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Fenton, Danny

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Danny Fenton, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton Danny Phantom

    Neutral Good
    Danny Fenton
    He's gonna catch em all cus he's Danny Phantom

    Played by Ariel

    Fandom: Danny Phantom
    Age: 16 Born November 13th
    Species: Halfa (Half Human, half Ghost)
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: End of Season 3 (between D-Stabilized and Phantom Planet)
    NPC Companions: None


    • Intangibility: Danny is capable of making part or all of his body intangible. He can make other people and items he is touching intangible as well. However, this requires more energy and can quickly drain his stamina depending on size and duration.
    • Invisibility: As a half-ghost, Danny can make himself invisible. Like his intangibility, Danny is capable of making other people and objects invisible as well. It also requires more energy to maintain.
    • Flight: The best part about being a half-ghost is easily the ability to fly freely without assistance. His top speed is 112 mph, but he can’t maintain that speed for long periods of time.
    • Ghost Ray: Danny’s main offensive attack is his ghost ray. The ray is a concentrated form of green, glowing, ecoplasmic energy that he can fire as a ray or charge into a ball to hurl at enemies. These blasts are hot enough to burn. If concentrating, he can create a destructive field that radiates around him. Doing so is physically taxing and will tire him out.
    • Ecto Strike: The ecto strike is Danny’s ghost ray concentrated into a fist or a foot. It allows him to add a little extra force to his normal punches and kicks. Danny can also illuminate his palm for a weak source of light in dark locations.
    • Ghost Shield: Danny can create a dome or a shield to protect himself. These are durable, but not unbreakable. He can make the shield large enough to protect a couple extra people, but he can’t maintain it for long.
    • Ghost Stinger: Danny can channel his ecto energy like electricity along a surface. It can negate electrical attacks and even send them back towards his enemies. Of course, he probably forgot he has this power since he so rarely uses it.
    • Ghostly Wail: Danny’s most powerful attack is his ghostly wail. After inhaling deeply, he can generate powerful sound waves. This area-of-effect attack devastates anything in front of Danny, buildings and people alike. Using it quickly drains Danny of his energy. He can’t maintain it for more than a few seconds. Afterwards, Danny is left almost completely drained. He has a hard time remaining conscious. This is an attack of last resort.
    • Telekinesis: Like most ghosts, Danny can mentally lift small objects and move them around with his mind. Any object he chooses to move in this manner temporarily glows green. For him, it’s little more than a party trick.
    • Overshadowing: Danny can posses people. Once he does, he has control over their actions and words. The possessed’s eyes temporarily turn green. After he leaves, the possessed’s memories of the events that transpired are either fuzzy or completely gone. Additionally, many have a headache afterwards. Overshadowing isn’t perfect. People with strong wills can force him out and a physical blow to the body is enough to knock Danny out of a person.
    • Duplication: One of his newer powers is his ability to make clones of himself. Granted, Danny is lucky if he can manage a single clone. The clones are fully autonomous. Unfortunately, Danny’s power is divided equally among the clones. The more clones, the weaker they are. The clones dissipate if they are hit.
    • Ghost Sense: Danny can detect if ghosts are nearby. His breath becomes visible if a ghost is around. However, Danny doesn’t know the ghosts exact location.
    • Cryokinesis: Thanks to Danny’s ghostly ice core, he can create ice at will. Danny is capable of making inanimate objects out of ice or fire icy beams similar to his ghost ray. He can freeze anything he touches. He can also create a wave of ice that freezes anything nearby. The downside is that if he doesn’t use the power regularly, it slowly builds up overtime, freezing him from the inside out.
    • Body Manipulation: Danny’s ghost body is malleable. He can stretch and morph his body at will to avoid oncoming attacks. When he flies, his legs sometimes fuse into a wisp like tail. This ability can only be used while Danny is in his ghost form.
    • Hand-to-hand combat: Danny is experience in hand-to-hand combat. He never had any formal training, but what he lacks in style he makes up for in substance. Granted, he won’t win against a master martial artist, but he’s won plenty of life or death battles.
    • Tactical Thinking: For as dumb as Danny can act sometimes, he can think quickly on his feet in battle. He’s no master tactician, but he’s pretty good when it comes to thinking outside the box.
    • Advanced Healing: Danny has advanced healing and durability. It takes more to knock him down and most minor injures heal overnight. Major ones take longer, but he typically gets back into fighting form rather quickly.
    Special AbilitiesGoing Ghost: As a Halfa, Danny has both a human and a ghost form. Danny is capable of transforming between the two forms at will. The transformation takes a couple seconds to complete and he lights up like a Christmas tree until the transformation is finished. Although he has access to some of his powers in human form, they are typically weaker than when he is running around as a ghost. Additionally, some of his powers can only be used in ghost form.

