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Complete Don't Misunderstand Me

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Rin Tohsaka, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    1st August, Year 7
    6:30 PM

    @Emiya Shirou

    For the last few days, work had really run Rin ragged. Between the classes she gave at Merlin's college and the work she did for Pandora Town's government, the girl hardly even had any downtime to speak of. While she wasn't particularly a stranger to working herself to the bone with little leisure time, even a first-class magus such as her got tired after a while and this opportunity to wind down with a nice meal was certainly a welcome one.

    Thankfully while Shirou lived quite far from her illustrious manor in the heart of Pandora's largest town, the portal network and transport links across the world meant that travel was at least not particularly taxing and in some ways, it was even easier to travel than it was in her own world. Rin felt as though she would be quite happy if she never, ever saw an airport ever again. Arriving in Morhall, she checked her phone for the address that Shirou had given her and spent several minutes trying to figure out how to unlock the thing, a few more minutes remembering where text messages were stored and finally couple more times accidentally sending incomprehensible messages to him.

    "yyyyyyyyyylkkkkap[ewa!!!1113" Would be one such message that would appear on Shirou's phone.

    At last, she arrived at the location that she had been told, but had to double check it was correct. This surely couldn't be right, Rin thought to herself. Surely Shirou had more standards than to live in...a cave? Then again, he only lived in a traditional Japanese manor in her world since Kiritsugu had left the place to him, so she could imagine him having lived in some shoddy shack in a cave like this if Fuyuki City had such caves. No. She wouldn't judge. She wouldn't judge this discusting hovel.

    Wait, that was judging.

    Groaning, trying to regain her composure, Rin approached the door to Shirou's lovely abode and gave a polite knock. As she did so, she noticed that the fine black dress that she had purchased had gotten mud caked on the bottom of it and she let out a horror-struck scream as she noticed it. "Emiyaaaaaaaaaaaa-kun! Why do you have to live in such a filthy place like this!?"
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  2. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Guest

    He'd dressed himself. That is to say, out of his jammies and into his usual jacket. No fancy clothes for this guy, no- Such luxuries were something he didn't really need. Still, moving to the front of his house-shack, he opened the door, looking over Tohsaka dressed in a rather lovely black dress.

    "Ah... Tohsaka. I see you've arrived right on time. I got your... Text..." He said, glancing away embarrassed. Her ability with technology was nothing short of incredible. How could someone be so... Bad, with phones? Something a four year old could use?!

    Still, she was dressed rather nice. He smiled, ignoring the mud stains on the bottom, as he stretched out.

    "And I live here because they need me. This place needs as much help as it can get." He said simply, as he invited her in. Inside was a complete opposite of what the outside was. It was beautiful. He'd renovated it as best as he could, and the outside, if she noticed, was actually starting to get fixed up.

    It was a work in progress, presumably. He always needed something to do. He invited her into the rather lush building inside, with clean, furnished rooms and proper lighting that had been done up himself. He glanced over at her, adjusting his jacket a bit. The smell of delicious food went through the entire building. It was nothing short of incredible- A master chefs work, at the very least- Enough to contend, if not beat even the original Shirou's.

    "Ah... Take a seat in the main room. I'm almost done." He smiled, bowing politely to her as he made his way back into his Kitchen. She'd find the living room to actually be just like one of traditional japanese architecture- Though completely pieced together. Even though it appeared to be scavenged and handmade for the most part, it had a charm to it... Fixing and cleaning was just a normal part of Emiya Shirou's life, so it shouldn't have been overly surprising, really.
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  3. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    Stepping inside as she invited in, Rin took note of Shirou's clothing. Sure, it was nothing fancy, but at least he wasn't bleeding all over the place this time and this was certainly a step up from their previous meeting. "My...ah...text....hah..." She seemed rather embarassed about her ineptitude with technology, though she tried to brush it off quickly. "Your wounds are better now?" Rin asked curteously.

    As she looked around, she noticed that Shirou certainly had fixed the place up quite a bit and it appeared that he was just as handy as the counterpart that she knew. At least it was much, much tidier than this place was from the outside. Would have killed him to at least clean up a little out there too!? Rin was certain that her shoes hadn't been brown before she had entered the cave that Shirou called him and while she had to admire the fine work he had carried out on the interior, he could have done with renovating the outisde a little bit too.

