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Open Freshly brewed Coffee

Discussion in 'Riverboat Cafe' started by Diego 'Godot' Armando, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. June 23rd

    Godot came to. Once again, the dark fragrance of Coffee had awoken him from his slumber. However, he didn't remember ever falling into another coma... He was finally at peace. Trite... Wright had proven himself. He'd be able to protect Maya like he never could. Confused, he sat up. He should be on his way to his death. His crime finally having Caught him... Darkness enveloped him. He reached for his face... His visor was missing, knocked clear by whatever had happened to him. He moved his hand, bumping something... a mug? Heat radiated from it, bitter smell confirming that it was his drink of choice. Picking it up, he put it to his mouth and drank deeply, headless of the scalding heat or the bitter taste. The mug now drained, he felt far better, coffee calming him and allowing him to focus. He explored around the area he was in with his free hand... there! He'd found his visor. He quickly picked it up and set it on his face, allowing him to see just what had happened to him. His vision, tinted red as usual, came back in a flash. He was sitting at a table in a Cafe... Odd, to say the least. Perhaps he'd be able to gather some information on just what had happened to him. He waved down the waiter, saying "Pardon me, kitten. Can you tell me what happened to me?" She replied somewhat shyly that he'd been dumped in 'Pandora' by something, and seeing him collapsed after his entrance she'd picked him up and sat him at a table in the cafe. She'd poured him a Coffee because apparently he'd dropped a mug of it on arrival. He tilted his head a bit and smiled confidently, thanking her for her trouble, before asking for another mug. She hurried off to get it for him as he gazed out the window... Pandora... The box of all life's evils, or so the legend went. Hell seemed like a remarkably nice place... Maybe someone here could help him understand things a bit better...
  2. Intel gathering had been rather slow for Sakura. Everyone was mentioning about how beautiful Pandora was and none of them mentioned about a way our or anything, but there was one thing that she learned and that a barrier had been located on top of the biggest mountain. Learning about this so barrier made her a bit suspicious, but it was the only lead she had in order to try and leave this world despite the warnings from the person she first met. For now the pink haired ninja entered a small café, to have something relaxing and also to plan her next move. Upon entering the establishment she saw a man wearing a rather strange object around his eyes, for now she simply ignored him as the girl sat down next to him and waited for the waitress to come back for her to order something.
  3. Godot's confident smile crept across his face. He'd hadn't had to wait very long before he was joined at his table by a young woman. She seemed to be in her own world, either not noticing or caring that the table was already taken. He didn't care, though. He took a moment to look her over... he smirked for a moment. She must be wearing red. She had fairly pale skin, so it was difficult to make out what she was wearing. Whatever it was seemed fitting for some sort of street fighter or professional athlete. Interesting.

    "How can I help you, Rose?" He said to her. The nickname seemed fitting to him. "I'm Godot." His smile never wavering. "I might not be able to give you much assistance, though. Like a fresh brew of Coffee, waiting to be poured. I've not had much time here... Pandora, was it?" he was polite and respectful, his chivalrous attitude showing quite clearly. As much as he wanted to find things out about what new Hell he'd been dropped into, he always assisted a lady before himself. That was one of his rules...

    The waitress returned with a pot of Coffee and a fresh mug. Turning to her, he said, "Please, leave the pot, Kitten." Even on a normal day, he would usually be through his seventh cup at least by now...
  4. Plans had to be put into motion as the barrier had to be investigated. Sakura didn’t quite know of anywhere which would be safe, so she decided to came to this café and grab a bite to eat. The menu within this establishment had rather strange selection of foods to try, for back home she mainly ate classic Japanese foods. Quietly the girl concentrated on her mission to traverse the mountain and hopefully study the barrier more, her eyes scanned the menu before her as she waited for the waitress to arrive so she could order something. Thoughts wondered into the young girl’s mind as she placed her hand into her ninja bag to check on a few things, luckily her cloak was still there just in case the weather turned cold. Most of her other essentials where also within the confines of her bag, and soon she took her hand out and again examined the menu with her mind thinking about her plan. When it came to being stubborn, Sakura was pretty good at it and thus she refused to give up as she began to make her plan.

    Shortly before doing anything else, she was greeted by the man beside her. The stranger called himself Godot and sure enough he seemed like a friendly guy, he even gave Sakura a nickname which was pretty sweet of him. Sadly he mentioned that he couldn’t be much help but she didn’t mind as his company was something she didn’t mind, soon the waitress came back and gave the man a decent looking cup of coffee. In response to the man, she quickly ordered herself some green tea and then turned her attention to Godot, as she said to him.

