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Everyone's Fault: A Seasonal Event

Discussion in 'Old Seasonal Events' started by Octi, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Octi

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    Everyone's Fault


    Pandora is being shaken by a series of mild to moderate earthquakes throughout the Autumn season. There is no rhyme or reason to the locations they hit, nor do they give any indication of their approach. Not even magically-inclined characters will be able to sense them until immediately before they happen.

    While none of the earthquakes will be so severe that there are immediate fatalities, the tremors will result in consequences that range from structural to environmental. Wildlife will also be noted to have significant reactions to the quakes, as illustrated by the reaction of scorpions and sand wyrms after the Horizon earthquake. Some tremors will affect only a specific thread, while others might strike a whole forum area, such as a town or wilderness location. Larger earthquakes will be announced with a Current Event post, while the smaller quakes will only affect the characters that are present in the thread.

    Sign Ups

    If you'd like your characters' autumn threads to be part of this event, you may post here to sign yourself up! You'll need to post with each character that you'd like affected. This means that when it comes time for another quake to hit Pandora, we'll add your character into a randomized pool. If your character is selected, one of your character's Autumn threads will be affected by an earthquake, and your character will have to react to whatever consequences arise. Note that the event posts will not include any injuries or other physical affects on your characters; that will be entirely up to you!

    Plot Hooks

    The larger quakes will have consequences that provide potential plot hooks for your characters to get involved in. These consequences will be detailed in the Current Event post announcing the earthquake. The first tremor, for example, wrecked several of Horizon's Starfighter Corps hangars. These will obviously need repairs, so any player interested in taking part is free to create a brainstorming thread to organize something. Likewise for any wildlife or environmental threats that need to be addressed.

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