    ...or you know, not having a house in a muddy cave.

    "I didn't ask why you live in this town, I meant why in a...ugh, nevermind." Rin groaned once again...that food had better been damn good, she didn't even know if the dry cleaner's in Pandora Town would even be able to get these stains out of her dress thanks to..wait. Her mind was suddenly distracted as she entered the main room and the scent of Shirou's cooking suddenly entered her nostrils. At that moment she almost forgot why she was even mad. It smelt delicious.

    As commanded, Rin took a seat and awaited Shirou to return from the kitchen with their meal. Judging by the smell, she certainly hadn't come all this way for nothing and she was looking forward to it.
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  4. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Guest

    "They are fine, though my magical circuits are still... Hopelessly damaged. I'll need a powerful magi to fix that up." He muttered, as he glanced backwards, clearly staring at one powerful magi he knew of. He moved into the kitchen, and got to work. It'd be a few minutes, maybe ten, before he came back out, food on a metal plate as he lowered it down in front of her.

    It was nothing short of a banquet. It was beautiful, to say the least- Food laid out like a five star chef- And the looks were just the start. The smell, the looks... It was... Well, it was something of a five star chef meal.

    Maple-Garlic Marinated Pork Tenderloin and Filet Mignon with Balsamic Glaze, served with Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Caramel Cave-Onions, Saffron Rice and Grilled Portobellos Sauteed in aged wine, with a side salad of Dragon Shrimp Couscous. Some of the ingredients appeared to be Pandoran native, but all of it was served with a side of red wine as well as water, incase the female was not in the mood to get tipsy.

    He placed it all down on the table, clapping his hands as he looked down at her, taking off his apron and placing it aside. It's clear he'd worked some time on this, not to mention collecting ingredients.

    "I hope it's too your liking, Tohsaka" He said, as he slowly sat down himself, bowing his head. To be honest, he wasn't sure if this would work out. He worked his hardest, because he assumed someone of her nobility would want his best dishes- So he went out of his way to cook for a queen.

    "Itadakimasu" He said with a smile, as was tradition leaving talking for AFTER they ate, as he got to the food like the hungry monster he was.
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  5. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    While Rin wanted to offer to help him with his problems, she knew that fixing someone's magic circuits was well beyond even a high callibur Magus like her. "I don't even know of anyone that could help you...although, I do know some people in the magic community here in Pandora..." She muttered more to herself, as he a had left by this point. Maybe she could ask around and see if anyone would be able to help Shirou out of his current predicament.

    As she waited for the meal to arrive, Rin took a look around the room. It was a lot different to the traditional Japanese manor that Shirou called home in her world, though it did have a certainly homely appeal that suited the boy quite well and she couldn't help but feel at ease here. Still, she wondered why Shirou had decided to settle down in Morhall of all places. Sure he mentioned something about the people here needing his help, but who didn't in a crazy, crazy world like this? In a place like this it wouldn't even be unusual if a giant monster just appeared out of nowhere and swallowed the whole of Pandora Town.

    Then the food arrived. Rin's mouth was agape as she saw the food that he brought out. "Emiya-kun, this is...!" To say that she was surprised at the banquet that was presented before her was an understatement and while she was used to her Shirou's spectacular cooking, she hadn't expected to be presented with a large feast like this and was almost flustered that all this effort had been made just for her.

    It was true that she had high class tastes, but in Pandora she had been used to rather simple meals as her work often left her fairly busy with little downtime. "You did all this...f-for me?" Her face turned a shade of bright red as she spoke. However, she wasn't going to let the opportunity slip by her to have a fantastic banquet like this. Without anymore protesting, Rin quickly grabbed the glass of red wine and downed it quickly to hide her embarassment.

    "Itadakimasu!" Rin quickly and nervously responded as she began to greedily pig in to the meal before her. It wasn't exactly ladylike, but it had been a damn long time since she had a meal like this.
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  6. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Guest

    And, like that, the meal was over. It was about thirty minutes for him- Shirou ate very similar to a certain other Sword wielding servant- Hungry, painfully so. It seemed that warrior blood put him in a very interesting spot, at the very least, and servant side of him meant he needed more than the average person to work.

    As he looked up at her, he wiped his mouth, nodding once.