    “Its very nice to meet you Godot, I’m Sakura Haruno. It seems we are both in the same boat, as I only just arrived her myself, what do you think about this strange world Godot?”
  5. Sakura? Perhaps Blossom would have been a better name. He poured himself another mug of coffee, drinking it black, with no sugar. He began drinking it down, again headless of the heat or bitterness. Sometimes he felt like the black liquid was the only thing keeping him alive, though after what had happened to him that thought was completely justified. Pain pulsed through the wound on his face as he thought back to his last trial. Fortunately, his mask covered the slash across his face... She asked how he felt about this place... If he was honest with himself, he felt this purgatory was rather amicable, surprisingly enough. "Strange is right." He said "I was on my way back to hell before whatever happened to bring me here. It seems like a nice enough place, though I've not experienced anywhere beyond these four walls. Is there anything even out there?" Perhaps this cafe was his waiting room...
  6. Omnitron-U

    Omnitron-U Guest

    Omnitron-U stirred into conciousness, but didn't open his eye yet. He felt he was lying on shaded concrete.

    He opened his eye and found that he was lying under an awning of a café. Startled, he stood up rapidly. He checked to see if he had any injuries, of which he had none.

    Omnitron asked to himself, "What happened?"

    The robot remembered the fight with Omnitron-V and gasped.

    I died, he exclaimed in his mind, and this is the afterlife. Devra will be so miserable without me. No. No, she'll eventually come to terms with it. It is I who'll be nothing without her.

    He sighed despondently and felt the oil tears welling up. A world without her is not one worth living in.

    "No! I won't cry. I won't panic. Think about what you remember before you came here, Omnitron. Have emotions made you soft?"

    He remembered being taken by the tentacles just before Omnitron-V could hit him.

    Wait, this can't be the afterlife, he thought, I would remember dying. So, where am I?

    He analyzed his surroundings. He appeared to be in some kind of bustling city and this cafe was a small part of it.

    "I need answers." he muttered.

    Omnitron opened the door and went into the cafe because he could possibly find answers from its patrons. He went into the building and the patrons stared at him. He knew he was extremely out of place here and felt a bit uncomfortable at being stared at.

    However, he knew he had to continue. He found Sakura and Diego talking and asked them, "I'm new here. Please, could you tell me what this place is?"
  7. A ninja was a master at survival and surveying. Thankfully Sakura had these skills so coping in an unknown land was going to be easy, but an entirely different world however was slightly different. The pink haired warrior watched as her new ally, as he seemed to enjoy the strange yet refreshing smell of this substance that went down his throat. While watching Godot, she silently began to make plans to gather some supplies for her journey up the mountain towards the barrier, things she would need include food and water, and not to mention shelter. Eventually a reply came from the man with the rather strange object over his eyes as he spoke his mind, it wasn’t exactly a surprising reply but she couldn’t really blame him for being amazed about this world. Something was keeping people here and boy was she going to find out! Before she could give him a reply, however something rather peculiar happened.

    Both herself and Godot had been approached by some kind of creature. It looked like a body of pure metal and it even spoke! For the first time in her young life, she looked in amazement at the friendly robot. Luckily she sensed no malice coming from the machine as it even asked them politely where it was, in which the teenage ninja gave a reply to both Godot and the new arrival.

    “Something is apparently keeping us here, and I am going to find out! And um your in a place called a Café, but I am afraid that’s all I know as this world is new to me as well.”
  8. Godot appraised the newcomer with interest. A robot, seemingly. That was not something one saw often, to say the least. He smiled at it's question. This place certainly had a sense of humor. Not one of the three of them had any idea as to the nature of this place, and yet here they were, talking circles. Maybe this Cafe was just where new people arrived... Blossom was answering his question as best she could, so he took a moment to finish the coffee in his mug and pour another. After she'd finished, he spoke up, saying "You're in a world called 'Pandora', apparently. Like she said, Something seems to be keeping us here, though exactly what and why remain to be seen. We're all but travelers on a road of infinite points." He smirked for a moment, before finishing "Welcome to purgatory." He was quite interested in how the robot would react to that fact. You've got to change with the times. That was one of his rules.
  9. Omnitron-U

    Omnitron-U Guest

    Omnitron thought to himself.

    Pandora? This surely most be a world of unknown dangers and yet a sense of hope that the inhabitants will return home. Like in that myth.

    "OK." Omnitron said. "So, have you two seen my friend Devra?"
  10. Helping and protecting others was something that Sakura swore to do. In her universe known as the “Ninja world” Brave but young men and women train to become powerful ninjas as they are assigned different tasks which would benefit those who simply wished to live in peace. Guiding and safeguarding people was one thing, but helping something that wasn’t human was going to be difficult, as the being that stood before her was nothing but pure metal and steel. Just seeing the creature and Godot’s weird machinery over his eyes was proof that this world was full of surprises! As the white haired man spoke his strange yet wise words, Sakura also spoke to the creature with a concerned look on her face.

    “I’m sorry sir, but I haven’t seen this Devra person. What does he look like?”