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Ever Date a Space Cowboy?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Malcolm Reynolds, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    Mal had gotten that stupid potion with a stupid idea in his head. Thinking he could erase his feelings for Inara by drinking it but really he didn't know. Hell, for all he knew it was going to just be him finding Inara, how frustrating would that be? Mal didn't know why he was here, when he woke up this morning he just had felt like he needed to be here. Told Wash to settle Serenity down near Cascade Bay and they could all take a day off to enjoy the town and the beach. Of course there could be a sore option, YoSaphBridge could be waiting for him. Walking out along the cool sands Mal looked over the ocean, his hands still tucked firm in his pockets as he wandered. It was beautiful, Mal had forgotten what oceans looked like. At night it felt like the sky was lapping at the ground, reflecting the stars and taking him back to when he first got Serenity.

    Oh man, was that it? Was Serenity his true love? Glancing back at the town he narrowed his eyes. Well damn, he loved his ship but not like that. Huffing Mal continued to walk, maybe he had gotten a dud. That would be his typical luck. Turning his attention up to a bright light in the distance Mal continued walking that way. "What the?" Was that a campfire? "Some gorram idiot got a campfire going on the beach? Don't they know there's such a thing as tidal waves?" He spoke to himself but continued to walk forward seeing nobody was actually at the campfire. There were fixins around though as if someone had made it, two metal rods that didn't look like anything Mal recognized, a pack of marshmallows, a box of gram crackers, and a few bars of chocolate. Now it wasn't easy for a man like Mal to decipher what the setup was for, he hadn't seen none of these minus the crackers and the only chocolate he knew was protein powder with chocolate flavoring.

    He hadn't grown up eating s'mores, in fact when he had gone camping with some of the guys on the ranch it had always been black coffee, beans, and bacon. Hardly the typical kids camping trip but that had been his childhood. There were some seats around the fire too and since nobody was about Mal decided to sit down and pick up one of the metal rods. Poking at the fire with it for a moment it hit him this thing was metal, it was bound to heat up, did he really want to go pokin at fires with metal rods? Clearly wasn't a pokin stick anyways. Turning to the sand Mal changed up his game plan, that could work. Sliding the metal rod through the sand Mal 'drew' for lack of a better term some interesting designs like a kid in the dirt. Typical boy, give him a fancy romantic setup and he would go play with the dirt.

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  2. Kara

    Kara Guest

    Suddenly, Kara sneezed.

    It wouldn't really be anything remarkable, but there was a new scent cloying in her nose, unmistakably human and unmistakably male, and she couldn't seem to get it out. She huffed in frustration, unsheathing and retracting her claws to scrape at the sand. She didn't know why she wanted to seek out the source of the scent; she only knew that she suddenly, desperately needed to know who it was.

    Without much thought given to what she would do when she got there, the huge russet wolf set off running across the beach, barely stopping to check that she was on the right path, somehow knowing the way even without having to check her nose.

    Kara slowed when she caught sight of the campfire, set up in the middle of the beach. She could smell the coals, along with the tang of chocolate, and wondered who she was really looking for that could call to her from such a distance and then only set up what looked like a comfortable evening. Her wolf was strangely calm about the whole ordeal, sensing no danger coming from this man, at least not to her.

    The wolf crept forward slowly, slinking low to appear as nonthreatening as possible. She let out a low whine to announce her presence, her wolf-gold eyes absorbing every detail of the man she could see. She felt no danger, true, but Kara hoped the roasting stick he was holding wasn't silver. It would be very unfortunate if this was all some sort of elaborate trap.
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  3. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    As he poked around in the sand he could hear something creeping up along the beach, some kind of dog or another. Animals like wolves and coyote's didn't really make it to the planets he had been on because nobody wanted 'pest' animals on the outer rims ranching planets. Feral dogs and domesticated dogs however were rather common. Mal had grown up with a pack of them used to keep people from coming at night at taking steer. Always ran around with those flea bitten mutts at his heels watching over him like he was one of their pups. As she came to stop at the campfire Mal looked over to the box of gram crackers. They weren't really his but they shouldn't mind if he borrowed a few.

