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Fighting Is What I Do || Wolfgang's Directory

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Wolfgang Bogdanow, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. I'm gunna put some basic info about Wolfgang in this post. Gotta set stuff up. I'm bad at coding so this won't be pretttyyy~! <3
  2. Reserved for relationship stuff when I'm less lazy.
    #2 Wolfgang Bogdanow, Jan 31, 2016
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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    September 9th :: whos gunna save me from myself? :: Glenn
    Wolfgang stumbled across a bunch of bandits picking on one guy in some abandoned buildings. Wolfgang quotes some action movies and kills some people, making a friend in the process.

    September 11th :: Time is running out :: Napoleon
    September 12th :: I could do this in my sleep :: Shyvana
    September 9th :: these unfamiliar surroundings :: Riley
    Wolfgang suddenly regains his link to one of his clustermates, Riley. He finds her, just arrived in Pandora, and does everything he can to help explain what world they find themselves in.

    October 25th :: two sixes and a pair of aces :: John
    Wolfgang escorts a cheater out of the casino, only for the guy to hit on him every step of the way.

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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    December 13th :: i'll show you :: Gabby
    January 12th :: judge me on my performance :: Biff
    January 24th :: sever :: Bellamy
    Wolfgang decides to try and visit his friend by using the new magical portals, but accidentally gets involved with a black market one and winds up at a random mountain with a random newbie waving a gun in his face. They get chased by supernatural shit and barely make it home through the same portal.

    February 2nd :: rolling a natural twenty :: Timmy
    February 14th :: I'm so sick of that same ole love :: Superman
    Wolfgang's coworker signs him up for a blind date, but the joke's on him, and Wolfgang winds up on a blind date with Superman. Which he enjoys, despite the serious moment.

    February 29th :: the bad taste and neon lights :: Wick
    Wolfgang' helps the new guy at work until he realizes the new guy really never any help at all.

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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    March 11th :: off the ground :: Glenn
    Wolfgang runs into his buddy Glenn who is about to be a dad. They decide to drink to celebrate. Drink a lot.

    April 23rd :: trapped like a rat in a cage [M] :: Riley
    During what can only be described as an evil black out, Riley gets in trouble and Wolfgang takes over her body to help defend her from crazy, twisted guys. In the process, he accidentally shares the memory of him murdering his father. He manages to get Riley home safe, but doesn't exactly know where he stands with his "sister'.

    May 20th :: light it up :: Wick

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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    August 3rd :: she came to give it to you :: Mat
    Wolfgang meets a guy at a bar who looks like a pirate. Winds up in a competition against him over a pretty girl, loses, but makes a new friend in the process.

    August 10th :: not an 8 or a 9 but a 10 :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang meets a really hot chick at a bar and ends up sleeping with her back at her spaceship, which is sort of really cool in his books.

    August 28th :: million miles an hour :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang runs into that hot chick again, though at his work, and not only finds out she has Force powers, but she's totally kickass. He invites her back to his place to patch up after a fight, and well, one thing leads to another.

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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    September 1st :: lost my way :: Jaesa
    Jaesa winds up bloody and hurt on Wolfgang's doorstep. He brings her in, patches her up, and manages to convince her to lay low at his place for awhile.

    September 2nd :: don't tear me down :: Jaesa
    Jaesa tries to leave and Wolfgang convinces her to lay low for a bit longer. They wind up watching movies and drinking.

    September 12th :: Look what you've done :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang comes over to check on Jaesa a few days after she's found her own place a couple doors down from where he lives. Talking turns into sex. Whoops.

    September 26th :: Hope for the hopeless :: Jaesa
    After another friendly bout of sleeping together, Jaesa asks Wolfgang to get her a weapon off the black market to use against the guy who abused her. Wolfgang agrees, but only if he gets to come with her to make sure she gets alright. They have a bit of an argument over it, but Wolfgang wins.

    September 24th :: Starboy :: Simon
    Wolfgang gets super drunk and pees in an alley when a vampire tries to feed on him.

    September 30th :: There and back again :: Jaesa & Sauron
    Wolfgang rides back up to Jaesa kicking Sauron's ass.

    September 30th :: Break free :: Jaesa
    When things didn't exactly go as planned in her revenge, Wolfgang comforts Jaesa.

    October 1st :: Up to the edge of the world :: Jaesa
    Jaesa and Wolfgang go flying in space for some fun.

    October 15th :: Gold :: Mat
    Wolfgang runs into a buddy of his and they wind up talking about girls over beers.

    October 26th :: Words come crashing to the ground :: Jaesa
    A confrontation between Wolfgang and Jaesa, over a gun... that's really a metaphor for some emotions.

    November 7th :: You're not alone :: Jaesa
    Riley vanishes from Pandora and Wolfgang falls into depression over it, feeling utterly alone again.

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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    December 10th :: the sun has set on me :: Jaesa
    Jaesa has been ignoring Wolfgang and he decides to finally make sure she's alright. And maybe figure out what's been going on.

    December 12th :: Unraveled at the seams :: Glenn
    When his buddy Glenn shows up at his doorstep looking like the worst thing ever just happened to him, Wolfgang lets him in and tries to help out.

    December 22nd :: Oh you make everything okay :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang gets turned down for drinks with his favorite gal until she shows up anyways and they have a nice night together.

    December 30th :: Ashes ashes dust to dust :: Will
    Another member of Wolfgang's cluster shows up.

    Jan 17th :: As the skyline splits in two :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang and Jaesa go up into space again. Except this time they find a robot.

    Feb 14th :: Where do we draw the line :: Jaesa
    Jaesa confesses her feelings to Wolfgang.

    #8 Wolfgang Bogdanow, Jan 30, 2017
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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    April 4th :: we are priceless :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang and Jaesa go on their first date.


    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    June 20th :: help me lose my mind :: Glenn
    Wolfgang goes to visit his friend Glenn.

    June 22nd :: thief in the night :: Lift
    Wolfgang catches a thief in a casino but consider she's just a kid, he takes her out to ramen instead of turning her in.

    July 20th :: heartbeats :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang and Jaesa go on another date night. After getting a fight with some guys trying to break into Jaesa's spaceship, Wolfgang realizes he's in love with her.

    Aug 25th :: more than you know :: Berelain
    Wolfgang runs into a very pretty woman at a bar.


    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    Sept 7th :: to friends lost :: Aaron
    One of Glenn's friends comes to tell Wolfgang that there's been a terrible accident.

    Nov 21st :: Do I wanna know? :: Mat
    Wolfgang goes to check up on his friend Mat only to find the guy with babies.

    #11 Wolfgang Bogdanow, Dec 28, 2017
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    = ongoing | = complete | = dead
    Dec 23rd :: we stole the show :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang buys Jaesa a Christmas gift and gives it to her a few days early.

    Jan 21st :: restless night :: Lift
    Wolfgang goes for a walk and runs into a thief he's met before.

    Feb 1st :: birds in the sky :: Starlord
    Wolfgang goes for a walk and meets a guy while admiring some space ships.

    Feb 12th :: once in a blue moon :: Jaesa
    Wolfgang and Jaesa go on an adventure to find a wishing well out in the desert.

    #12 Wolfgang Bogdanow, Apr 8, 2018
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