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Fugo, Pannacotta

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Pannacotta Fugo, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Pannacotta Fugo

    Pannacotta Fugo JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Lawful Neutral
    Pannacotta Fugo
    Purple haze all around.
    Don't know if I'm coming up or down.
    Am I happy or in misery?

    Played by InclinedToServe

    Fandom: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Between the end of part 5 and the start of Purple Haze Feedback.
    NPC Companions: Purple Haze (See Special Abilities)


    Fugo was born with an astounding IQ of 152, making him far smarter than the average man. Though he got kicked out due to beating up a professor, the fact remains that he studied law at university and is still familiar with what he's learnt. He also can play the piano.

    Special AbilitiesStand User: Thanks to getting stabbed with the stand arrow, Fugo awakened the power of a stand within himself. This stand, named Purple Haze, is a spiritual manifestation of his soul that fights for him. It is representative of his short temper, striking like a storm and disappearing in an instant.

    • Short Range: Purple Haze is a close range stand, with a stated range of approximately 5 meters. However, due to its abilities, its effective range is actually more like 2-5 meters away from Fugo. It cannot manifest more than 5 meters away.
    • Invisible to Normals: Stands can only be seen by stand users and ghosts. That is the rule by which they operate. However, in a place like Pandora, there's sure to be those with supernatural abilities that let them see things that aren't normally seen. Those would probably make stands visible. Generally, most characters will not be able to see Purple Haze.
    • High Physical Strength and Speed: While not the true power of his stand, Fugo's Purple Haze is capable of breaking stone walls with its punches, with enough force to launch dangerous shrapnel in the process. Though not much of a match for similar stands in pure physical strength, this is undeniably stronger than what a normal human could do. Additionally, its speed is ranked fairly high. The average person would not have time to react even if they could see it.
    • Virus: The terrifying truth about Purple Haze is hidden in the 3 bulbs on each of its hands. Festering within these capsules is a flesh-eating virus. When one of these bulbs break, normally through Purple Haze punching something, the virus is released into the air around it. Any living creature within a few meters of it at this point is nearly instantly infected. From this point onward, they'll quickly began to dissolve into an organic goo of sorts. An adult human can die in under a minute. Much like a real virus, this disease can spread from one infected individual to another. In the event that Purple Haze can't punch the target, it is able to fire its disease capsules several feet away to spread the virus.


    Shared Damage: While most people can't hurt a stand without one of their own or a similar ability, those who can will find that damage sustained by a stand also affects its user and vice-versa. The damage roughly translates to similar areas, so punching a limb will hurt the corresponding one or strangling the stand will suffocate the user. However, stands are generally better at taking damage than their user so more often than not people will fight the user to kill the stand than the other way around.

    Not Immune: The overwhelmingly powerful virus of Purple Haze is just as much of a threat to Fugo as it is to his enemies. Fugo is not immune to his stand's virus, and must therefore be very careful while using it. If the virus gets too close and infects him, then that's almost certainly game over for him. He can't even control the virus, so there's no way to prevent an ally from contracting the disease.

    Virus Limitations: Aside from being able to infect himself, Fugo's virus has a few other issues. First of all, he only has six virus capsules. This means that if he uses them all up, he has to wait around a day to make further use of the virus. Additionally, the virus is weakened by sunlight. An infected area will quickly be decontaminated in the day, becoming safe in minutes. However, if it is night time and there's a dense enough crowd, it can easily become an epidemic. And his virus spreading uncontrollably isn't exactly safe for him either (see above). Finally, this virus only works on organic beings, and even then only ones who aren't immune to disease.

    Short Temper: Despite his intellect, Fugo has a very short temper. This causes sudden fits of rage, to the point where he has stabbed someone just for getting a math question wrong. This same anger manifests in his stand, which causes a lack of precision that can be the difference between life and death when working with a deadly virus.


    Pannacotta Fugo is a complicated man. He's normally driven by rationality and logic, avoiding risks and doing what makes sense, but all that can instantly go out the window the moment he's angered. The quiet and thoughtful Fugo can go into a foul-mouthed rage on a dime, lashing out both verbally and physically. He loathes this part of himself and, as a consequence of that, also loathes his stand, which is a manifestation of this side of him.

    His rational and cautious lifestyle makes it hard for him to trust others, and even harder to put his own safety in jeopardy for others. Those who earn his trust will find him a useful ally and a mostly calm thinker, aside from the occasional fit of rage, but when the time comes to decide if he'll follow them into a course of action he deems illogical and foolish he's likely to abandon them. Some people might call him callous for this reason, and they'd probably be right, but the reason he acts this way is due to being emotionally stunted. He doesn't understand empathy the way that others do, and has trouble comprehending why others might sacrifice themselves for others.

    Regret haunts him at every turn, as he questions himself on why he made the choices he did and why others didn't follow him. Deep down he believes he has great potential, but Fugo has no idea what it could be or how to actualize it. Life held no purpose, no meaning, for him beyond the crime syndicate he swore loyalty to, and he feels like he himself is a failure and a broken human being even if he can't identify the reason.

    He always thinks about things, about every little detail, and has trouble leaving anything to faith. When Fugo reaches a decision, it's rare for him to question it and change his mind. He won't risk himself for ideals, doing what's right at the risk of dying is pointless. That's what he believes intellectually. But his soul doesn't believe that, and that dissonance has made him into quite the self-loathing young man.

    Still, it's possible for him to be caring and protective. He's the sort of person who will help an abandoned kid living on the streets on a whim, if only because he projects himself on such hopeless individuals. The bonds he can form are close, they just are liable to break if he has to choose between friends and safety.


