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Private Free Fallin'

Discussion in 'Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea' started by Pietro Maximoff, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Pietro Maximoff

    Pietro Maximoff Marvel Universe

    January 14th, Year 7
    @Talia al Ghul
    It wasn't every day that Pietro got the opportunity to be mauled by a tiger.

    That day in particular started as normally as every day did for Pietro. He was up at the crack of dawn and out the door after a brief cold shower to help wake him up. So far so good.

    The sunrise was beautiful, even when traveling at mach-10 across the Pandoran wilderness. Pietro had a few seconds to admire it before arriving in Pandora Town. There were a few things he wanted to pick up for Wanda. Wanda needed more nice things. He still felt awful knowing that the version of him from her world had died horribly. Especially when he was saving that Hawk Guy. What a terrible way to go.

    All told, his little trip only took a few minutes, 99% of which was spent waiting for the slowest cashier in existence to ring up the merchandise while Pietro tried not to die from boredom. When he had his little gift, a little kitten statue that had glow in the dark eyes, Pietro dropped it off back at the house for his sister to find before getting to what he really wanted to do.

    The sun was still rising, Pietro was all dressed up in the Serval Industries garb he'd been given when he'd joined the X-Factor team Lorna had been heading up prior to his coming to Pandora. It was a nice costume. He didn't think he'd like the bright yellow, but it had grown on him over time and it suited his needs. He needed something aerodynamic and something that wouldn't get torn apart when Pietro moved at extremely high speeds.

    Speaking of high speeds, Pietro shot off into the world once more. There was nothing like a good run to battle the winter chill and to clear one's head when it was always running at light speed. That was the problem with Pietro. He had too much time to think. He spent most of his life thinking. And most of his thoughts weren't that great. He thought of home more often than not and of his daughter, Luna. He thought of the Avengers and of Wanda and all the things he'd done to wrong them in the past. When Pietro ran, he ran from those thoughts. He ran to keep them from dragging him down into the dirt.

    For a change of scenery, Pietro decided to veer east, heading towards the sea. He didn't go there often. He didn't like the sand. It was coarse, rough, and irritating. And it got everywhere. The water wasn't so bad though. It was like skipping a stone across a pond, only the stone was Pietro and he never stopped skipping.

    He flew by the beach and towards the rockier cliffs just beyond, aiming to breeze right on by. Only something drew his attention as he passed.

    Suspended in the air as if gravity had given her pause, a young woman was leaping over one of the cliffs, arms spread out, ready to embrace the cold water of the sea. Pietro came to a stop, standing on the water that had not yet realized he was there. He stood there and stared up in equal parts amazement and horror at what he saw. She could die from such a fall quite easily.

    And so Pietro did the only thing he really could do in that situation. He kept moving. He had time to kill before he needed to actually save her, so he made a few more laps before eventually coming back around. He slowed as he approached her, taking her in his arms as gently as he could. Then he carried her towards the shore, setting her down on the sand with a sigh.

    Time seemed to right itself again and everything seemed to move as it was supposed to. It always felt slow to Pietro, but it was normal for most people. Pietro stood over the woman, frowning. "What the hell were you thinking? You could have di--"

    And that's when the tiger attacked, tackling Pietro to the ground mid-sentence. It had come up from behind, the sneaky bastard.

    It was just one of those days.
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  2. Talia al Ghul

    Talia al Ghul DC Universe

    early 20s
    The air was chilly and the water was cold, but the sun was shining. That alone made the day wonderful in its own way and Talia had always had the ability to find beauty even in the darkest things. Maybe she had been programmed so after so many years of fighting, but it did not matter. It had its drawbacks as it had its advantages and it allowed her to visit the beach in the middle of the winter, simply because the yellow rays of sun had appeared after days of prolonged rain.

    She arrived in a deserted sandy coast with her white tiger and they walked across the coastline for a while, occasionally challenging the animal to chase her and run with her. He was properly trained to listen to her but the more he grew the more things he would be able to do; and to learn. Talia had formed a connection with him that was unlikely to change so she wanted to have him by her side for however long they would live. She knew that he would never replace her absent child, but it was necessary to know that she had a living, intelligent organism that was not disappointed in her and would not reject her and disappear.

    Still, she understood the importance of providing a degree of independency to a tiger, so eventually she let him hunt on his own as she moved closer to the cliffs. The view from there was breathtaking and she marvelled in it for a while, until she realised that she could not take her eyes off of the blue shimmering sea beneath. She was certain it was cold, but she had been trained to withstand low temperatures without complaining. The fall was a long one too, but she did not want to be scared. She wanted to feel freedom. From obligations, from ideals, from pain and suffering, from mourning and depression. So she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let her body fall.

    She did not have the ability to see things beyond the human eye could, but she felt a strange warmth that was nothing like falling in freezing water. Talia opened her eyes and she saw a man, wearing a yellow uniform that could belong to one of the superheros. Her green eyes widened in surprise and she felt the sand beneath her body. That was.. fast. She was still confused whether they had flew all the way down or not but the feeling was similar to that of being saved by a naive alien in blue. Now, the heros she was more used to were a lot more rou- oh, well, he wasn't going to sweet talk her either.

    She opened her mouth to explain, but before she had the chance, Damian jumped on the stranger with all the strength of a young tiger, his mouth open so that his sharp fangs were on plain sight. 'Damian, no!' Talia shouted, frowning at the tiger. 'Off!' she commanded as she stood up, pointing with her finger away from the man. The tiger named Damian obeyed and Talia approached the man, concern written on her face. He didn't need to save her, but the fact that he had tried meant that he definitely did not deserve to be eaten by Damian. 'I apologise for Damian. He is very protective of me.' she said as she kneeled next to him, trying to examine his situation. 'Where do you feel pain?' she asked.
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