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Edriss 562

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by Edriss 562, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Edriss 562

    Edriss 562 Visitor

    Edriss 562
    a line of lyrics or quotes

    Played by Diegania

    Fandom: Animorphs
    Age: Edriss is in her early thirties, and Eva is a few years older
    Species: Human Controller (Yeerk controlling a human host)
    Gender: Yeerks do not have sexes or even a concept of genders, seeing as their method of repoduction is very different. Edriss, however, seems to have established a definite preference for female hosts and thinks of herself as female, though this could easily change were she to take a male host. Eva is definitely female.
    Canon Point: Directly after the events of Visser
    NPC Companions: Eva, Edriss' human host.


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    Edriss seems like a really, really, really terrible person when you first get to know her. And for the most part this is....only too accurate. She's very, very selfish and focused on her own path to power. She looks first and foremost at what benefits her, and will sell anyone, even those she does actually and truly care for, down the river if she senses a benefit in it for herself. She's not afraid to kill, and will do so for any benefit. In addition, she's very manipulative and certainly not to ever fully be trusted, as, once again, she's willing to use anyone for her own reason.

    And yet, Edriss has a deeper, more complicated side. She is deeply and truly in love with humanity and simply the idea of humans. She lived as a normal human for for at least several years, and this was even by her own admission the best time in her life. She's also not completely evil, as one might assume. She's shown regret for her past actions. Edriss is also capable of caring. She is a mother and would do absolutely anything for her children.

    In short, while Edriss is a terrible person who has done very very bad things on the path to personal glory, she also shows the potential to be different and to be better. Only time will tell if she changes.


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