    "Hey there." Mal spoke in a soft voice looking the dog over and feeling a bit funny. Gross Mal, gross, not a dog. Damn, he needed to stop pining over women he couldn't have and just move on. He was starting to feel affections for a damn dog. All though maybe having a pet dog would be good for him. Something that actually loved him for once and didn't make it complicated. Just a good loyal dog by his side. He'd teach it tricks and split his drinks with it. Just like when he was a kid. Opening up the box of crackers he reached in and pulled two out busting them in half and tossing a bit to her before taking a bite of his own. "There ya go, don't think it's proper dog diet but what's a little cracker here and there going to do to you. I bet you haven't had a good meal in a while anyways. Nobody ever likes a stray. Nobody but another stray." He was referring to himself.

    Turning back to his own cracker he took a bite and swallowed it before looking back to her and showing her it was okay. "See, it's good." He spit out a few crumbs and covered his mouth. "Never liked crackers for that reason." Picking up his stick again he continued to draw in the sand before looking up at the sky. "Back on the ranch I grew up on when we slept out under the stars we use to draw pictures in the sky using the starts. Like a connect the dots. Looking up there I put a few down." Was he seriously talking to a dog? Ah hell, when you are lonely you'd talk to a dog too. "You use those stars to find your way around the planet and once you got off that planet to find your way in space. It's easier up there though, not so many rules to follow, more space to breath, make your own path. What do you say dog, you want to be a space pirate?"

  4. Kara

    Kara Guest

    Kara had actually eaten a fresh kill before running off to the beach, so she did little more than tilt her head and give the man a strange look when he offered her.... crackers. She was more interested in the bars of chocolate he had, to be perfectly honest, but she doubted he would be willing to give them to her wolf form, especially considering he seemed to somehow still think she was a dog despite her not really making the effort to act like one.

    Part of her bristled at the implication she was a stray. Kara wasn't a lone wolf, not anymore, and the mental presence of her pack mates - from a pack she had chosen for herself for once in her life, no less - was enough to soothe the irritation. There was no way he could know, she rationalized. He didn't seem to really expect her to be able to communicate with him, either. Not entirely unexpected. Even in Pandora the ability to speak with animals was uncommon. The werewolves couldn't even speak without their human shapes; although they were exceptionally better at reading body language than most.

    The wolf let out a heavy sigh. This was going nowhere quickly. He didn't seem to have expected her to come forward, nor did he seem particularly surprised. For all his ramblings, none of them had anything to do with why she felt drawn here, to him, when Kara couldn't even say for sure she cared for men at all. Added, too, was that despite herself she didn't want to leave him, not alone on this beach where he didn't even seem to want to roast his marshmallows.

    Making a quick decision, Kara closed her eyes and began the shift back to her human shape. It wasn't a pretty sight to see, all shrinking fur and shifting bones, nor was it quiet. She couldn't quell the yelps when she was capable of making the sound, as the process was as painful as it looked.

    Fifteen minutes later, she was human once more. Kara shook her limbs out and looked up at the man, feeling no hint of self-consciousness as she brushed the sand off her naked skin. "I am not a dog," she said, needlessly, and picked up the other roasting stick to promptly spear a marshmallow on it.
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  5. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    Did the dog just sigh at him? Mal jumped back when he saw it starting to shift or snap, whatever the hell was happening. Now yes, he understood he was in Pandora, their was freaky stuff he had never witnessed before here and right now he was witnessing this. "Tzao Gao" Mal cursed as he fell back out of his chair. He hadn't been prepared for this event to take place, his gorram dog just started popping like a clip of ammo on fire. Alright it wasn't that loud but it was still unsettling. What was even more unsettling was the fact the dog turned into a lady, a neked lady. His reaction to a woman bamboozling him was normally 'kill it with fire' because YoSaphBridge had tried killing him and his crew.