    "I didn't know if this was enough or not. I figured you ate like a princess, considering your title as a magi from an illustrious family- So I tried to cook as much as I could. Plus, this was a test for me to try out some ingredients native around here. I think it worked out well." He nodded. The food was, without a doubt, cooked to perfection. Whether she liked it or not? Her prerogative.

    At this point, one would wonder if he truly was a sword, and not a spatchula.

    Regardless, he relaxed backwards, glancing over at her as he rubbed his shoulder. "I hope you liked it." He said, as he sighed, relaxing a bit. He still seemed hurt, but that much was obvious. Magical circuits didn't heal. So the injury and pain was there forever- Espiecally if they were injured the way his were.

    "Who did you say could help me, anyways?" He questioned, brushing himself off as he began to clean up the dishes- Assuming she was done, of course.
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  7. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    Wow! That sure was a more delicious meal than she had eaten in a while and she was certainly feeling stuffed once all the food was gone since she must even eaten about...uh-oh. How could she eat that much!? That could start to affect her weight line, or her fitness! Rin started to appear very flustered and self conscious about how much she had eaten.

    "P-Princess?!" Sure, it was true that she was the head of an esteemed family of Magi, someone in her world that was looked upon with a great amount of respect, but something about that annoyed her. She wasn't royalty. Rin was no Einzbern or Edelfelt living in some castle in Europe and compared to the other great families, the Tohsakas were basically peasants in terms of their wealth. "Well...I don't really know about that. After my parents died, I had to fend for myself. No butlers, or cooks or anyone, just myself and...well...that fake priest." Even she could be an elitist, looking down on people that were below her, but that wasn't something she was proud of. Rin didn't want to be like that stuck up Luvia brat, she wanted respect based on her own merit and to honour the memory of her father. She didn't need people bowing down to her for that.

    Noticing that a little food residue was left around her mouth, Rin quickly reached for a napkin on the table in an attempt to wipe it off with as much grace as she could. "I'm not really used to banquets like this. My Emiya-kun was a great cooked, but he never really did anything like this. Even if we did have a banquet, I'm sure Fujimura-sensei probably would have eaten all of it before we got the chance..." The Grail did have a lot of painful memories, but it had some good ones too. Most notebly were those times spent with Shirou, Sakura, Taiga and Saber. She had always found it amusing how distrusting Shirou's teacher and childhood friend was of him spending so much time with all of this girls and she sure as hell liked to tease him about.

    She sighed quietly to herself, realising that she was starting to miss all that wonderful chaos.

    "Did you have your teacher mooching off you in your world like my Emiya-kun?"
  8. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Guest

    "Ah." He nodded as she corrected him on her family line. Her time spent with that priest. Interesting. Well, from what she had seemed to say, he wasn't exactly a shining paragon, so that couldn't have been warm or happy. He rubbed his arm, thinking as she spoke up.

    "Ah. No. It was just me, my sister, and sometimes Sakura. It was quiet. Peaceful." He muttered, glancing off to the side as he nodded to himself, before glancing back at her.

    "Still. I'm glad you enjoyed the meal, regardless. If you'd like, we could watch a movie, or... A puzzle, or... I'm... Not sure. Most of my plans are for an eleven year old, you'll have to forgive me." He smiled with a blush.

    "Regardless, I'm sure there's something we can do. Perhaps we can... Go in the back, and I can show you my magical prowess? You seemed relatively interested in the differences between myself and your 'Emiya'." He said simply.
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  9. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    Thinking about the time she spent growing up with that priest around her made her feel sick to the stomach. Sure, there was always something off about him, Rin had never liked Kirei Kotomine and had always made sure to show him her disdain for him...yet she could never have imagined that her father's formal pupil had been the one to kill her father. "Yeah...well, I suppose I had Archer making me tea for a little..." She made an offhand comment about her living situation there and moved on.

    At least some things never changed. "Emiya-kun...I'm glad that you were still friends with Sakura in your world. I don't know if everything was the same for her there, but...her life wasn't fun with the Matous. I can't understand how you...or, I mean, my Emiya-kun was ever friends with that Shinji..." Rin practically spat that dirtbag boy's out and she didn't even know the extent of torment he had given her sister, though if she had known, Shinji would be damn sure that we wouldn't have lived to ever do it again. Not like he had any magic to stop her, after all his uselessness as a Magi was why the Matou family had practically bought her sister from them.

