an argument or been upset by something, he can become quite irrational and overwhelmed by his emotions.


    Picture above.


    I am a Timelord… I walk in eternity

    The Doctor has 2000 years’ worth of history, and to write it down would fill a whole library full of Encyclopaedias.

    The Doctor began his life as a time-lord on his home planet of Gallifrey. He was never a model student, despite his intellect, but still graduated from the Academy with flying colours. The Doctor never really felt like the typical Time Lord life was for him, so one morning, along with his granddaughter Susan, he stole a Mark 40 TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space) and ran away. Since then, the Doctor has had countless adventures across the universe; from battling Daleks on their home planet of Skaro to defeating aliens who were trying to infiltrate the British government. You name it; he’s probably done it.

    Over his 2000 years, the Doctor has regenerated several times; he is now in his twelfth incarnation. Similarly, he has had a plethora of people travelling with him, from humans to robot dogs. The Doctor recently has spent his regeneration teaching in a university in the UK after going through the trauma of losing his memories after bringing Clara Oswald back to life. He was unable to move off earth for a long time because he was keeping a promise to look after Missy for a life sentence after he refused to carry out her death sentence.

    At the university he met a woman called Bill Potts who would sneak into his classes. It wasn't long before he, Bill and Nardole (also helping him look after Missy) were off on adventures. Eventually Missy was released from her prison and the Doctor tried to help her redeem herself. However, within this, the Doctor and the gang found themselves on a colony ship. Whilst there, Bill was taken off and converted into a cyberman just as they ran into a previous incarnation of the Master who had been behind the new cybermen.

    The Doctor struggled to come to terms with Bill's condition; they mobilised the people around them to fight off the cybermen and try to protect their homes and the children. The Doctor tried to convince Missy and the Master to help them, but they refused. As the Doctor walked back to help the others, he was grabbed by the black vines and pulled into Pandora. At the same time, so was his TARDIS, though initially they have been pulled in at separate places.

    The Doctor felt his face as he woke up. It was always good to have a face when you woke up. A face was good for things, like expressions. At the moment he was pulling a very good confused expression. The Doctor pulled himself to his feet and looked around. Nothing was really as he expected it to be. The way he had expected it to be was something like the colony ship where he'd just left both Missy and the Master. The Doctor walked to the left, held both hands up and then walked back to the right just for good measure.

    Vitals were still good. Sense of direction was fine. So was it him with the problem, or did the universe have a problem?

    The Doctor spun around on his heels. There was no one else around, not that he could see anyway. This was bad. This was very bad. It was the maximum amount of bad, added onto a universe worth of bad. This was incredibly difficult for him to wrap his head around whatever was going on. The corner of his mouth twitched and he took a few moments to himself. Even when he’d been blind he’d felt like he had a lot more clarity than he was currently being afforded by whatever was going on.

    The place he was in was earth like in its make up. The air had a particular smell about it which just smelled of humans and of course human activity. He spun around and was completely ready to blame this on Nardole. He was always causing trouble and causing problems where there did not need to be problems. However, he couldn't see the benefit in having transported him to a different location when they had a fight on their hands. They needed all hands on deck, literally on deck. He couldn't afford this kind of distraction. Not at the moment. The universe had a tendency to do this to him. Right when he was needed somewhere, he was moved elsewhere. The Doctor ran to one side and then the other and ran both hands through his hair, which was becoming wilder by the moment.

    "Very funny!" He shouted at the sky, "Hilarious! And everyone wonders why the Time Lords are renowened for not having sense of humours!" He kicked a rock but tried not to let the pain show. This had to be something to do with the Time Lords. Sure they were time locked somewhere, but that hadn't stopped them meddling in his affairs in the past. "But you know what you all are?" He was still shouting at the sky, "Pudding brains! Pudding Brains! Worse actually than the people on earth; planet of the even worse pudding brains, that's what you lot are to me!" What on earth were they playing at this time.

    Patting the inside of his coat, he felt his sonic screwdriver and all the other bits and pieces he'd left in there. He still had half a mars bar there from earlier. Always good to keep the sugar up, especially when facing certain death. The Doctor plunged his hands into his pockets, having received no reply from the sky he had been shouting at. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting of course, but he had been hoping for something. It was rude to just be dumped in the middle of somewhere without any idea why he had been brought here. At least in the old days the Time Lords had told him after they'd abandoned him on some odd planet. It had been that way when they'd sent him back to Skaro to kill the Daleks when they were still in their infancy. This was something new altogether. Perhaps in his younger years he might have had more patience for it all, but right now it was just annoying him.

    "Hello!" He called out, cupping his hands over his mouth to echo the sound around him, "Is anybody out there?" He called again, voice increasing in volume. The Doctor was not ready to give up hope, not at all. There were people who needed him back on the colony ship and he was not going to abandon them, especially not Bill or Nardole. The Master and Missy had turned their backs on their cause, so they had to pull together all the resources they had. This of course started with the Doctor actually getting back there. How difficult could it be, really?
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