    This time however Mal watched her with fasination and awe, his heart jack hammering in his chest as he looked her over. Damn she was hot, oh god he was looking at a naked woman. Mal averted his eyes not wanting to seem rude as she stabbed some marshmallows onto the metal rod and started to cook them over the fire. OOOOOOH, so that was what they were for. "Yeah, I knew that, i knew you know, you cook those." Mal got up from where he was hiding behind his chair and picked up his stick putting it in the fire to get rid of all the sand and dirt at the end of it. "Uh..." He looked back at her naked body again, damn Mal stop that, you'll upset the nice lady. he didn't want to leave a bad impression on her or anything like he was some dumb animal who couldn't control himself.

    Shrugging his shoulders a little Mal pulled off his brown coat and hesitated a moment, so worried she might get offended or not like him or think he was invading her space. Damn, this was how he got with Inara, everything felt like walking on glass. He wanted to be bold and forward but he didn't want to leave a bad impression with her either. Gently Mal set his coat over her shoulders and crouched down to stick some marshmallows on the stick. "I looked chilly." Mal muttered trying not to look at her still but not so much because he was afraid to gaze at her naked body, more so because he didn't want to show the fact he was blushing a little and captain never blushed. "Hi, I'm Captain Malcolm Reynolds by the way." He turned his attention off his marshmallow to introduce himself. "Nice night out tonight." He felt so stupid for his ramblings earlier now.

  6. Kara

    Kara Guest

    Kara could hear his heart pounding, and she managed to hide most of her smugness by the simple virtue of his refusal to properly look at her. She assumed it was more to do with her nudity rather than that she had just transformed back from a wolf. No evidence to support her thought, but the fact that he had allowed her to shift without running away screaming in terror was an indicator.

    "You've never had marshmallows before, have you?" She raised her eyebrows and pulled her own marshmallow out of the fire before it caught. She balanced the graham crackers on one knee while she broke half a chocolate bar and skillfully pressed the marshmallow into a s'more. Her first idea was to shove the entire thing into her mouth at once, but she decided to be slightly more ladylike and ate it in two bites instead.

    Even without her eyes on him, she could track his movements based on sound alone. The rustling of fabric clued that he was going to do the gentlemanly thing and offer her a solution to her nakedness. Kara didn't stop him from draping the coat over her shoulders. On the contrary, she even fastened it in the hopes it would ease some of his discomfort. It was abundantly clear that he didn't know any more of what had drawn them here than she did.

    "I run warm. Comes with the fur." She winked, chuckling openly. "As does an appetite." Another marshmallow was already in the fire. "Name's Kara."
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  7. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    "Umm..." Mal paused to think about it, his eyes scanning up into the sky as if he was trying to access his memories. Looking back at his marshmallows on fire he jumped up and pulled them out blowing them off as they hissed and sizzled, two black clumps on his metal rod, sagging and sad. "I, I might have had something kinda like em when I was a boy. Not rightfully sure. Not much in the way of good food out on the outer rim. Even harder to find stuff like this in space, unless there is some unknown marshmallow asteroid we could have been farming all those years and the Alliance was just covering it up to keep the sticky goodness for themselves." He snapped his fingers jokingly looking angry, as if they had tricked him by covering up this great secret rather than sharing it with the world.

    Gorramit Mal, weren't you trying to not sound like an absolute moron? He pulled off his marshmallows pulling his hand back since they were still hot, hot and sticky. Those didn't make a good combination, ever. What was with people trying to make sticky a sexy thing? No matter how you sliced it sticky was uncomfortable and gross. He might be the only guy on earth who actually thought that too. Call him a little girl but he did have a decent feminine side to him. How else would he feel so comfortable in a dress? Pulling off the marshmallows he set them on a grahamcracker just like she did before putting a small chunk of chocolate on them. "First time for everything right?" Mal smiled and took a bite having it crumble in his hands a bit. Fighting against the cracker to not get anything on his face. At least they were by the ocean, he would wash up.