    " always did have a way with children..." Right now she was refering to his rather strange relationship with Illyasviel von Einzbern and though technically speaking she wasn't actually a child...well, she was basically like a child. A very, very violent child, but a child nonetheless. "But alright, Emiya-kun. Let's see what you're capable of. Of course, it will take a lot to impress the head of the Tohsaka family." She gloated at him, though it was more a half-tease as she hoped to spur some competiveness in him to make him really try and go all out with his demonstration. She didn't care about reinforcing a pipe or projecting a dagger.

    "I'll long as your magical prowess isn't a euphemism, Emiya-kun..." After all, they both seemed to know about a certain magical ritual that would very much not be appropriate for her to perform right now.
  10. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Guest

    "Shinji..." He thought back for a moment as he made for the backyard, speaking aloud to the black haired beauty as he stretched his back out.

    "Shinji... I didn't get to know him at all, actually. Five years before the war... Sakura killed him- And the rest of the Matou household. She had her reasons, I imagine." He muttered, opening the door to the backyard. To be honest, he didn't really think he could ever have respect for someone who called their sister a whore. It just... Bit him the wrong way. He was glad Sakura took care of it, but deeply sad that... Well, the after effects.

    Anyways, there they were, the back cave. It was a massive cave, actually- Dwarfed the house by tons. It must have been a mile deep- Natural growing mushrooms lighting the entire thing up, with a huge cave roof that spanned upwards of four hundred feet, at the least.

    He blushed gently when she spoke on the topic of euphemisms, before shooting back.

    "Get your mind out of the gutter, Tohsaka." He smirked, clearly teasing her as he hopped down the rocks, the rock floor a much different change of pace from the muddy ground before.

    "Alright. Let's see here..." He glanced out over the rock surface, to three sets of hardened steel figures far off. They appeared to be the poor target dummies, and the scars on the ground showed it.

    "I don't... Usually get to show my magical prowess like this. But I've eaten well and I worked out today, so I should be okay to push myself. I'm not much of a show off usually, but..." He smirked back at her.

    "I figure it's a special occasion. Plus, I haven't trained today anyways. You might want to stand back..." He said, as he raised his hand up. Simple magecraft, as he thought.

    "Trace... On!" He said, as a sword was burned into his hand, his magical circuits firing up. His body began to glow, as it was clear he was going to burn himself out for this experience. Expect nothing less.

    Still, there was some distance between himself and the targets. About seventy meters. The sword in his hand- Some sort of European longsword- Was suddenly enchanted with prana. It'd glow- Similar to that of a cartoon bomb going off, before he shot it forward at speeds that easily contested that of a major league baseball player.


    The entire area would rattle as a huge amount of dust and debris would shoot up into the skies. He'd move forward, reinforcing his legs and using a prana boost to fire himself forward- Easily skyrocketing across the ground and making a near shockwave that shot the dust in every direction.

    Twin blades formed in either of his hands- His iconic swords- As he threw them forwards as well. They swung like a hurricane, shredding pieces off the metal clad giants that were the targets- As Shirou grinded to a stop. As the blades flew off into the distance, he focused, two more blades forming in his hands, as he instantly used overedge. They grew about two times in size before he ripped them upwards, the dust not yet having cleared by a small hole allowing her to watch him shred the metal giants chest- Before the twin blades that had been 'discarded' swung backwards and lodged themselves in its back. He hopped up, kicking off its chest as he flew about 10 meters backwards.

    "Trace- Release!" He shouted, as twelve blades appeared- Six on either side of him- Before shooting forward like arrows, impaling the poor metal giant even further.

    But he wasn't done yet. Shirou, up until this point, had only fought Servants. So, when it came to fighting- He acted as he would if he were fighting a servant.

    And a servant card was much tougher then a human. No... He needed a killing shot.

    Firing more blades at the target, he created more and more of a smoke screen, before he backflipped not once, not twice, but five times, making incredible distance as he whipped his hand up.

    This'd be a hard hitter, but a hard killer, too. Reinforcement. His eyes locked on, and he could see his target. One figure through the smoke- His eyes enhanced to see through the hardened, tough smoke, as his magical circuits lit up. He held that arm with his other, keeping up together, as he readied himself.

