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Evil Morgana

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Morgana Pendragon, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Morgana Pendragon

    Morgana Pendragon BBC Merlin



    Evil MorganaThe Twinsies plot offered the perfect opportunity for an Evil Morgana to appear. I have a few things in mind but she is definitely open for some plots.

    This new and Evil Morgana is going to display several characteristics.

    • She is going to become a lot more vicious. Her reactions towards those who oppose her will surely include cruelty and violence.
    • Ruthlessness will definitely replace compassion and empathy.
    • As a result of her memories from her world, coldness and bitterness will consume her softer side.
    • Calculating her actions and manipulating people will not trouble her.
    • In order to satisfy the need for vengeance, she could turn against those who do not possess the gift of magic.
    • Hints of kindness will be shown towards fellow mages.
    • Nothing will deter her from achieving her goals.
    Her Goals
    • Stand against those who pursue mages and non-humans in general.
    • Gather fellow mages.
    • Make a few enemies.

    I am open to additional ideas, so shoot! ^_^