    Sitting back in the sand Mal found it a little funny, so many moments should have made him think about Inara but he hadn't thought of her, not since this woman had showed up. It was...nice, Mal liked it, he could have been happy just like this forever. Not bothered by anything, just happy. Those memories of the war were out of his head, the pain he felt for a woman who would never love him was out of his heart, and Mal was enjoying her company even if he was less than a perfect man. He pointed at her when she mentioned she ran hot. "Yeah, about that, the whole I'm going to say wolf to woman thing, that's pretty cool. You must be one of those werewolves. Wow." Mal took another bite of his s'more having a cracker fall into his lap but he was just going to ignore that for now. "That's pretty cool. Sorry if I seemed a little skittish there, last time a woman came up to me naked she tried killing me and my crew. Sort of a crazy one that girl, don't recommend talkin to her if you meet her. I'd give you her name if she didn't have twenty of them."

    Mal laughed, damn, that thing was happening again. He was talking, just talking all open and without restraint. He normally didn't do this, just talk. Talk about his life and his past, laugh and smile. Mal was a crabby old man or so he wanted people to think. In reality he was just trying to deal with everything alone. "Kara? That's a fine name, really pretty. Reminds me of something sweet you know, like caramel." Mal could have gone off thinking about how Inara's name had always reminded him of a flower. If he'd seen a flower pretty enough he would have called it an Inara but again the woman never even flickered in his mind. Instead he was thinking about how his mother use to get him caramel from the general store now and again and he's split it with a girl he knew on the front porch of his house. In fact, Kara reminded him a little of that girl, he use to like that girl, before the Alliance came, before they took everything including the life of that girl. "Kara...yeah. Suits you right."

  8. Kara

    Kara Guest

    Kara threw her head back and let out a loud, barking laugh. "They're made from sugar," she gasped. His rambling tangents should have been annoying, but instead she was finding him terribly endearing despite herself. She squashed her second s'more easily, shoving the whole thing into her mouth at once this time. It made less of a crumbly mess that way, even if the way she was still chuckling made it difficult to swallow.

    She regarded him carefully with his next rant, tapping her fingers onto her leg thoughtfully. "I am a werewolf, yes," Kara replied, her eyes flashing wolf-gold to emphasize her point. "If I'd wanted to kill you, it would have been much easier while I still had claws and fangs, you know." She said it nonchalantly, with a shrug for good measure, as if it were one of the most obvious things she had ever heard. In a way it was; Kara was much stronger than she looked, and she'd had military training while she was still human. She was a formidable opponent even naked and unarmed. But her wolf.... Her wolf could remove his head from his shoulders in one well aimed strike, not that she would.

    "You speak of the stars as if you were raised among them," Kara continued. "I had never considered space travel as a viable option." She wouldn't be a viable candidate, for starters. Her physiology would definitely come up as odd during the testing and conditioning, something she was strictly forbidden to allow to happen. Blasted forensics was already catching up with the preternatural world. They didn't need to walk straight into the line of fire by trying something like that.
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  9. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    "Right well...sugar comets aren't unheard some circles, I'm sure." GOD MALL, didn't we go through this, no stupid comments, she's going to laugh at you. "Wait, you're laughing with me right? Not at me, because if you are laughing at me then I'm going ot have to laugh at me and that means i can't take myself too serious like." Mal joked and gave a sincere smile afterwards, wow, he was actually smiling, he was enjoying her company, he was having a good time. This felt so weird. When was he going to wake up and figure out this was all just a good dream cut off too soon by reality and the fact he was sleepin all alone on Serenity? If this was a dream let him never wake, give him one good thing even if it was all a lie, that's all Mal asked for, one good thing after all he'd been through. Just once.

    Mal was impressed she could fit the whole damn thing in her mouth though in one bite. Jayne would have been all ungentlemanly like, make a comment that would offend the lady but Mal was a little more innocent in those regards. Perhaps because he didn't see women as some temporary fixture in his life. You couldn't have been raise by his mother and have a disrespect for women. "That's a fair bit impressive getting that whole thing in there. Use to be this hard candy on my home world, me and a girl I was sweet on use to see how many we could fit in our mouths. She always beat me until the day i got one up on her...and then choked on a candy and she had to whack me so hard they all just came flying out of my mouth like buckshot." Mal laughed a little and shook his head. "Weird." He paused. "Don't normally talk about my life before...not with anyone. Just never..." He shrugged his shoulders. He never got that close to anyone.

