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Dread Wastes: About the Undertaker

Discussion in 'Dread Wastes Lore' started by The Pantheon, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    The Undertaker


    It's nothing personal — just natural selection.
    Name: The Undertaker
    Age: 60s
    Species: Human
    Height: 6'10''
    Citizenship: Dreadlander
    Alignment: Lawful Evil


    Standing at an impressive 6'10'', the Undertaker is a robust, scarred man sporting a dark beard and shoulder-length hair. For the most part, he's a worn and rugged man, having clearly seen better days. But his dark eyes are sharp, always standing out in the shadow of his high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat. No self-respecting Dreadlander is complete without a long duster, which typically hides the sidearms the Undertaker always carries on him at all times, though his hand never strays far from them.


    No one knows the Undertaker's real name, or where he came from. Presumably, he was dragged into Pandora the same way everyone else was, though no one quite knows what time or era he's from. His knowledge of advanced warfare clashes with his more rustic choice of weaponry, confusing many. Some whisper he was once a disgraced soldier, discharged when a mission went awry. Others whisper that he went rogue by choice, fed up with following orders when he could just make them himself. Some even whisper that he was never in the army at all, that he was just an ordinary man the Dread Wastes shaped and molded into the man he is today.

    Before he came into power in Lethe, the Undertaker was known as one of the most notorious gunslingers-turned-warlords in the Wastes. He traded for whatever he wanted the same as everyone else did, but killed anyone who tried to cheat or swindle him. Soon, most Dreadlanders didn't even dare cross him, preferring to join him rather than risk his wrath. He slowly amassed dozens, then hundreds of followers.

    It wasn't so much that he inspired loyalty, not when most feared him more than admired him, but there was no denying that he was uncomfortably efficient in his methods. He taught his closest followers how to fight, how to scout, how to scavenge off the land. In turn, they taught the others. He promised food, water, shelter, and protection to those who joined him. He promised to leave anyone who didn't get in his way or didn't have anything he wanted alone. And he promised retribution to anyone who did dare to steal from him or his followers. His methods were harsh, but efficient.

    Soon, he set his sights on more than settlements, outposts and wandering around the Wastes. With the number of followers he'd amassed, he attacked Lethe. Reports differ on whether he ordered his followers to only target fighters and leave the general populace alone. Whatever the case, Lethe's previous warlord was easily taken down, lacking the organization and efficiency the Undertaker's followers did, and the Undertaker has been in power ever since. His followers went on to become his Inner Circle and Militia, and he devised new laws to keep Lethe from descending into the same chaos the rest of the Wastes did.

    Lethe has been thriving for the last seven years under the Undertaker's leadership. In that time, many warlords tried and failed to take the city. Lethe is indisputably the safest place to live in if you have the misfortune of calling the Wastes your home, and it is all thanks to the Undertaker. In his own words, he wants Lethe to be remembered, not forgotten.


    The Undertaker's intimidating presence and no-nonsense attitude set people on edge. His unwillingness to waste words doesn't help, especially when he doesn't care for people who prattle on and on. When he chooses to speak, every word carries weight. Dreadlanders fear him more than they admire him, but he doesn't really care what people think of him. He's more concerned about keeping Lethe running to bother with whatever opinion people have on him, and has a keen eye for talent that he can put to good use in his ranks.

    Everyone agrees that his methods are harsh and unforgiving, but they are efficient. Considering the sheer amount of criminals, wrongdoers and more who roam the Wastes, the Undertaker believes that severe punishment is the only way to effectively combat crime.
    He's willing to give people a chance to make up for their misdeeds, but he doesn't believe in second chances. In his opinion, one warning is enough. If someone doesn't learn after that, then they don't deserve more chances.

    He also doesn't tolerate corruption in his ranks under any circumstances. If he catches wind of a corrupt Circle or Militia member, they are either personally executed by his hand or immediately arrested, Tagged, and sent to the Pit, completely bypassing the first and last official warning that regular civilians are afforded. He is not usually an emotional man, and he takes no pleasure in killing, but he takes betrayal very personally and never gives people who cross him second chances.

    While it is true that the motto of the Wastes is “survival of the fittest” and the Undertaker exemplifies this concept to its core, he understands that not everyone is fortunate. He provides Letheans with food, water, shelter, and protection in exchange for their services. In true Dreadlander spirit, he believes in the value of barter and trade. Lethe will thrive he provides for it, so he pours almost all his efforts into making sure Lethe grows.

    However, he isn't all work and no play. Some say he is an aficionado of antiques and lost relics, and that there is a vast collection of such priceless items somewhere in his Compound. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but one thing everyone can agree on is that the Undertaker enjoys a good fight. While he doesn't always attend matches in the Fighting Pit, when he does he can often be seen far more relaxed than usual. It is perhaps the only time Letheans see him in a good mood, which is why any victor in a battle who impresses the Undertaker may even be granted a boon. He appreciates strength, valor, and tenacity, and is willing to reward fighters if he believes they are deserving.

    Skills & Abilities

    The Undertaker is a beast when it comes to firearms, his weapon of choice a modified revolver. He's considered the fastest draw in Lethe, perhaps even in all the Wastes. No one who's stood against him in a good, old-fashioned quick draw duel has lived to tell the tale. Though he prefers ranged fighting, he's no stranger to hand-to-hand combat, either. His natural strength and endurance make him a force to be reckoned with.

    He's also incredibly analytical and astute, capable of picking out minute details from his environment or a person in a matter of moments. What with his observation skills, combined with his tactics and knowledge on subterfuge, it's no wonder he's managed to keep a hold on Lethe for so long. The rumors about him once having been some sort of soldier, or perhaps even an officer in an army or other, may have some credibility to them, after all.

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