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Answered Evil Robot Terraforming?

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by ArmoredBacon, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. ArmoredBacon

    ArmoredBacon Player

    I have a character (@Shockwave) who I'd like to get into a longer running and conspiracy filled plot where he has the insane idea to try and terraforming Pandora into a zone of mechanical life like his homeworld of Cybertron.

    General ideas:
    1. If he is partially successful we'll have at least a small zone for fandoms like Transformers, Zoids, Megaman, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc
    2. It would be a mostly machine based ecosystem. Pools of energy giving fuel, mechanical fauna, and other wonders.
    3. Shockwave will be stopped from completing the process either by groups of heroes, opposing nature/magic based factions, or Pandora itself keeping the zones from bleeding over. (But that doesn't mean he won't end up causing massive damage before he's stopped, thus the need for heroes to act).

    After all story elements play out, depending on what happens, we'll have a new region or sub-region on Pandora dedicated to machine life. The final elements or nature of it will be based on those involved.
    He is stopped completely.
    Either way
    He is stopped from complete global mechanization by heroes, self interested parties, or Pandora itself.

    What I need:
    1. To see if this is a viable plot and if the Mods will OK it.
    2. What region is to be affected, be it part of Centria or on the other side of the continent between cold harbor the wastes? A catch 20/20 would be an untouched part of Elysium- Though the place is already a giant mechanical city and the new region would be more of a living mechanical ecosystem.
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  2. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Hey there, ArmoredBacon. This plot sounds fine to me as long as its spread is contained and doesn't impact any of the major cities. It would definitely be interesting to create a new sub-region based on it. It would create a new sub-region, since we're not looking to add a 6th region at this point.

    Centria would not be a good fit due to the regional balance/theme of the region. Any others could work, however. Pandopolis, Crystal Vales (if you go for a more fantasy/steampunk bent), the Dread Wastes, or anywhere in the Cosmic Wilderness. If you go for the Cosmic Wilderness, there's plenty of floating chunks of landscape up there that you could create both an area to be taken over and the new area that would do the taking over.