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Encyclopedia Submissions

Discussion in 'Lorebook & Encyclopedia Submissions' started by Octi, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. Octi

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    Encyclopedia Submissions

    The Encyclopedia is for members who are interested in learning more about Pandora's world. While all information contained within the Encylopedia is considered canon, it is not necessary to read up on the information prior to joining, in contrast with information that is found in the Lorebook.

    In short, the Encyclopedia contains expanded on information that can enrich your roleplay experience on Pandora. Feel free to browse through the Encyclopedia Index to get some ideas about the sort of information. you can read up on.

    Types of articles you may find in the Encyclopedia:
    • Communities outside of the main town
    • Cultures & Traditions
    • Further information on official or government functions
    • Extended location descriptions
    • Flora/Fauna
    • And much more!
    Interesting in submitting an article for the Encyclopedia? Copy the template below and paste it into a new thread in this forum.
    • You are free to submit work in progress articles, as long as you add WIP in the title somewhere.
    • You have 2 weeks to complete your submission.
    • Bump the thread when it is completed.
    • A staff member of the Lore Division will review your article once it is complete and ask for any necessary changes.
    • Once approved, the article will be moved directly to the Encyclopedia and added to the Encyclopedia Index.

    IMPORTANT: All extended location articles must be submitted first as a Location Submission.

    The Template

    The template below is a very basic guideline you can follow to create your own articles in the Encyclopedia. If you are experienced with coding, you are free to create your own template and customize your article, but as these are official site documents, staff reserves the right to make any edits to the template so that it matches the site and remains are legible as possible.

    [blockquote][center][h=1]Article Title Here[/h][/center] 
    Introduction goes here!!
    Paragraph content goes here!
    More stuff goes here!
    [h=3]Another Heading[/h]
    Paragraph content also goes here!!  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean non facilisis nisl. Vivamus aliquam risus non porttitor facilisis. Donec mollis velit et tempus accumsan. Nullam commodo tincidunt ligula id sagittis. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Vivamus tempor, mi elementum ultrices vulputate, mi mauris pulvinar neque, et placerat mi odio vitae turpis. Maecenas vel porta orci. Vivamus sed sodales turpis, nec rutrum ipsum. Etiam egestas dui et orci semper, sed facilisis velit sodales. Vestibulum rutrum varius tellus vitae hendrerit. Phasellus non viverra mauris, in euismod felis.
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