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Fenton Works || Danny's Directory

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Danny Fenton, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton Danny Phantom

    Neutral Good
    Fall Year 1008 Threads:
    September 1st/Centria: complete
    September 3rd/Centria: complete
    September 10th/Centria/Misty Hollow: Lies We Tell Ourselves
    September 20th/Centria/Ark City: Half-Hot, Half-Ghost
    September 3rd/Dread Wastes: Rough Road
    September 19th/Dread Wastes: The Fenton Menace
    October 15th/Centria/Ark City: complete
    October 20th/Centria/Ark City: Switching Persona's
    November 15th/Dread Wastes: I'm heading straight for the castle
    November 24th/Centria/Ark City: Super Bar Brawl Ultimate
    November 29th/Pandopolis/Pandopolis City: Needs More Sodium

    Summer 2018 Threads:
    June 7th/Misty Hollow: reboot
    June 16th/Cascade Bay: I Don't Need a Hero
    June 21st/Pandora Town/Tavoie Borough: Ghosts at Night
    July 9th/Misty Hollow: Disappearing Defense
    August 10th/Misty Hollow: Corrupting Influences

    Spring 2018 Threads:
    March 26th/Cascade Bay: Here's to the First Cup
    May 10th/Text: Learning to Text
    May 30th/Misty Hollow: From Friend to Foe
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  2. Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton Danny Phantom

    Neutral Good
    Completed Threads:
    October 6th/Misty Hollow: Boxed Up Mist
    October 8th/Misty Hollow Housing: Empty Spaces and Far Off Places
    October 9th/Misty Hollow Woods: Grimm's Woods
    October 14th/Misty Hollow Residences: I'm Not a Ghostbuster
    October 15th/Misty Hollow: It's Terror Time Again
    October 17th/Misty Hollow: Sights Unseen
    October 20th/Misty Hollow (midday): Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good
    October 20th/Misty Hollow: Phantasmal Nightmares (Dropped)
    October 22nd/Elsewhere in Pandora: The Great Pumpkin Run|Pandora Town to Misty Hollow #3 (Dropped)
    November 5th/Misty Hollow Residences Early One Morning, With Time To Kill
    November 8th/Misty Hollow: Witches, Ghosts, and Lies
    November 12th/Misty Hollow Hello Neighbor
    November 14th/Cascade Bay: Spooky (Dropped)
    November 14th/Cascade Bay: Sticky Fingers
    November 13th/Pandora Town: Pundora Town (Dropped)
    November 15h/Cascade Beach: Kindred Spirits (Dropped)
    November 16th/Cascade Bay: Death With a Side of Eggs
    November 20th/Misty Hollow: Practice Makes Perfect
    March 1st/Misty Hollow: To Register Is Required By Law (Dropped)
    March 2nd/Misty Hollow: Welcome to Your Life
    March 6th/Orbit City: Head in the Clouds
    March 10th/Mist Hollow Residences: Dopplegangers and Self Defenestration (Dropped)
    March 12th/Misty Hollow Residences: Safety First
    March 15th/Mist Hollow Residences: Ghostly Greetings
    March 16th/Horizon: Snow Wars
    March 17th/Horizon: Not your average force ghost (Dropped)
    March 20th/Pandora Town/Westcourt: Inspiration from Odd Situations
    March 26th/Cascade Bay: Interview with a Ghost
    March 29th/Pandora Town: Dreaming, After All, Is a Form of Planning
    April 1st/Elsewhere in Pandora/Fortress of Solitude: this is a no party zone
    April 5th/Elsewhere in Pandora/Fortress of Solitude: Bonding Through the Suck
    April 8th/Elsewhere in Pandora/Fortress of Solitude: the great escape (dropped)
    April 10th/Cascade Bay Sand and Docks: Stargazing and Stress Relief
    April 14th/Misty Hollow: Casper's got Nothing on You huh?
    April 15th/Misty Hollow: chasing literal ghosts
    April 15th/Misty Hollow: Everybody loves me
    May 25th, Day 1/Misty Hollow: Rage, Rage Against The Dying of The Light
    May 25th, Day 2/Misty Hollow: Identity Crisis
    May 29th/Misty Hollow Residences: A Quiet Goodbye
    June 8th/Misty Hollow: Play with a stranger
    June 10th/Misty Hollow: One boy and a fake
    June 13th/Misty Hollow: Sudden and Unexpected
    June 14th/Misty Hollow: Fallen Star
    June 15th/Cascade Bay: (Not) Alone in the darkness
    June 17th/Cascade Bay: A Phantom Framed
    June 20th/Pandora Town/Blackhaven: Power Surge
    July 2nd/Misty Hollow: Ghosts n Stuff
    July 2nd/Misty Hollow: ghost stories
    August 27th/The Elysium Fields: ain't no party like an evil party because an evil party has pain, death and mutual roasting
    August 29th/Misty Hollow Residences: Scientific Shakedown
    September 1st/Centria: Salt and Water
    108 September 3rd/Centria: Surfacing
    October 15th/Centria/Ark City: Unfortionaty, Not Box Ghost

    October 6th: Danny falls into a portal and winds up in Pandora. He falls into the outskirts of Misty Hollow.
    October 8th: Danny moves into his new house. It's really freaking empty.
    November 1-8th: Danny can only say lies. He can't utter any truth, half-truth, or honest opinion. Midnight to Midnight.
    November 13-14th: Danny travels from Misty Hallow to Pandora Town
    November 14-16th: Danny travels from Pandora Town to Cascade Bay
    November 17th: Danny returns to Misty Hollow[/b][/b]
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  3. Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton Danny Phantom

    Neutral Good
    Threads to Start:
    1. Thread with Ren and Tatsuya in LeBlache on the 20th

    Thread Ideas
    1.Danny meets a child (NPC) with the ability to command ghosts but no control. He accidentally puts Danny under his influence and Danny temp becomes his "imaginary friend." Someone notices Danny's absence and goes looking for him.

    2. A big block party with all the people on Danny's street + anyone who wants to crash it.

    5. Thread with Alex Kamal. Danny sneaks on to the ship and it takes off with him still on board.
    Danny: "I'm on a space ship! In space! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me!"
    Alex: "Dude, you have superpowers."
    Danny: "Yeah, but I want to be an astronaut"

    Next Season Plots
    1. Thread with someone where Danny nearly kills them, but just before the finishing blow, Danny hesitates. Good part of him fighting back. Eyes go green for a moment and he backs off.
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  4. Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton Danny Phantom

    Neutral Good
    Stuff Danny Owns:
    Cell Phone
    Homework: 2 text books (math and biology), papers, a failed math test
    Treasure Island: Used Book
    A simple map of Pandora
    A blow up bed
    A bunk bed with a desk: Twin mattress.
    An extra twin mattress.
    Fenton Thermos

    Dannys Job:
    Odd Jobs. Helping people with chores. Fetching things. Delivering stuff. This is temporary until he can find an actual job.

    Home Location:
    Misty Hallow 304 Withers Road

    Paulina: 2nd bedroom
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