    "Trace- On." His arm lit up even brighter, as wind began to swing around him, blowing dust and debris in every direction. A massive sword- The sword of one Hercules- Formed in his hand, nearly crushing his arm. But he had reinforced the bones. Reinforced the muscles. He could hold this incredible blade without breaking himself. His eyes made their targets. His mind closed in. Undivided attention- Reinforcement beyond normal limits.

    Ready. Multiple hammers went off in his brain, as his physical prowess extended to levels matching that of even mid-range servants.

    "Set---- Nine Lives Blade Works." Suddenly, it would feel as though time slowed down. Or did it speed up? ... Regardless, Shirou suddenly broke any human speed possible. He rocketed off the ground, creating a shockwave capable of shaking the entire cavern, causing rocks to tumble and fall from the ceiling, as the dust instantly blew away. His target was set.

    A thunderous roar crashed across the caverns, like a jet engine roaring. Power overfluxed, energy fired out in its most primal strength.

    And in the blink of an eye... It was over. A massive crater that sprawled over 150 meters was now in front and behind him, and the metal giant was nothing more- Obliterated by an attack meant for a servant. The blade was out of his hand, as he sighed, releasing his energies and falling to one knee.

    Overexertion. But if it came down to it, he could still fight. It was just a show off, after all. He turned towards Tohsaka, slowly standing up, as his magical circuits began to lose their glow.

    This was the power of the new Emiya Shirou. He was no longer the child who could barely hold his own against a magus. No. He was on the level of a servant.
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  11. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    Shirou started to lead the pair of them to some creepy cavern at the back of his house and while this would perhaps disturb or frighten most people, this type of place was perfect for practicing spells without getting in anyone's way. Rin was pragmatic and understood this. "A cave to practice spells in? Better than a garden shed, I suppose."

    When they arrived, Rin stood back as instructed, though as more of courtesy than actually a safety precaution. While Shirou had seemed sure in his powers, to her he still somewhat resembled the boy that she knew and she just couldn't imagine him having really that much impressive an arsenal of magic at all. At first, Rin was sure that her judgements were correct. His chant was the same and it produced what appeared to be a fairly standard longsword in her eyes, which was nothing outside the capacity of the Shirou that she knew. If it was a blade he had seen, he could copy it.

    At that moment, she was glad that she had taken his warning. Even the first demonstration of his power was amazing, leaving Rin in a coughing fit as the dust began to fill her lungs. Once the smoke cleared she saw those twin swords that she was so familiar with, the ones Archer used, the ones that her Shirou used as well. So even in his world, they were the same?

    Yet he did not stop there. What happened next began to astound her. It was almost impossible to follow, flying swords, explosions and...

    "BERSERKER!?" Not only could Shirou project such a monstrous blade, but he could even...use it!?

    "Okay, okay, you made your poi-" She said, expecting him to be finished with his little demonstration...something happened that she couldn't explain. Within the blink of an eye, there was a crater before and Rin was just left with her mouth agape.

    Could a human really be this strong?
  12. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou Guest

    Sighing in relaxation, Shirou stopped, pushing his way back up and walking his way out of the smoke and dust. He moved up to Tohsaka, rolling his shoulder as he glances over at his own arm.

    "I could have probably done more than that, but... If I push myself to far..." He flicked the white bit of hair coming off his head as he shrugged.

    "The cave is better than the shed. I think I'd... Demolish the whole street with this." He explained, as he glanced down at the floor for a moment. Eventually, he looks back up at Rin, smiling softly.

    "I didn't... Get too much dust on you, right? Listen, I have a bath inside, and I can clean off your clothes..." He said simply, rubbing behind his head. He felt a bit bad... Damaging her clothes and such with his training. She should have stood a bit further back...
  13. Rin Tohsaka

    Rin Tohsaka Guest

    As the smoke and dust began to part, Rin started to violently cough as her body was trying to eject it from her lungs. Still, she was in shock about what she had just seen, a human being wielding the strength near to that of a Heroic Spirit...even her Shirou's Reality Marble seemed implausible enough already.

    "....more? You mean you're more powerful than that?" This wasn't right, there had to be something that she wasn't being told here. This couldn't be possible. "Are you sure that you're not a Servant? I mean...maybe you were summoned by the Grail and didn't realise it?" All that explanation about class cards had left her in momentary shock, her mind believing that this Shirou had to be lying.

    "Wait..." Dust?