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Fire Plague Zombies

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by The Governor, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. The Governor

    The Governor The Walking Dead
    You kill or you die.

    Escaped Zoo Animal
    Cat Person
    Chaotic Evil


    5th July, Year 6

    On the night of 5th July, Year 6, a truck and small livestock trailer were discovered on fire close to the barrier surrounding Misty Hollow. Burning zombies poured out of the trailer and spread the fire throughout the area.

    Another trailer (not on fire) was found full of plague carrying zombies that were highly contagious and fatal to humans. Residents of Misty Hollow (possibly NPCs) were able to destroy the zombies and put out the fires before they became too big of a problem.

    Unfortunately, a number of people (most likely NPCs) were infected with the plague and died horribly. Some were also eaten, or got caught in the blaze and burned to death. A couple were even sick-eaten-burned simultaneously.

    OOC Information

    The Governor’s been tasked with spreading a plague (masterminded by @Mannimarco) across Pandora. He’s picked Misty Hollow as his first target, in hopes that @Rick Grimes and his canon mates will get caught up in the turmoil (although they were probably too busy listening to Beth sing that night). Who gives a shit if innocent people get in the way, right?

    Relevant Threads

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