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Featured Wanteds

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Octi, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Octi

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    Featured Wanteds

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    Theseus ScamanderFantastic Beasts

    I am DYINGGGG to see Theseus in Pandora! Newt would love his big brother and honestly, I have SO many feelings and headcanons about them, like ... if you are remotely interested in taking him, come talk to me and I'll just drop all this crazy at your feet. Also, there's a TON of magical people in Pandora he can do stuff with! There's the Department of Magical Advancements in Pandopolis, Schola Praeditos in the Crystal Vales, and other stuff, too, so lots of options! -GRABBYHANDS-

    requested by @Octi
    Reinhardt WilhelmOverwatch

    A man who might be growing older and older but doesn't let that slow him down in the slightest. Honorable and powerful, Reinhardt is a big man with a heart to match and won't let any innocents be hurt on his watch. He's also the godfather and mentor of Brigitte, and his squire is certainly feeling a little aimless without having this reckless old man to look after!

    requested by @FullMoon

    Hunter BradleyPower Rangers

    Hunter has one of more ambiguous and complex character arcs in Ninja Storm story. Thanks to the team’s enemy, he’d been through hell and back, emerging the better for the experience on the other side. He’ll probably find Pandora an interesting place, and he’d have at least one of his teammates here already. He and Tori are different enough that their growth would be definitely one of the plots I’m interested in exploring!

    requested by @Eclipse
    Zelda SpellmanThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    I am dying to see Zelda in Pandora, I really want to throw my precious lil baby anti-christ at her because I think they would get on like a house on fire. He's never had a cool aunt like her and he needs someone to show him not all witches are on the sucky side of the light/dark spectrum. I also want to see her have an aneurism when she realises magic is all out in the open in Pandora and she can meet the actual Dark Lord himself (in fact she can pick which one she wants to meet, we have multiple!), Michael will introduce her to his dad (just don't make it weird xP).

    requested by @Blix . full add

    Bail OrganaStar Wars

    I'd honestly love Leia's adoptive father in Pandora; Bail is such a badass and a really underrated character. He raised Leia as his own and instilled in her so many positive values. She misses him terribly and never got to say goodbye. I promise lots of feels and joy in their reunion and I'll love whoever takes him forever.

    requested by @Hannah
    Sunset ShimmerMy Little Pony

    Okay, so Sunset Shimmer is the perfect contrast to Twilight and I would love anyone who took her! Being Celestia's former student, I think there could be so interesting behind them if it was explored more - especially if Sunset was taken from before Equestria Girls occurred. But even if it was reformed Sunset, I would love their interactions. Just. I love the potential between them two thanks

    requested by @Dream

    Dazai OsamuBungo Stray Dogs

    I'd LOVE for a Dazai to come to Pandora. He's a super interesting/complex character and it'd be cool to see what's going on in his brain--with all his backup plans and the like. There's a lot he can do in Pandora and he can experience a lot of new things in this strange world as well as his usual attempts at suicide. He also got HISTORY with Chuuya; they were partners, known as 'Soukoku/Double Black'. Dazai also trolls the hell out of Chuuya and Chuuya has the shortest fuse EVER with anything relating to Dazai. I just need these two having their banter, interactions, development and their whole thing/rivalry (or IS IT?) happen in Pandora, cause why not? xD

    requested by @Crystal Peak
    FinnStar Wars

    Basically I would love to have a Finn in Pandora. I think he'd love the freedom and the possibilities here and I would throw all the threads and plots at the person who took him up. Rey's been here a long time and she would absolutely love to see him again. I think Finn would love Pandora- the possibilities really would be endless here for him- the Cosmic Wilderness is here now as well as tonnes of other stuff so he could start to enjoy life beyond being a Stormtrooper!

    requested by @Idris . full ad

    Oscar PineRWBY

    This precious farm boy who tries his hardest. I would love love love to see someone take Oscar, if only to see how he adapts to a world where he doesn't have to play host to a soul that's inevitably going to take him over. I have a lot of feelings about Oscar, and it would be nice for Oz to be thrown totally out of his depth by meeting his future-but-not-anymore vessel who knows pretty much everything about him whether he likes it or not. Best of all, Ozpin's immortality in Pandora takes a very different route to canon, so Oscar can live worry-free about being possessed by any wayward souls... at least not this one.

    requested by @Jack
    Carol FerrisDC Universe

    Pandora would love this strong, powerful young lady. Not only is she a badass pilot but she was a Star Sapphire along with running a company that just so happened to employ the stubborn and at times idiotic Hal Jordan. Hal would more than love to see his on again off again love interest. Someone, please bring this beautiful badass. Hal misses her and is a wreck.

    requested by @Wulfdaguy

    #1 Octi, Dec 2, 2018
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