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Featured Wanteds

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Octi, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Octi

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    Featured Wanteds

    Our featured wanted ads rotate once per month, so be sure to check back for new ones!

    Adam YoungGood Omens

    A preteen and Antichrist, who turned out to be incredibly human and a pretty good kid. Adam can warp reality to suit his beliefs though most of them were to keep his friends entertained and to help the planet. Budding environmentalist and general believer in magic/conspiracy theories. Comes with his own former Hellhound, Dog, who isn't really all that Hell-ish. Please bring him to Pandora and give the Useless Gay Godfathers a kid they feel they ought to look after. (And to make sure he doesn't accidentally start a catastrophe or something!)

    requested by @Peach
    Mash KyrielightFate

    Part-Servant, part-human, and 100% best kouhai-- Mash Kyrielight is a hardworking young lady that has never stepped foot outside of Chaldea's walls, that is, until a near-death experience awakened the powers of the Servant she was fused with! Now, she travels alongside Chaldea's only Master to help resolve the various Singularities throughout time! (She also comes with a cute little squirrel... dog... cat... thing, named Fou!)

    requested by @eudaemonics

    Clarke GriffinThe 100

    Clarke is many things. Skaikru, one of the 100, Wanheda. She's gone through so much trauma and pain and keeps on going. She pushed Lexa to think differently, as well as show that love is not weakness. Strong, brave, fearless and still full of empathy. Clarke is very much missed by Lexa.

    requested by @Raine
    Glynda Goodwitch RWBY

    Oz and Glynda go together like peas and carrots. Yin and Yang. Hot and Cold. No matter what form he's in, Glynda's always going to be first in line as his right hand. She's no-nonsense, strict, and efficient, in wonderful counterbalance to Oz's tendency to be lenient and friendly. Moreover, now that he's in his Ozma form, won't that be a delightful conversation?

    requested by @Jack

    CoranVoltron: Legendary Defender

    Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe is one of the last remaining Alteans to ever have seen the planet before Zarkon destroyed it (and yes, that's his full name). His grandfather created the Castle of Lions that Voltron resided in and it was his dream to follow in his footsteps. Now he's acting guardian of Princess Allura and Monsters & Mana DM Enthusiast. He's 100% needed to panic and scream at people, but also if you ever wanted to run D&D campaigns in rp format he's your guy. The great Coraniac Dragon.

    requested by @Emi
    Virginia 'Pepper' PottsMarvel

    CEO, personal Assistant, Perfect in every way, Businesswoman are some of the few words that describe Pepper Potts. She would do great in Pandora and honestly if you took her I would literally love you forever. Tony needs her to keep himself sane <3

    requested by @Wulf

    Ryuunosuke AkutagawaBungo Stray Dogs

    Akutagawa is a mafioso of the Port Mafia. Having joined from a young age due to Dazai, the man ruthlessly trained him, resulting in Akutagawa pushing himself too hard, even after Dazai left. It was when he first met Atsushi that he learned what became of Dazai—how he's Atsushi’s mentor and working for the Armed Detective Agency, Port Mafia’s enemy/rival. Let’s just say...Akutagawa really wants to show how strong he is to Dazai even more now and sees a rival in Atsushi. His ability is called Rashomon, as he's able to manipulate his clothing—which manifests into a shadow-like, omnivorous beast that he controls.

    requested by @Crystal . full ad
    Magnus ChaseMagnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

    This loveable summer boy who got himself killed would be greatly appreciated to have by Alex Fierro and housemates! Sunshine healers always welcome, but there sure is a place for any young godling and Pandora will certainly provide new quests to go on if wanted. Join for future heroismn and new friends!

    requested by @Sayamy . full ad

    Edward Kenway Assassin's Creed

    What's better than family drama coupled with theivery, rum, and traumatic past experiences? Someone take this pirate pal so that his son and grandson and great-granddaughter can have someone to stir up the pot with!

    requested by @Birb
    Shintaro KisaragiKagerou Project

    A young boy of great intellect, Shintaro found himself alienated from his own peers due to his own intelligence, turning himself into a cold, uncaring boy. Things began to change when he met one Ayano Tateyama, whose kindness and smile turned her into his best friend. However, after Ayano commits suicide, he falls into a deep depression, wondering if he could have stopped her if he had just cared enough to notice she was hurting inside. Pandora could allow for an unique dynamic between Shintaro and Ayano, plus all the drama that could come with depending on the canon points!

    requested by @FullMoon
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