    She flashed her yellow wolf eyes at him and for a moment Mal dropped his s'more, not because he was afraid but because she was actually kind of hot when she looked a little scary. Male looked around picking it back up from his lap and just looked back at her, what the hell. Why was he so gorram speechless when he looked at her? "Oh good, I'll keep that in mind so as not to go makin you mad at me. Already have had a few angry women shoot me, not looking to get mauled." Mal put a hand up. "And not angry at me for any reason other than maybe once or twice I crossed someone in a deal. Strictly business stuff." Mostly Mal was a good guy though, mostly, okay, some of the time he was a good guy, well really he was alright, he tried. When she mentioned it sounded like he had be raised among the stars Mal smiled a little and leaned back into the sand looking up at the sky.

    "Well not the stars but I was raised up on a planet at the rim, away from civilized society or so some would call it. On this little ranch, my mother raised me, her and about 40 farm hands. Never knew my father. Figured he was just some guy passing by town, probably never stuck around long enough to know I existed. She never talked about him and I didn't much mind, woman was tough as steel, everyone had nothing but respect for her." She had been one hell of a lady, the reason Mal was who he was today. "After the war I got myself a ship, got it here in Pandora actually if you...uhh, you know, want to go up there. I mean it's not like real space, not really but it's nice all the same up there, free from everything. Serenity is a beautiful ship too, got a good crew and a pretty okay captain I think." He laughed talking about himself a little but enough about him, he wanted to know more about her. "So, what about you? What's your life like being a werewolf and all or you know...just being Kara."

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  10. Kara

    Kara Guest

    "If this is you taking yourself serious, I'd hate to see what it looks like when you stop," Kara said, giving him a wink. He was practically oozing affection and embarrassment at everything he was saying. Normally she'd have enjoyed pressing on all of the sensitivities he was revealing, but for some reason Kara held herself in check. She had never particularly cared for the feelings of others, particularly not men; somehow Mal was an exception to that.

    There were some topics, however, that she still couldn't resist. "Are you asking because you'd like to see firsthand how much I can fit in my mouth at once, or is there some ulterior motive?" She chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully, and also deliberately to draw attention to it. "I hate to break it to you, but there are certain candies I won't put in my mouth."

    Her eyes narrowed thoughtfully at his reaction to her wolf coming forward. Interesting. Very interesting. He wasn't afraid, which was either very intelligent to not spark her prey drive, or very stupid, as she was still probably capable of squeezing his head off in the shape she was in. It would work out better for her if she didn't point that out for him, of course, so she held her tongue.

    "That sounds nice," she said, about his ranch. Her mood soured slightly when he asked about her life in turn. "I didn't have much of a life before my Change. Not one I was in control of, at least. The War helped, as bad as that sounds, and that's where I was attacked. Bounced around Europe for a while, then I petitioned to go to America for a new start, and now here I am." She shrugged. "Not much to tell."
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  11. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    Mal laughed with her because really if he stopped being serious it was the stuff of legend. "Well there was that one time." Mal started up. He waved his hand at her dismissively. "Nah, you don't want to hear about that, no need to go on about my dumb days being a kid and not thinkin straight with my head." His mother would have slapped him upside the head if he dun something stupid. Said she didn't give him schoolin just for him to go off and be dumb. He bet she didn't want to hear it either, nobody wanted to hear about an old sad bastards past. Being a kid, raising hell, heck even when he was in the military he had done stupid stuff. Mal was a smart man but he was capable of a terrible stupid.

    Now why'd she have to go and do that? Biting down on her lip after asking him if he just wanted to know how much she could fit in her mouth. Oh no, oh no no no. Mal looked away for a moment looking like a helpless puppy, one who had just had an accident in the house and was trying to cover it up by being cute but also horribly guilty at the same time. Oh boy, this girl was going to be the death of him. She was pushing buttons in the best way possible. "No." Mal responded still feeling like he was guilty of something. "I mean i like candy." He paused again furrowing his brow, honestly he had lost her somewhere in this conversation and now he was going in a different direction wondering how much she could fit into her mouth. "I mean what?"