    His stand, Purple Haze:


    Pannacotta Fugo was born to a wealthy Italian family and, as the only truly exceptional one among his siblings, was immediately burdened with high expectations. His parents and grandfather, obsessed with personal status, saw him only as a tool to improve their family's standing in society, and so pushed him further and further. Due to this, he never had any sense of closeness with his distant parents or his jealous siblings. The only one he was close to was his grandmother, a kind woman who listened to him closely and considered his feelings. She was, by all accounts, a black sheep in the family, having never taken to the status craving lifestyle of the others. If it weren't for the highly catholic surroundings making it problematic, she would have been divorced ages ago.

    Thanks to Fugo's intellect and some bribes from his family, he got into college at a young age. He studied law, and generally tried his best to succeed, but never had any friends there. Being over ten years younger than everyone else probably had something to do with it, but his temper and stunted emotional growth didn't help.

    One day, his grandmother died. Naturally, he wished to return home immediately to go to the funeral. However, his grandfather said this was unnecessary and told him to get back to his studies. The stress of this got to him, and after a professor mocked him for being shaken by his grandma's death his anger exploded. He beat the man up with a textbook, causing himself to get sent to prison, kicked out of the school, and get disowned by his family.

    It was then that he met Bruno Bucciarati. The gangster offered him a place on his team, since Fugo no longer would be able to live a normal life now that his record was tainted and his heart was emotionally scarred. Bruno wanted someone smart and rational to compensate for his own emotional outlook. Fugo accepted and joined the gang Passione, gaining his stand in the initiation test.

    For the next few years, Fugo worked closely with Bruno. They assembled a team of gangsters and took on jobs, all while turning a blind eye to the growing drug problem their own organization was creating.

    All this came to a head when a new kid joined the team. Giorno Giovanna's arrival heralded great change, starting with Bucciarati becoming a capo for Passione. The team's first job after this was to protect the boss' daughter, a young woman named Trish, from assassins and deliver her to her father.

    Going through many trials, they eventually succeeded in this mission. It was then that Bruno revealed that he was betraying the boss, because the boss was going to kill his own daughter to erase any trace of his past. Bucciarati wanted to do what he believed was just and so vowed to take down the boss. He gave every member of his team the choice of if they'd join him or not on this suicide mission.

    Everyone but Fugo chose to join him.

    Fugo spent his days regretting it, questioning why he was regretting it, and wondering what it was that drove his former teammates to choose to betray the boss. These feelings only got worse once word got out that Giorno Giovanna was the boss, meaning that his friends had succeeded in their mission. And the rumors were that his closest friends on that team had died. Torn apart emotionally by this, he spent his days trying to lay low.

    For six months, Pannacotta Fugo survived by playing piano in a bar. In normal circumstances, he would soon be found by the gang and forced to prove his loyalty. But, as fate would have it, at this interlude in his life he would find himself dragged into Pandora.


    [CENTER][box][SIZE=4][I][B]ROLEPLAY SAMPLE[/B][/I][/SIZE][/box][/CENTER]
    Lying awake in his bed, Fugo found himself reminiscing. This wasn't unusual for him by any means. The gangster hadn't experienced a single good night's sleep since that fateful day in Venizia. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see that scene again.

    Everyone else had stepped onto that boat with Bucciarati so easily. All of those idiots marched straight to their death. But, and this was the part that tormented him, he wished he had followed them. It made no sense, it was irrational, but not a day went by where he didn't feel EMPTY while recalling that moment. Like there was a hole in his heart. Except he had always had one there. Bucciarati had said it himself, Fugo was beyond rehabilitation.

    The air flowed through the holes in his outfit. His clothing was as marred with openings as his soul was. Empty. Hollow. Meaningless. Just had to go to sleep so he could wake up the next day and play the piano. Make the bare minimum amount of money so that he could keep on living. Nothing could be simpler.

    But the thoughts wouldn't escape him. The last thing he had ever heard Narancia say kept echoing through his head. What did Narancia mean? How could he ever feel like Trish's pain was his own? He had barely known the girl, but still was willing to put his life on the line for her. It made no sense! How could that idiot have thought that? The same idiot who Fugo had seen himself in, all those years ago. A kid who had resigned himself to his fate and had no one to turn to and trust.

    All those moments had been proof enough that he was wrong, though. They were nothing alike. The thoughts and feelings of his teammates were alien to him. There was nothing for him to understand.

    So then why did he feel so lost?! Fugo slammed his fist into the pillow, receiving no satisfaction from the thud as flesh met fabric. His hand then smashed into the wall, getting a nasty bruise in the process. And, just like that, the anger left him. Abbacchio always said his anger was like a storm that raged for only a few moments before dispersing. How true that was!

    He had to keep moving forward. It didn't matter that Giorno was now the boss. It didn't matter that most of the others were probably dead. It didn't matter that Bruno Bucciarati, the man he had bet his life on, was probably dead.

    Except it did matter. He had thought he was the only rational one left that day, but, every day that had passed, he had wrestled with that idea. Was he the one who had made a mistake? Was he the one who had been ignorant about the situation? As he once again began to wrestle with these questions, several black vines appeared and began to physically wrestle with him.

    Fugo tried with all his might to rip them apart, but it wasn't working! It must be a stand! Giorno had found him and sent assassins to kill him, that was the only idea that made sense! He was a traitor, after all!

    Fugo summoned his stand, Purple Haze. The patchwork purple figure viewed the vines with a look of blind fury on its face. Swinging a wild punch at them, the stand only stopped itself because Fugo got control of his anger. There was no point to attacking the vines. Even if it rotted them away, he'd still be within his own virus' range. He'd die.

    How ironic, that his own stand was more of a risk to him right now than these vines. Maybe he deserved this. Pannacotta Fugo resigned himself to his fate and let the vines do what they wished.

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    Looks great, Inclined! Have fun with him!