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Open Feed the Machine

Discussion in 'Graphics Request' started by HighSidhe, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Diegania

    Diegania The Great Distortion

    older then you
    Character Name/Member Name: Yuno Gasai/Diegania
    Playby && Fandom: Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) & Herself
    Graphics Type/Size: Siggie and Avvie please!
    Pics: link one. Line two link three link four link five (You can use any of these, or any others if you need them!)
    Text: No matter what I have to sacrifice, I will protect you
    Anything Else: Thank you in advance!
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  2. Character Name/Member Name: Alice Margatroid/DragonCarnation
    Playby && Fandom: No playby/Touhou Project
    Graphics Type/Size: Signature, default size!
    Pics: image 1 image 2 image 3 (pick whichever one you want!)
    Text: This fleeting world is a transient coffin for our play
    Anything Else: Thanks a bunch!
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  3. HighSidhe

    HighSidhe Guest

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  4. @HighSidhe
    Oh man, that's great! Thanks so much!
  5. Character Name/Member Name: CosmicCometInOrbit
    Playby && Fandom: Noodle/Frisk/Mario && Gorillaz/Undertale/Super Mario
    Graphics Type/Size: Signature
    Pics: Whatever works for you! After all, you obviously have the better artistic eye. Just pictures of Noodle, Frisk, and Mario will do.
    Text: Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
    Anything Else: Just a signature, please.


    Character Name/Member Name: Super Mario
    Playby && Fandom: Mario && Super Mario
    Graphics Type/Size: Signature is top priority, but both works too.
    Pics: As usual, I'll leave this to you. Unless you don't want to.
    Text: Still connected to the moment it began
    Anything Else: One thing. Thanks so much for this! You've basically provided all the art I've got for my stuff. So hey. Major respect. Keep rocking the house down.
  6. Yuno Gasai

    Yuno Gasai Guest

    New avvie and sig is awesome! Thank you sidhe!
  7. HighSidhe

    HighSidhe Guest

    #27 HighSidhe, Feb 2, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2016
  8. Great as usual! Thanks so much!
  9. Caleb Dume

    Caleb Dume Guest

    Character Name/Member Name: Caleb Dume/Fleet
    Playby && Fandom: Star Wars- (Particularly the comic Kanan the last Padawan)
    Graphics Type/Size: Standard Signature (Maybe an avatar as well if you have time? Though really just in need of a signature! xD)

    Main- Caleb Dume
    'You want a monster? I'll give you a monster'
    or (cos Fleet sucks and can't pick, so whichever looks better to your skilled eyes)
    'I'm tired of running...'

    Anything Else: Can you make the mood kinda dark? As I'm kinda hoping this'll be his 'fallen/falling to the dark side signature' xDD

  10. Caleb Dume

    Caleb Dume Guest

    It looks sweeeeeeet! Thanks so much Sidhe! = )
  11. its your favvvoriitee

    Character Name/Member Name: Phoenix Wright/CosmicCometInOrbit/Noodle
    Playby && Fandom: Ace Attorney
    Graphics Type/Size: Avatar for Phoenix and Noodle, signature for Phoenix and OOC
    Pics: For Phoenix:
    Phoenix in CCIO sig
    Noodle avatar

    Text: Phoenix sig: Dance alone to the beat of your heart
    CCIO Sig: No change (Every planet we reach is dead)
    Anything Else: Should be the last one for a while. Again, thanks!
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  12. HighSidhe

    HighSidhe Guest

  13. You're good, yo. For the whatever-th time, thank you so much!
  14. Fleet

    Fleet gentlemen, assassins and ladies of the night.

    The middle of nowhere
    Character Name/Member Name: Newt// Fleet
    Playby && Fandom: Thomas Brodie Sangster// The Maze Runner trilogy
    Graphics Type/Size: standard avatar and siggeh please
    1(If you can include this gif somehow that'd be awesome, if you can't don't worry! xD) 2
    3 4
    5 6

    Kill me,
    If you've ever been my friend,
    Kill me...

    Anything Else: Nope, don't think so! = )
  15. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan Guest

    Character Name/Member Name: Darth Revan (Fiddle)
    Playby && Fandom: Revan - Star Wars
    Graphics Type/Size: Standard signature/avatar please
    Pics: (Just the Revan part) (Just the Revan part)

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

    Anything Else: Don't have to use all those pics and you can use others if you want, I don't really mind. You're the artist!
  16. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan Guest


    Thank you very much! The only issue was that I had to convert the avatar to a jpg because it was 4kbs over the limit, other than that there are no issues and I don't think the quality of the image has dropped in any noticeable way. 10/10 would hire again.
  17. Newt

    Newt Guest

    thanks Sidhe! It looks awesome! = )
  18. This is a really bulky ask, and I apologize if you can't handle all this, but...

    Character Name/Member Name: Judy Hopps
    Playby && Fandom: Zootopia
    Graphics Type/Size: Avatar/Sig
    Pics: Avatar
    Sig - Your choice on that.
    Text: Sig - change starts with you
    Anything Else: N/A

    Character Name/Member Name: Athena Cykes
    Playby && Fandom: Ace Attorney
    Graphics Type/Size: Avatar/Sig
    Pics: Avatar
    Text: courtroom révolutionnaire
    Anything Else: N/A

    Character Name/Member Name: CosmicCometInOrbit
    Playby && Fandom: N/A
    Graphics Type/Size: Sig
    Pics: Pics of Judy Hopps, Noodle, and Athena Cykes. You know, each of my characters.
    Text: Many Hearts
    Anything Else: Nope. Nothing but another grand thank you for your awesomeness.