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Private frequent flyer on the CPS hotline

Discussion in 'The Elysium Fields' started by Damian Wayne, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Damian Wayne

    Damian Wayne DC Universe

    Chaotic Good

    February 27th, Y7

    It was hard to believe Mister 'I will never step foot in Pandora Town' had been there for over two months. He was certain the others expected him to stay in Wayne Manor indefinitely at this point, but Pandora Town was no Gotham with his home's tall skyscrapers and murky air. That he could've lived with, even when accompanied by their awful presences. It wasn't even Cascade Bay with its open jungle and fresh air and Kaldwin's office that had become almost like a game to slip in and out of.

    And so he'd eventually left, just as he was certain they equally expected him to do. The only evidence of his progress was the fact he begrudgingly promised he would return to the Manor eventually to...visit. Ugh. Like a child.

    As Damian was always a fan of doing things the hard way, he'd kept away from the portals in Pandora Town in favor of making the trip home on foot. It wasn't just to be stubborn this time, unlike the trip to Pandora Town before Christmas. He'd heard rumors of a newly upgraded animal farm in the vicinity, and with Titus at his heels, he'd been unable to resist the urge -- and the challenge -- to locate it.

    Rumor also had it that it was owned and operated by a very kind man. As Damian sat in the middle of the barn just as dawn broke, feeding a small goat oats from his hand and petting its tiny head, he was certain that the approaching footsteps meant he was just about to test the kindness. Well, no matter. It wasn't everyday that one found a child in full vigilante costume on their property in the middle of nowhere, but it was also Pandora.

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  2. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

    Punching Bag
    Pandora Town
    Advanced Human
    The farm was the greatest gift anyone has ever given him and he still found himself getting emotional every time he went to see to the animals and do some work. Pandora had never felt like home before, what with its impenetrable walls, unexplained phenomena and tons of superpowered individuals from myriads of worlds, but having a farm of his own was a serious step in building his life here. And as much as he missed his family and friends, he had found a home in Wanda and his pet and human friends in Pandora. The thought of leaving became all the more distant in a place where he had everything he had ever wanted.

    Not that he was not bound by his sense of duty and his compassion of others; the retirement of being Superman did not cross his mind when there was still so much work to be done. But it was good to have a beautiful place that he could retire to and be happy, if he lived in this world long enough. He hoped Wanda would join him too and leave the dreariness of Misty Hollow behind. Not that he hated the place, but living there on a permament basis would be depressing for him. The exciting conveniences of a modern town always seemed to be overshadowed by the ghosts, the demons and the lingering magical energies.

    In his farm, there was peace. At least at first glance, since Superman could hear every little sound, from the hurried baby steps of the chickens to the munching of the cow. Everything seemed to be the same as yesterday, but it did not take long for him to hear another presence, which, judging by the breathing pattern and movements, did not belong to any known animals. Curious and confused, Kal moved fast towards the visitor, only to be greeted by the sight of a young boy feeding Marta. While he had come wearing a lumberjack shirt and plain trousers, the boy was dressed quite colorfully and battle ready too, even if he hid that fact inside a belt that looked eerily familiar.

    'I did not expect to find any visitors so early in the morning.' he said, appearing more bemused than upset at the sight of the little invader. He was much older than him, but he still remembered his own adventures when he was at his age. There weren't really any borders in the collective farm, but even if they were they tended to lose their meaning for a curious superpowered lad. 'I hope you are properly prepared. Today is when the cow should be milked.' he added with a smile. He was naturally curious who this boy was and how had he found himself in the farm, but he did not want to overwhelm him with questions just yet. Plus, he was telling the truth about the cow.
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