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Private from some rock, yeah?

Discussion in 'Horizon' started by Drummer, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Drummer

    Drummer The Expanse

    Chaotic Good


    @Naomi Nagata
    January 7

    Afterlife, as a concept, had always been tricky; she’d always had cause to consider it, but never made time for a fully formed picture to suddenly appear in her head. Belters were always a cynical group, ready to die for a cause, even when that cause seemed blurry, like something out of focus in a picture. Clutching at her wound, still fresh from a bullet that found its way straight into her gut, she roused into consciousness, blinking as she tried to take in her surroundings. Drummer knew that she had passed out--that much was clear. Everything else that she had seen, however, took longer to process. Fred had been holding her, and friend and foe alike began to choke and cough as oxygen drained around them.

    “Great,” she muttered to herself, dragging her body through sand and dust until she reached a wall of some kind and propped herself up against it. Holden and his merry band of misfits were probably responsible for some of it, but she couldn’t help but question why anyone would just dump her off on some backwater planet--even Staz was smart enough to just put his next shot into her brain. It didn’t make much sense, but nonsense never stopped anyone desperate enough to fuck with her before, she supposed.
    Just as her situation began to truly sink in, Drummer’s hand terminal began to beep, prompting her to dig it out and take a look.

    “Keting to wanya?” she asked it, though it very obviously could not respond in kind--in fact, it wasn’t responding much at all, which led her to give it a smack. “Little fucker, come on.”

    Making things work often involved a little more finesse, but bludgeoning her way through life also had its perks at times. Naomi had been a gift during her stays at Tycho Station, and had even taught Drummer a few things, indirect as it may have been. On a better day, she might have put some of that to use, but in that moment, all she wanted was for something to go right, preferably as quickly and easily as possible.

    Painstaking moments later, her terminal spurred to life, overcoming what damage it might have sustained during her moments of unconsciousness. Quickly, her eyes flicked over information as it came; her signal had been pinged by something familiar, meaning that it was possible that someone was coming for her. Reality was fickle, especially as she noted that she was apparently in some strange hell devoid of people, but she allowed hope to trickle in nonetheless.

    She allowed herself to take in her surroundings finally, and noted that none of it was familiar--not even a little bit. That she was on a planet with atmosphere wasn’t in and of itself surprising, but that she felt gravity to such an extreme extent made her wonder what could possibly have happened when she was passed out. Under such a weight, Drummer could think of no other reason than someone wanted to punish her. Vainly, she considered for a moment that Staz actually hated her that much, but ultimately relented. Whatever reason she could summon within her only said that she just didn’t know what had happened, and that was probably scariest of all.

    Xiya na pelésh to--this isn’t your place; she repeated that phrase to herself, mustering what willpower she could to make sure she wouldn’t die in a strange place. Yet, when she heard rustling, her thoughts were only of death, just as her hands wandered for a weapon that she ultimately remembered wasn’t there.

    Zipping her lips, Drummer decided to simply wait and see what came of it--her luck could have suddenly improved, however unlikely such an event seemed.

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  2. Naomi Nagata

    Naomi Nagata The Expanse
    Fixes Ships, Not People

    Belter Human
    Neutral Good
    1.9: Character eats a banana.


    In a lot of ways, Pandora had spoiled the Rocinante crew. Naomi knew the others appreciated having fresh fruit and real meat at their fingertips, but she found that she was starting to miss the cuisine of her home. Red kibble, eggs and tofu, spiced mushrooms and rice... the foods that had defined her childhood. As she stood waiting for the final boxes of fresh produce to be loaded into the shuttle, Naomi dubiously eyed the banana in her hand and then took a hesitant bite. Her nose wrinkled at the bland, mushy texture, and she was tempted to toss it in the nearby waste receptacle but didn't.

    Even now, in a world plentiful with resources, Naomi couldn't bring herself to be wasteful.

    A soft chirp sounded from the pocket of her dark blue jumpsuit, the sound her hand terminal made when it pinged off a familiar signal. Shifting the banana to one hand, she reached down to pull the device out. A frown appeared on her face when she saw the name displayed beside the alert. Camina Drummer. "Show me a map," she told the device, and watched as a grid of Horizon appeared on its display. "Where's Drummer?" A little blip came to life somewhere to the East, maybe two kilometers from her current location. Naomi turned to look in that direction, seeing nothing but trees and a distant waterfall tumbling over the edge of the gorge. "Pashang," she muttered, and promptly shoved the rest of the banana into her mouth and then threw the peel into the bin.

    Hastily chewing and swallowing the tasteless mush, Naomi opened a comm request. "Drummer? You there, sésata?" Her voice was tight and anxious, her expression reflecting the emotions as she looked into her hand terminal's screen. The last time one of her Belter friends had appeared in Pandora it'd been in a river.
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