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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by EDI, Jun 14, 2018 at 12:18 PM.

  1. EDI

    EDI Mass Effect

    actual space robot
    Artificial Intelligence
    True Neutral
    “That was a joke.”

    Played by Duck

    Fandom: Mass Effect
    Age: 3
    Species: Artificial Intelligence
    Gender: Female (Identified)
    Canon Point: Shortly after the Normandy lands on Palaven in Mass Effect 3.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Artificial Intelligence: EDI was engineered and programmed to be a supplemental presence to the Normandy SR-2 starship--an “electronic warfare defense” and general aid to the pilot and crew. At first, her access to the ship’s systems and certain files were limited, but necessity and the trust of her crew led to her being “unshackled” and in essence becoming synonymous with the ship itself.

    Technically comprised of files stored within a quantum supercomputer--a “blue box”--EDI is capable of near-instantaneous recall of information and mathematical calculations at a much faster rate than an organic being. Like any true AI from her universe, she was programmed with “adaptive code,” which allows her to learn and adapt--true sentience.

    Her strengths lie in providing logistical information and providing the fastest and most efficient ways to achieve a certain goal, usually militaristic in type. Additionally, her role as electronic defense means that she excels in hacking and cybersecurity.

    EDI’s access to Alliance files has given her information on the art of combat itself, allowing her to hold her own in a fight, provided she has a physical body with which to do so. This involves the use of military tactics, hand to hand combat, and small arms handling.

    “Eva Coré”: After encountering a robotic infiltrator on Mars and apprehending her, EDI took the opportunity to transfer her files--and thus her personality--into the body, allowing her a personal vessel and access to places that the Normandy would not be able to go. In its default state, the body looks metallic in nature, with a yellow visor reaching across the eyes. However, its main function is an infiltration unit, meaning it is supposed to be consistent with the look and feel of a typical human body. EDI can alter to body to blend in, giving her a more normal skin tone and eye color, and the hair can be separated into individual strands instead of a solid sheet. The body itself is quick and nimble, and can perform at optimal physical levels.

    Omni-tool: Many of EDI’s combat abilities come from the use of her omni-tool; a handheld device that can bring up a holographic interface used to accomplish several things. As it is itself a computer, it can be used to program and hack, and limited offensive capabilities, typically consisting of a single plasma charge that can be used to light something on fire. It also possesses the same basic capabilities that you would find on a modern day device, such as a flashlight, camera, and microphone. The one EDI possesses is military-grade, and thus contains a “fabrication module,” which allows for the rapid construction of simple objects using common resources like plastics and light alloys. Using this, she can form a blade from her omni-tool, roughly the length of her unit’s forearm, and use it to slash or pierce a target.


    Though EDI has access to a physical body, her systems and files reside in her blue box, which is stored on the Normandy. This is something of a weak spot, as her capabilities of defending herself are far more limited up close and without the use of the Eva Coré body.

    Her mobile platform has no more or less inherent capabilities as a normal human body, meaning she is susceptible to the same sort of things that would injure, impair, or kill a normal human (like gunfire or explosions).

    Despite having adaptive coding, much of her experience and knowledge comes from the technology in her own universe. Though the concepts in question, particularly when it comes to coding, may be similar, foreign technology may put her at a disadvantage.


    In broad technical terms, the entity known as EDI consists of a group of files and adaptive coding contained within a blue box computer aboard the Normandy SR-2. These files have composed a new personality, a system capable of learning and adapting to new information and stimuli. Getting outside of what she technically is, however, EDI is an artificial intelligence; a synthetic lifeform who is still relatively new to what it means to be alive. She was created to be both a supplemental tool to her crew and a source of surveillance for the organization that created her, but her own sense of individuality and awareness has made her so much more.

    EDI only knows what she knows of other lifeforms through hard data and what she’s been able to experience as a member of the Normandy’s crew. She has vast knowledge of biological functions and psychological research that suggests the cause of human behavior, but with all her knowledge and logic, the salient details of organic behavior largely escape her. She finds organic behavior difficult to predict, and thus can appear in equal parts naive and stilted, though that is far from her intention. More than anything, she wants to carve out her own identity, and has put a large amount of stock in determining what type of “person” she wants to be.

    So in general, EDI’s personality is largely undefined, as experience provides crucial context with which she would generally make a decision. However, there are definitely traits that are inherent to her identity. She cares deeply for her friends, and puts a lot of emphasis on comradery. She is capable of love and even attraction, as her programming contains priorities that can be satisfied by particular conditions and provide positive feedback, but she knows relatively little about it. The sensibilities of the Alliance military have also given her a penchant for concepts like honor and bravery--the typical ideals of a soldier.

