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Familiar taste of poison

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Rachel Amber, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Rachel Amber

    Rachel Amber Guest

    April 20th, Year 7

    Rachel Amber was bored. And Rachel Amber being bored was never a good thing.

    She hadn’t seen Chloe in weeks, and any attempts to contact her (ranging from the semi-normal ‘are you still alive’ to the “worried” ‘dont scare me like this u bitch’), were useless. There was no response. Qrow was still around, he hadn’t gone back on his promise, but even he had a more of life than her. That wouldn’t do, he was practically ancient compared to her!

    So, Rachel was forced to entertain herself. And that meant having a bit of fun. Of course, her ‘fun’ in the past had included creating forest fires in a fit of hysterics or starting fights with the local drug dealers who just happened to be armed.

    The normal, average thing a fifteen-year-old does.

    It was sunset, dark enough that she could skulk through town without attracting too much attention. She walked along, looking innocent enough, save for the cigarette she took to lighting halfway through her wandering. Rachel had never smoked much back home, save for stealing some of her father’s stash when she knew he wasn’t looking (she should’ve known he was all full of shit then – Mr. D.A.-and-all-about-being-healthy? Yeah, right. Those weren't evidence.)

    But maybe she felt like being a rebel now. Maybe it was a pathetic attempt at feeling like Chloe was still near her. When they’d met again that fateful day, Rachel had breathed in her mixture of smoke and perfume; it was a tantalising concoction she ached to have again.

    No. She was totally just being a rebel and giving zero fucks.

    Her eyes lit up as she got to her destination. It was nothing much to look at, just an old junkyard to the casual passer-by. But to Rachel, it felt like home. She had seen some pretty valuable stuff through the chain-link fence in the days prior. She could almost scoff; before she met Chloe, a junkyard was the last place she’d be. But again, maybe it was another thing to keep her sane. That and she'd be hella rich from any loot she got.

    The only problem was it was locked at nights, illegal to cross. When had that ever bothered her?

    She made sure no-one was about, before she started the climb over the high-scale fence…
  2. Majin Buu

    Majin Buu Guest

    Buu was a strange creature. He spent a lot of his time asleep, often for months at a time, but it seemed he was wide awake tonight. This was a big problem tonight though, as it seemed he ahd run out of things to do. He had ended up wandering around, just looking for something to do...

    Just then, he heard a noise not too far from him. Finally, something to do! At least for a few moments. Usually noises weren't anything interesting. Buu waddled over surprisingly quietly, and looked around. Someone was climbing the fence. He scratched his chin. Why were they climbing a fence here? After a moment, he spoke up saying "Hey! What you doing? Why you climb over fence?" It was an innocent question. Buu often found himself confused by new situations. "What in there?" He asked, pointing into the junkyard. "You lose something?" Maybe he could help? That's what Hercule would do!
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  3. Asami Sato

    Asami Sato Guest

    Business in junkyards was not unfamiliar territory Asami, but not a business she had dug her wrench into for a while now since coming to Pandora. That was where she had her start, after all, in Horizon back in the days before the upgrades. She had her own junk heap back in the desert, but Pandora Town’s dump had its own treasures, and Asami was in the need of some parts for some of her new projects. She was already in the grounds with a flashlight, after hours as had been her arrangement with the owner. A word on good faith, but she had been warned of giant rats and creatures that liked to skulk the place after dark, which had left her a little jumpy when she heard some noises by the fence. A bright light blared over the two: a young woman and a pink.... blob?
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  4. Rachel Amber

    Rachel Amber Guest

    Her hands dug deep into the harsh edges of the fence, and she nearly once lost her footing, but soon enough, Rachel was half way up. A dark smile flickered across her features, one that spoke of the adrenaline rush she felt. This was too easy; hell, this place might as well have had "Arcadia Bay" written all over it, given how much no one gave a shit.

    Her truimph would soon be too good to be fucking true, as a voice, one that didn’t seem entirely normal, called out.

    The girl, startled, involuntarily let go of fence, landing in a crumpled heap on the floor. “Shit,” she muttered, cradling her arm as she stood, clearly angry. As she prepared to give whatever person had dared to ruin her night a load of crap, she stopped, mouth agape at the sight of the stranger. It was…a blob. A pink blob.

    Rachel almost snickered at the thought; of course it wasn’t a blob. She could now spot vaguely familiar features, including arms and eyes. And she didn’t even want to get into what they were wearing.

    “Uh…nothing. I’m, ah, just…I work here! Yeah. And I lost my keys. It's no big deal.” Perhaps they would be dumb enough to fall for it. Hopefully they would buy her story and leave her alone.

    It seemed fate was not letting up on her tonight, as a bright light shone over the pair. Rachel sighed and rolled her eyes (which was difficult when you were suddenly half blind). This time, it was just a woman, with particularly striking features and long dark hair.

    Wait, how had she got in there?

    “Let me guess, you're here to arrest us.”
    The blonde deadpanned, raising her eyebrows. With the way this evening was going, she wouldn’t be surprised.
  5. Asami Sato

    Asami Sato Guest

    "Not unless you're in the business of needing to be arrested." Asami replied, the light sliding over the rest of their forms to inspect for weapons or anything or malicious intent. "I don't think you need to be reminded this place is closed after dark..." her voice held an air of suspicion, but Asami was actually grateful it was them and not some giant trash ractopus.
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  6. Rachel Amber

    Rachel Amber Guest

    Rachel almost tensed as the light swept over her, but played it cool, her face neutral. She wondered just what the woman was up to. “Do you guard this place or something? And I wasn't doing anything…this… person…”

    She gestured to the pink blob of a creature but stopped mid-sentence. They were nowhere to be seen. “Hey, what gives?” Rachel shouted aloud, looking left and right.

    Thanks for leaving me in it, whatever the hell you were
    … she thought, now having to face the woman alone.
  7. Asami Sato

    Asami Sato Guest

    Asami looked to whom they were gesturing, but also found no one. Did people disappear that quickly? Or was the pink guy just really stealthy between the both of them? "I don't guard this place, but I have a deal with the owner."

    "HHm, it looks like your friend left you high and dry."
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  8. Rachel Amber

    Rachel Amber Guest

    “So you just get to go in whenever you want? That’s cool.” Rachel wanted to know what sort of “deal” this was. But she guessed asking outright would get her nowhere. So it was time to start pretending like she really gave a shit what this woman was saying.

    “Do people do that a lot?” She gestured to the air where the blob had been standing. Her eyes narrowed slightly at the woman’s response, but Rachel didn’t want to risk being too mouthy. They looked like they knew how to handle themselves.