    Danny is a lot stronger, much faster, and has more stamina in his ghost form. His balance, agility, reflexes, strength, and senses are all enhanced at superhuman levels when he is a ghost. Conversely, his human form can be summed up in one word: puny. There are limits to Danny’s ghost form. He can’t maintain it indefinitely. If he passes out, runs out of energy, or is too badly injured he changes back to a human more often than not.
    • Fenton Thermos: One of his parents' many half-schemed devices, the Fenton Thermos is roughly the same size and shape as a regular soup thermos. However, it's entirely made of metal and has a display on one side along with several buttons. It can capture and store multiple ghosts at one time, although there is a limit. Once the Fenton Thermos reaches full capacity, it must be emptied before any more ghosts can be captured. If a ghost is powerful enough, it can escape the thermos by either resisting the initial pull or breaking out from within.
    • Cell Phone: Danny has a flip from 2007. It can’t access the internet. All it’s really good for are text messages, phone calls, and telling time. Thankfully, it’s got a wicked battery.
    • Backpack: This light purple backpack has seen better days. As if the unbearably heavy textbooks from school wasn’t bad enough, Danny has had to avoid fights and rabid fans while wearing it. There are two side pockets, one of which isn’t really useable anymore, and a small front pouch. The main portion of the bag is split between a laptop section and a large pouch for everything else.
    • Homework: Danny has a couple of textbooks, a failed math exam, and a pile of homework in his bag that will likely never see a teacher’s desk.


    Each power's individual limitation is listed in their description.
    • Anti-Ghost weaponry and Fenton Technology: Danny can be injured, incapacitated, rendered powerless, or even killed by anti-ghost weaponry. Things like ghost shields or energy weapons have more effect on him when he’s in his ghost form. However, depending on the weapon and what it’s designed to do, it can just as easily hurt him in his human form.
    • Blood Blossoms: These little red flowers can render Danny completely helpless. Their presence alone is enough to put Danny in excruciating amounts of pain and can nullify his powers. Danny cannot cross a line of the blossoms. They can also trap him if placed in a circle around him. Once trapped, he cannot get out or escape the pain until all of the blossoms are removed from the immediate area.
    • Ecto-ranium: This is like kryptonite, but for ghosts. It’s even green and glows. Danny is extremely susceptible to it. It doesn’t matter if he is in ghost form or human form. Just being around it is painful. Danny can’t use any of his abilities if he touches it and his powers do not work on anything created from ecto-ranium.


    Danny is no different from any other teenager when it comes to his personality. He’s awkward, can be a little full of himself, sarcastic at points, and has a bit of a temper. However, overall, he’s pretty friendly and easy going. He likes video games, monster movies, and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. He forms crushes on girls he thinks are cute, even if they do come from the shallower end of the social pool. Like all social outcasts, Danny longs to be popular and spends most of his school days trying to avoid bullies. Danny can be quite witty when he wants to be. He’s not the brightest bulb in the room, but he has a distinct love of puns and likes to banter during battle.

    Danny’s sense of personal responsibility exploded after he got his ghost powers. If there is a cry for help, he rushes forward without thinking. However, Danny is also constantly aware of how different his powers make him and how many people perceive him. One of his biggest fears is being labeled a freak or monster by the people in his everyday life. It doesn’t help that there those who do view him as nothing more than a mindless, evil ghost. What’s more, Danny is pretty bad when it comes to lying or making up stories on the fly. He’s about as subtle as a brick at times. All this being said, Danny isn’t above using his powers for a little, harmless payback. He’s also used them for personal reasons, like getting to school faster or sneaking into the girl’s locker room.


    In human form, Danny is a fairly unassuming teenage. His hair is coal black, his skin is pale, and his eyes are an icy blue. At 5’4” Danny is a bit short for his age. His overall build is thin and generally unimpressive. As a human, Danny’s demeanor tends to be uncertain and uneasy. He shoulders are often hunched and it’s not unusual to see him with a look of frustrated or defeated resignation. It’s also not unusual to see him trip over or into something. Danny normally wears blue jeans and a tee-shirt. His shirt is white with a red collar and red lining on his sleeves. There is also a red, logoless oval that stretches horizontally across his chest.

