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Featured Wanteds

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Octi, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Octi

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    Community Relations Division

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    Featured Wanteds

    Our featured wanted ads rotate once per month, so be sure to check back for new ones!

    Carol DenningOrange Is The New Black

    The Denning sisters were totally way up there on the list of best things about the latest season of the show and Carol may be a total sociopath, but I think we can all agree she would be really interesting to see written in Pandora!! Would love to see somebody write what is going on in her head. And besides, we need more 80s kids around.

    requested by @Octi
    DaggerFinal Fantasy IX

    The kind, somewhat naive yet brave and determined queen of Alexandria, Dagger could use a break from having her heart ripped out by tragedy. She's nowhere near as sensitive and weak as she might look, being a powerful summoner with a strong will. Since Zidane's already in Pandora, she certainly wouldn't be alone, either.

    requested by @Skooter910

    Liam DunbarTeen Wolf

    Liam Dunbar is Scott's first beta werewolf and brother figure with anger problems and an even bigger heart.

    requested by @Wolf . full ad
    Connie MaheswaranSteven Universe

    One of the most adorable nerds you will ever meet, her mind is as sharp as her blade. Also, you will get to share Lion.

    requested by @Phantom Maple . full ad

    Roy HarperDC Universe

    The man/boy of many nicknames, Roy Harper is Green Arrow's oldest (and most screwed-up) sidekick. Nevertheless, any and all renditions of the red-clad archer would be welcome on site.

    requested by @DaughterOfTheClayr . full ad
    Rory WilliamsDoctor Who

    Amy would love to see her husband in Pandora, especially since she’s been here well over a year now! Any canon point is welcome! Plus more Doctor Who characters is always a win!

    requested by @Hannah

    InigoFire Emblem

    Although he was shy as a child, his parents gave him much-needed advice about socializing, and ever since, Inigo has been an outgoing philanderer. He dreams of becoming a talented dancer, just like his mother. No matter what, the boy always tries to force a smile. Lucina, who is in Pandora, comes from a timeline in which Inigo is her brother, and she also departed Ylisse in an attempt to find Inigo, Owain, and Severa after they disappeared. She would be delighted to see him, and I promise to heavily encourage interactions between the two!

    requested by @Luciel
    Dazai OsamuBungo Stray Dogs

    Complex, intelligent, comedic and suicidal, there is more to Dazai Osamu than meets the eye. He's a member of the Armed Detective Agency, but he used to be an Executive of Port Mafia in his youth before leaving that life behind. His Ability is called 'No Longer Human', which can nullify other abilities through skin contact. Dazai is a super interesting/complex character and it'd be cool to see what's going on in his brain. Also, he's got HISTORY with Chuuya; they were partners, known as 'Soukoku/Double Black'. Dazai also trolls the hell out of Chuuya and Chuuya has the shortest fuse EVER with anything relating to Dazai, and I'd just love to keep that rivalry going in Pandora, cause why not? xD

    requested by @Crystal Peak

    Dinah Laurel LanceDC Universe

    Dinah's known as the Black Canary, a rock star turned superhero with a piercing sonic cry. As a founding member of the Birds of Prey and an important addition to the Arrow Family, she would be greatly appreciated by all current Queen kids :')

    requested by @Hunter
    Agent 8Splatoon

    Trapped without memory, Agent 8 made her way through the Deepsea Metro to get to the Promised Land, an Inkling city called Inkopolis. Of course, things aren't always so smooth. Agent 8 was trapped from the beginning, doomed to be blended up into a new primordial ooze. But with the help of a few friends, she escapes, and finally takes down the creator of this subway. Agent 8 could lead to a lot of interesting ideas in Pandora, as similarly to Agent 3, her character exists but is never truly spelled out. You can take her in many different directions here!

    requested by @Stargirl . full ad