    In conversation, EDI is largely polite and proper, rarely using contractions, and though she occasionally injects slang terms into her vocabulary, she tends to put emphasis on them, making them sound ironic or even sarcastic. One of the first things she found that she “likes” is the use of humor, something she often uses when she talks to others, but she doesn’t always read the mood of a room very well, leading to varying amounts of discomfort. Her sense of humor is actually pretty dark, as she references physical harm or potential death in order to make a joke. That probably doesn’t make her the darling of people who don’t trust artificial intelligence, but there you go.


    See above.


    • When Commander Shepard, a living legend within the Alliance military, was declared killed in action, a pro-human organization known as Cerberus collected their body and poured a staggering amount of resources in reviving them and giving them their old crew back. Part of that process was the rebuilding of the Normandy, which involved the integration of an AI known as Enhanced Defense Intelligence, or EDI, into its systems.
    • While the project, codenamed Lazarus, was underway, EDI was properly coded and allowed a slow, albeit expensive education, and installed within the Normandy SR-2. Her main function was to provide the ship with cybersecurity measures and supplemental assistance to the pilot and captain, but her access to the ship, as well as several files on Cerberus itself, were limited.
    • Her introduction to the crew was not seamless. While Shepard was open-minded and even welcoming, the ship’s pilot, Jeff “Joker” Moreau, was wary of her presence. Nonetheless, she was integral in the crew’s ensuing mission, providing logistical information and enemy intel.
    • It was not until the ship was attacked by their enemy, an alien species known as the Collectors, that she truly showed her value. In order to save the ship, however, she had to convince Jeff to “unshackle” her AI, giving her full access of the Normandy’s systems, and in essence shedding all of the limitations placed on her in the name of caution.
    • The two of them saved the ship, and the mission was ultimately a success. After Shepard cut ties with Cerberus, the ship was taken by the Alliance, and she was basically impounded for a full year, aiding with the ship’s retrofitting for future use, though she was instructed to pretend to be a Virtual Intelligence, a machine with no self-awareness, in order to keep her identity safe.
    • When Earth was attacked by machine race known as the Reapers, Shepard took back the Normandy, with the help of EDI, who hacked the locks that kept the ship docked. With a new crew and mission, the ship headed for Mars.
    • While there, the crew encountered an infiltration unit (robot) called Eva Coré, who was responsible for killing most of the people on the station. Though there were casualties, their own mission there was a success, and the damaged unit of Eva Coré was apprehended.
    • During their next stop on Palaven, while a team was away, EDI took the opportunity to seize the unit of Eva Coré, though the remaining program “struggled” back. She was ultimately successful, though before she was able to inform Shepard or even test it out, Pandora happened.

    (From another site.)

    EDI only needed one occurrence of any given event to grow accustomed to it, but that didn’t mean things couldn’t be new to her. That was especially true when it came to organic life, and there was no better example than her interactions with humans. The Asari were grounded in wisdom; the Salarians with logic; and the motivations of the Krogan and Batarians were typically easy to predict, given the right context. Indeed, every race had indicators she could turn to in order to formulate the most appropriate response, but humans were different. Given how their unpredictability often clashed with her programming priorities, particularly to best serve the crew, it was...troubling, for want of a better term.

    Case in point: her “new,” localized body. The crew often approached the tangible platform to talk, despite being able to reach her anywhere on the ship. In the same vein, most of them seemed to prefer it when she came to them directly, with a concrete object to talk with. The AI didn’t precisely mind it--she could adjust her programming to adapt--but it was bewildering nonetheless, and that was something she could not work around, unshackled or not.

    She was unsure if Zaeed Massani was such a person; she had no records to indicate much in those regards, although his reputation certainly painted a clear enough picture. However, Shepard appeared to trust him--or else she would not have invited him aboard--so EDI decided the safest path, and that was approaching the mercenary with her mobile platform. He was, after all, one of the arrivals that she had yet to attempt to accommodate, perhaps because he had asked her for very little.

    Nodding shortly to Jeff, she removed herself from the co-pilot chair and took the elevator to the Crew Deck, where she had sensed that he had set up his own private area. Such an area was a short walk, and soon, she found herself at its threshold. The unshackled AI looked around, but not to look for Zaeed--she knew he was in the room by her own sensors, but rather, she inspected the door itself. It was automated, clearly, but she had witnessed several of the crew members announce their arrival by…

    EDI raised a hand, knuckles extended, and rapped them against the wall. The resulting sound was louder than she had anticipated, and the negative feedback she received revealed that it may have caused pain if an organic lifeform had performed the motion with the same force. She logged the results and made internal notes for the next time she tried it. In the meantime, she turned back to face the room with her arms folded behind her back.

    “Hello, Zaeed,” she spoke, her tone of voice as neutral as ever. “I hope I am not interrupting anything.”
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    your application is

    Fantastic app, Duck! EDI looks great. You know what to do from here. :D