    A lot changes when Danny transforms into his ghost form. His hair becomes a silvery white and his eyes turn an unearthly green. Danny’s entire body glows slightly due to his ghostly aura and his voice echoes a little. He wears a spandex, hazmat suit in his ghost form that repairs itself every time he transforms. The main body of the suit is a deep black. His collar, belt, gloves, and thigh high boots are all the same silvery white as his hair. There is a stylized D with a hidden P on his chest, that is a pure white. In ghost form, Danny’s physical build doesn’t change. He’s still just as scrawny and his overall facial features remain the same. That being said, the way Danny carries himself is wildly different. Danny is confident and bold in his ghost form. His shoulders are squared and he tends to speak with conviction and authority. Danny will sometimes try to lower his voice as well around people he knows, but it’s pretty obvious when he does this.

    No matter what form he's in, Danny is covered in a variety of faint scars from his fights with ghosts. He also has a Florida shaped birthmark on the right side of his chest. Whenever Danny gets mad in either form, his eyes will glow green.


    Danny lived in Amity Park all his life. His parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton are inventors and ghost hunters. Danny and his older sister Jazz listened to their parents ramblings about ghosts all their lives. He started high school with his best friends Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley at Casper High.

    Just as his theme song said, when Danny Fenton was 14 he stepped into the inactive ghost portal his parents built. They believed it didn’t work, but Danny decided to take a look inside anyways after some mild coercing from Sam. Once inside, Danny accidentally turned the portal on. Ectoplasm fused with his DNA. When he stumbled out of the portal, he had a new form and ghost powers. Danny spent the next three years learning to use his evolving powers and fighting other ghosts. He’s taken on the role of Danny Phantom, protector of Amity Park. Unfortunately, not everyone loved Danny Phantom. He made some friends and just as many enemies. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Danny’s gone back in time, lost his powers on several occasions, saved the world, found out he had a clone, and even fought his evil older self. His life is like that of any comic book superhero.

    Summer vacation recently came to a close for Danny, and boy was it a summer to remember. He and the rest of his class got stuck with each other at a camp that was run by their teachers. As if school wasn't bad enough. To make matters worse, the Warden of the Ghost zone and all around egomaniac Walker showed up and kidnapped most of the camp. Danny teamed up with his friends and ghostly allies to get everyone back safe and sound.

    The school year started again and Danny's "cousin" (really his clone) Danielle, showed up out of the blue and completely unstable. Vlad Plasmius, her creator and Danny's arch nemesis, concocted a scheme to melt her down for parts. Danny was forced to team up with ghost hunter Valerie Gray in order to save Danni. After her rescue, she went off and it was back to business as usual for Danny. He made plans with Sam and Tucker to go check out a new movie after school. They all agreed to meet at the theater and went their seperate ways to drop off their school supplies. Unbeknownst to Danny, he might have to put those plans on hold for a while.


    Danny tapped his fingers impatiently on the desk. Every couple of seconds, his icy blue gaze traveled back to the clock on the wall. Sometimes, it felt as if the darned thing was ticking backwards. Danny shuffled in his seat, unable to sit still. His knee bounced faster than a jack rabbit and he was wound tighter than coiled spring.

    “C’mon. C’mon.” He whispered under his breath. He felt like he was in an old peanuts cartoon. Mr. Lancer’s voice sounded far away. Nothing he said made sense. The lesson just went in one ear and out the other.

    “Fenton!” Mr. Lancer barked. Danny jerked upright. His head snapped forward to find Mr. Lancer just a few paces away. The bald teacher held a textbook in one hand and stared indignantly down at the boy. Danny gave his teacher a guilty smile which only deepened Mr. Lancer’s frown. “Care to inform the class what it is about the clock you find more interesting than the masterworks of Shakespeare?”

    “Besides everything?” The class broke out in laughter, but if looks could kill. Danny shrank under Mr. Lancer’s scowl.

    “While I know your math skills aren’t the best, I hope that you can at least tell time. You are a part of this class for the next three minutes. Pay attention or you will fail the test. ”

    “Yes, sir.” Danny mumbled. The teacher turned his back and Danny felt something hard hit the back of his head. “Ow!” He rubbed the sore spot and glared behind him. Dash smiled wickedly. He tossed an eraser up and down as he readied it for the next throw. Danny glared but resigned himself to the next three minutes of headache while Mr. Lancer droned on. His eyes glanced back up at the clock. 2 minutes and 37 seconds.
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  2. Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton Danny Phantom

    Neutral Good
    Danny is ready.
  3. Kitty

    Kitty help, i'm FEELING
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    Danny's good to going ghost!​