    Oh boy, Mal was going to go to that special hell. The one reserved for child molesters, people who talked during a movie, and who took advantage of charming murderous women who wanted to take his ship. One word got Mal, one word that made the man almost visibly flinch, war. Mal didn't show it much, the suffering he had from the war. He never broke down, not in front of others. Never admitted he had troubles sleeping, never mentioned he had troubles with fear and paranoia. Hell, Mal couldn't even eat a damn apple. Remembering those men's heads vanishing in a cloud of red when they bit into them. He couldn't stomach an apple after that, had to cut them up smaller and smaller so he knew they were safe. "War...war's a gorram awful thing." Was all he added to it, that bitter sadness and fear in his eyes, remembering, remembering that day his faith died.

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  12. Kara

    Kara Guest

    He was interesting, to say the least. Kara found herself fascinated and amused rather than frustrated and annoyed, how she often felt among men. He was raised in space yet still had similar childhood stories to hers, of sharing candy with neighborhood girls and stuttering through realizing they were flirting with her. "My childhood was more of trying to think straight with my heart rather than my head. It was much easier to do the latter when it was expected of me."

    Kara's expression turned sad. "It's horrid," she agreed, pulling her knees to her chest, "and it's horrid that that's what it took for me to get out of the expected role I couldn't fit into. Even if that's where I was attacked and Changed against my will." She could read his body language, the despair there, as clearly as if he had openly declared what he was feeling. She was uncharacteristically inclined to get that feeling off his face, something about it turning her stomach as if she had made herself uncomfortable instead of him.

    "After was different," she continued. "Packs in Europe didn't work the same as they did in America. There was no Marrok there, keeping everyone in line. Just wolves squabbling it out for themselves." Kara cut herself off. "I'm not sure how much of this I'm allowed to talk about. There are laws against it... and it's not the wolf that suffers the consequences. They'd have to be stronger than me to get to you, of course, and I'm much older than I look." She winked, trying to abruptly shift the mood back to the lighthearted fare it was before.
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  13. [​IMG]

    February 6th, Year 7
    Mal knew that problem too, he always thought with his heart as a kid but now he thought with his head and was guided with his heart. He even knew at times when he was doing the wrong thing to put money in his own pocket that he couldn't live with himself if he didn't do right. It wasn't always but Mal wasn't going to hurt good folk just for coin. He was a thief and a smuggler, not a killer and a monster. No need to stoop to the same level as the alliance. "Thinking with your heart isn't always bad but you need to consider thinking with your head first. Your heart will get you in trouble but so will your head if you cut the heart all out. There's a nice balance..." Mal paused and laughed a little. "And I certainly haven't figured it out yet."

    She was a bit like him he figured, lost one part of her in war but found herself out of it all. Mal could respect that, sometimes you had to face hell to find who you were. Now he could sound like an old man, get philosophical but he didn't want to bore her. Hell if he wanted that he could just tell her stories about Badger. "Sorry that had to happen to you." He said a little solemn. "But it looks like it turned out okay for you in the end." As well as it could being a werewolf at least. Mal was often told he survived the war. He couldn't always agree with that one but he was breathing and that was something. Not only that but he had Serenity and his crew. Mal wondered what it was Kara had, hopefully something.

    Seemed being a werewolf wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Mal couldn't say there was even such a thing in his world, their greatest nightmare were the reavers. He waved his hand flippantly when she mentioned she might not be allowed to talk about any of this. "Who's going to get mad? I mean, I'm mostly up in the cosmic wilderness with my crew and ship anyways. Though that whole full moon thing, is it true and if so do you think in space a werewolf would always be in wolf form?" See now, these were the important things that Mal needed answers to. "Well, for your age, whatever that may be, you look mighty fine." Did he just tell her she looked fine? Oh, please don't get offended. Mal was clearly getting too comfortable around her now, passing her compliments and calling her fine.