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Featured Wanteds

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Octi, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Octi

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    Featured Wanteds

    Our featured wanted ads rotate once per month, so be sure to check back for new ones!

    Muhammad AvdolJoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    A fortune teller hailing from Egypt, this man knows everything you could possibly want to know about Stands. However, he is more than just a guide and is a noble soul who would give his life to protect those dearest to him. He's tough, confident, courageous and wise. If you don't app him it will be HELL 2 U!

    requested by @JackFrost . full ad
    Frisk DreemurrUndertale

    Someone take up Frisk, I beg of you! Look at this cute face - I'd love to see them around. As the player of Chara, I've been practically dying for the chance to have these two to interact, as Chara has been taken up before they died. I don't mind much if Frisk is nonbinary, female, or male, not what route they're from. Do what you want to!

    requested by @Dream

    Molly HernandezMarvel's Runaways

    As the youngest of the Runaways, Molly is also the strongest; both figuratively and literally. Between all the superheroes and magic and everything else, she's sure to have a blast in Pandora (even if it means she will miss her fellow runaways and her sister). At least, she'll (perhaps unwillingly) have Nico Minoru to look out for her and all the new friends she makes along the way.

    requested by @Oddie
    Shuichi Saihara Dangan Ronpa

    The weak-willed, anxious, but good-hearted detective. I would love to see Shuichi here - in part due to deeply enjoying his relationship with Kokichi (perhaps a little on the romantic side, if anyone is particularly interested? ehehe) and in part due to the ripple effect that he would have on Pandora. We already have a detective in Naoto Shirogane who has similar traits to his who would be interesting for him to engage with. And if he's taken from a different canon point, that makes it all the better! He'd be a great expansion to our Dangan Ronpa roster.

    requested by @JAXI . full ad

    Hannibal LecterHannibal

    Hannibal Lecter is a psychiatrist, who's also a serial killer with a penchant to eating the rude. He's intelligent, charismatic but also dangerous. I'd love to see him again in Pandora and see what he'll do since there are so many possibilities. Both Abigail and Will will be glad to see him, and we'd love to have some bonding moments again! I need Hannigram and we need the Murder Family back together!

    requested by @Crystal Peak . full ad
    AlexiosAssassin’s Creed

    The elder brother of Deimos and known as The Eagle Bearer, I’d love to see him in Pandora and how his relationship with Deimos would play out. She already has Connor making her life hell, so her brother turning up would be just another thorn in her side.

    requested by @Hannah

    James MoriartyBBC Sherlock

    The infamous consulting criminal and Pandora need to meet. You would have many plots awaiting you and plenty of people to write with. Moriarty is a genius with a pension for violence and unpredictability and a grudge with Sherlock Holmes (and hopefully Irene Adler). Check him out as well as the rest of the Sherlock gang.

    requested by @Sabine . full ad
    Rise KujikawaPersona 4

    Let's bring the idol that everyone adores to Pandora: Risette, aka Rise Kujikawa! She has a few friends already in Pandora, including her classmates Naoto Shirogane, Kanji Tatsumi, Yosuke Hanamura, and another idol she's worked with: Kanami Mashita. The P4 fam is slowly growing in numbers in Pandora and having the cheerful and boastful Rise to support them will help make the gang happy (especially with all the depressing stuff that's been happening to them as of late). Plus, there are ships for her to sail! Maybe even ships involving herself. c:

    requested by @Luciel

    Lorna Dane/PolarisMarvel (The Gifted)

    Well, I'm making this because nobody else in the fam is. The Magnet family need their fourth sibling so their can be the trifecta of RGB - get it because of colors?... okay nvm moving on. Erik needs his favorite child that he doesn't know he has, especially because he's stirring shit up in the Wastes and who knows where else. All of the family is pretty active, so you'll have thread options for days. Basically, more family drama is needed! Do it! You know you want to.

    requested by @Birb
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