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DoMA Brings Text Translator to Pandora Town!

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Egwene al'Vere, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Egwene al'Vere

    Egwene al'Vere The Wheel of Time

    Magical Consultant
    Human - Aes Sedai
    Lawful Good

    DoMA: Text Translator

    Feb 20th, Year 6

    This morning the Department of Magical Advancements released the first verison of their recent translation project to the public. This small device can fit on the page of a book or attach the edge of a computer screen, as well as be held in your hand. A blend of technology and magic, current Department Head Egwene Al'Vere hopes that the device will help bridge written communication among the members of Pandora Town as well as communities in other towns. In an effort to help promote business and study, the device can translate almost any written text in Pandora to your home language. Magic operates the device and keeps it running, while technology manages the storing of the languages through a Starknet connection.

    For a small price to pay for the materials used, you can pick up the device at a number of locations within the market, sold next to smart phones and laptops. If your language isn't included in the hundreds already uploaded, you can come to the Parliament Building to have your language uploaded in a short few hours at the office. The version will be uploaded to the Starknet and anyone from your world can use the device in the same manner.

    The device can project a holographic image above the text you are currently reading or can even read the words out loud to you, in a number of different voices. Business, scholars, and even people looking to talk via text from different worlds can easily use this hand held device to help communicate with those around them.

    OOC Information

    Anyone can purchase these devices at a local technology driven store for about the cost of a cheap ebook. Uploads of new languages is maintained by a few mages and assistants in the DoMA, at no cost to the person who needs it. The devices are not water proof and will short out if dropped in the water. Most currently spoken languages in Pandora are already uploaded thanks to the efforts of the department during the last two seasons. Updates are made on a decently regular basis and the device requires a current Starknet connection to update.

    Long story short, just about anyone can purchase them and use them. Very little hardware updates are needed due to the magic charging the device. Devices typically an estimated one to two years of regular use before needed to be replaced.

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