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Free Elysian Commune

Discussion in 'Cosmic Wilderness Lore' started by Moh Kohn, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Moh Kohn

    Moh Kohn The Star Fraction

    Reluctant Leader of the Masses
    The Free Elysian Commune

    The Free Elysian Commune

    Unable to stand former Elysian general secretary Inilossum's tyranny a moment longer, the industrial and working districts of the Undercity rose up over the summer of Y108 and, as part of a general strike, took over the territories in which they'd once toiled to serve the regime. That area remains under the control of the former Strike Committee, which has taken steps to establish its control over the territory and has formalised itself as the Free Elysian Commune. Ordinarily the Undercity's political affairs are controlled by the "Oligarchs," individuals whose power is rooted in their ties to organised crime, but with the rise of the Commune the balance of power has shifted in Elysium's most rough and dangerous sectors...

    Politics and Economics


    The Free Elysian Commune spreads out over a broad third of the Undercity, and is centred around the areas of production in the "easternmost" areas of that territory. In particular, the food-production facilities, chemical factories and the communications network centre closest to the Upper City limits fall within this territory. The non-industrial areas within this territory are mostly slums of the type one might find relatively commonly across the Undercity. On the whole, the population of this area is estimated to be around 500,000 individuals.

    Political System

    As of the end of Year 108 in the Pandoran Calendar, the Commune is broadly controlled by the Red Star Front, a loose coalition of groups and parties that broadly share a socialist outlook and therefore agreed to put aside their differences during the Civil War to work together. Across the Commune, local councils have sprung up in both factories/workplaces and in the neighbourhoods in which people live. These councils are very busy, as they're were the local people come to debate the doings of the day and elect delegates to travel to the Central Council to enact their wishes. It is at these councils that most Front members stand for election, though a good number of independent candidates have also successfully been elected as delegates through them too.

    The Central Council, which sits once a week, passes all decrees and holds supreme legislative power in the Commune. Whereas parliamentary and even presidential democracies separate out the legislative and executive aspects of government, the Commune does not; decisions that are made in the Central Council are then enacted by the same people that attend it. A similar thing applies to the usual functions of an ordinary state. Whereas areas like Pandopolis or Centria have specialised bureaucratic groups to deal with things like law enforcement, defence and the like, the Commune instead attempts to spread these functions throughout the population itself by employing armed self-defence militias within the workplaces and neighbourhoods, and devolving as much decision-making to the local councils as is possible under the circumstances. In the event of attack, the militia system would also allow the Commune to call upon a significant proportion of its own population to defend it.

    The only formal position within the Council is that of Council Chair (sometimes stylised as "chairman" or "chairwoman" if the incumbent declares a preference). This individual controls the flow of debate when the Central Council sits, selecting and keeping within order the speakers and publishing the agreed-upon agenda for meetings, and also functions as a kind of diplomat/representative when the Commune has to deal with the other factions and nations in Pandora. So far, the Chair's power is fairly limited, a conscious decision by the first individual to take that position so as to avoid abuses of power. The Chair must stand for election once every five years, and is elected by the delegates at a special session of the Central Council.


    Going hand in hand with the political changes in the Free Elysian Commune, this new territory also operates an economic system of production that differs completely from that of the rest of the city. Using Elysium's advanced computer technology as a way to gather the necessary data and perform the proper calculations, the Commune has established a planned economy that works alongside their system of community control - rather than production of goods being dictated by the mechanisms of the market and owned privately, the Central Council and its local equivalents instead attempt to produce what the citizens of the Commune need at that particular time based on the data they gather live from neighbourhoods and workplaces, which are owned by those that live and work in them.

    As such, the Commune is able to organise production and distribution of food and basic goods in such a way that the population can expect very high standards of each compared to the rest of the Undercity, and in terms of feeding and housing citizens it can match the safety-net policies of the higher city too. However, both luxury goods and the products of heavy industry are very limited in availability due to the lack of pre-existing infrastructure and trained specialists; as many places will not trade comfortably with a group that openly espouses revolution, the Commune has also struggled to find outside sources for these things. As such, the quality of life of a Commune citizen can be described as broadly comfortable but remarkably limited, even spartan, in certain respects.

    In addition, debates currently are ongoing in both the Central and local councils as to what to do about people who wish to join the ranks of the Commune from other parts of the Undercity. While the existing policy, as advocated for by current Council Chairman @Moh Kohn and the faction within the Red Star Front that supports him, is to take as many as possible and try to "spread" the Commune's way of doing things to the rest of Elysium through these individuals, there are factions that would prefer a "borders" or "quota" system that would check any ingress of new would-be citizens. These debates have not yet been resolved and show no signs of stopping soon.

    While very independent from the rest of Elysium, it's important to note that the Commune does still trade with the rest of the moon-city proper, and has not severed ties with the Upper City (still subject to Alliance control) nor the rest of the undercity. However, there is some tension, as the two economic systems now in effect - Alliance-controlled state capitalism and a proto-socialist pseudostate - aren't really designed to get along indefinitely...

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