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Futatsuiwa, Mamizou

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Mamizou Futatsuiwa

    Mamizou Futatsuiwa Touhou Project

    Now ain’t that jolly stylish. ‘S there something or other goin’ on at the temple?

    Played by Neon

    Fandom: Touhou Project
    Age: Actual is unknown, physical is somewhere in her 20s or 30s
    Species: Bake-danuki
    Gender: Cisgendered Female
    Canon Point: Post-Forbidden Scrollery (By game terms, post-Urban Legend in Limbo)
    NPC Companions: An entourage of tanuki under her command


    Mamizou's AbilitiesMamizou's main ability gained due to her status as a bake-danuki is, keeping a long story short the ability to transform into virtually anything while also transforming others into virtually anything. In simple terms, she has the ability to disguise things including herself.

    Her disguises are not illusions, instead being actual transformations that can alter the physical properties of other beings. However the transformations lose effectiveness the further removed they are from the original form.

    For example, a dog turned into a bird would not be able to fly (because it doesn’t know how to), but leaves turned into coins of a similar size would feel like coins, though would be discovered if inspected closely. The transformations are also not permanent and will wear off naturally, especially when put under scrutiny.

    Her abilities gain power on the night of a full moon. On these days she’s able to cause more dramatic changes that will last longer than they usually would.

    Beyond her ability, she also has the strength of a distinctly powerful Youkai. Her skill and ability at Danmaku are a sign of her magical prowess, and she also displays competence in close combat, even if her techniques are ‘very’ unconventional.

    Speaking of Danmaku, in the Touhou Project, most of the games are comprised of 'bullet hells.' Each character creates "bullets" either out of magical energy or objects (Sakuya, for example, uses knives) and they strike with blunt damage. Mamizou fires out a variety of different kinds of danmaku in her appearances. The way Spell Cards function outside of the games is unknown due to the written material showing each character using their powers with no restriction, but the fighting games require you to activate them as actual cards before using the big spells. Preferably, I'd want to do this with the character calling out the name of the Spell Card being used. The following links display Mamizou's Spell Cards at work.

    Ten Desires
    Hopeless Masquerade
    Urban Legend in Limbo

    It's also important to note that danmaku are non-lethal.

    EquipmentHer pipe, a small bag of tobacco, and her scarf, robe, and glasses. Empty ceramic sake jar, as well.

    NPC's AbilitiesThe only ability that Mamizou's underlings have is the ability to transform themselves into various objects and/or people as Mamizou sees fit.


    Durability: Despite all of her abilities, Mamizou is only as durable as your above average human. She can be killed quite easily and it's assumed that she's a Speed > Strength character due to how many of her attacks land and how rapidly she fires Danmaku. She's still got a decent amount of physical prowess, sure, but that's only due to her status as a youkai.

    Oil: Mamizou's biggest weakness and one that she will do her best to hide due to being in Pandora where she hopes it isn't common knowledge. Were she to somehow end up consuming oil, it's said that she would be paralyzed for several days. I'm going to personally extend this further and say that even getting oil on her person is enough to stun her briefly.


    Mamizou is a tanuki, and much like how tanuki are portrayed in Japanese folklore, she is mischievous, fun loving and easy going. She’s fond of playing pranks, usually by way of her shapeshifting ability. Whether it’s playing a joke on an unsuspecting human or simply poking fun at an opponent (like how she transforms into Reimu during one of her spellcards), she’s always on the lookout for some entertainment. Indeed, there may be a slightly hedonistic bent to her nature, as there is with all tanuki. She’s very fond of drinking, especially sake, which she always carries a small gourd of wherever she goes. Of course, she has absolutely no shame about the kind of person she is. In fact, she’s quite proud of the long esteem her race has, even though tanuki are fairly common in Gensokyo. Since she’s a recent newcomer to the area, however, she still maintains that tanuki are among the elite of youkai, and judging from how powerful she is compared to the other bosses in Ten Desires, these are not empty words.

    This isn’t to say that Mamizou can’t take things seriously, however. The reason she arrived in Gensokyo was on the request of her friend Nue, who considered her to be a potential trump card for the youkai against the recently resurrected saint Toyosatomimi no Miko (who had plans to exterminate all youkai). Since Nue is a good friend of hers whom she has presumably known for a long time, Mamizou did not hesitate to travel all the way to Gensokyo from the island of Sado to help her, even though the saint was already defeated by the time she arrived. Evidently she does have a sense of responsibility, despite her mischievous nature. Before arriving in Gensokyo she lived in Sado as a moneylender, freely lending money to the poor and integrating quite well with the human populace.

    Mamizou is noted to be quite friendly with humans and youkai alike. She isn’t one to hold a grudge for long and takes teasing lightly, though she does have her limits as shown in Marisa’s route when she threatened to have revenge on her on the night of a full moon for being teased (though she could have easily been joking). However, foxes are the one race Mamizou will absolutely not get along with. There are no foxes in Sado, presumably because Mamizou and the other tanuki drove them away, but it’s mentioned in her profile that she may start causing trouble among the foxes that live in Gensokyo.

    Despite Mamizou’s mostly easygoing nature, however, she is a firm believer in living life to the fullest without hesitation. To her, being curious about things is a great asset in life. When the laid back and cavalier Reimu says that she doesn’t care about ever seeing the sea since she’ll just hear stories about it, Mamizou reprimands her by saying that if she truly believes in her own strength, she can’t be hesitant about facing things she knows little about. Similarly, in Youmu’s route when the half-phantom tries to evade Mamizou’s offer to “train” her, Mamizou tells her that such she won’t be able to make it in the world with such half-baked responses. To Mamizou, the world is your oyster, free to enjoy as much as possible.


    Full Body courtesy of Urban Legend in Limbo (ULiL)

    Full Body courtesy of Wild and Horned Hermit

    Human disguise courtesy of Forbidden Scrollery

    Addendum: I'm going to stick with something fanon does due to tanuki in legend having large testes and maintain Mamizou having a stacked chest. If that's not ok because it deviates from canon too much it's not an important detail, I just thought it'd be amusing to have.


    Sado is a small island off the coast of Japan. While you wouldn't know it from looking now, it was once a nation of tanuki, where they could live freely and cheerfully, without a fox in sight. These days the island is mostly urbanized and run by humans, but a lot of the people who live there are actually the descendants of tanuki who took human forms and stuck with them so long that they forgot they were tanuki. It was in this land that Mamizou was born, a powerful tanuki who quickly climbed the ranks to become a respected tanuki boss, boasting (accurately or otherwise) of being the number three tanuki in power across all of Sado.

    Around the year 2011, Mamizou got a message from an old friend, hailing from the sealed-off world of Gensokyo. Apparently a powerful saint by the name of Miko had been resurrected, shifting Gensokyo's unstable balance of power back in the direction of the humans. The youkai needed a trump card to even the playing field, and Mamizou was to be that trump card. Happy to oblige an appeal to her ego, Mamizou crossed the sea to move to Gensokyo.

    Unfortunately for whatever Nue was planning, Mamizou wasn't exactly the trump card the youkai were hoping for. She was defeated almost immediately (although after a spirited and nearly even battle!), and then went on to actually be on very good terms with the humans, often appearing in their village in human form to shop and chitchat. Gensokyo remained comparitively peaceful.

    There was one other incident that Mamizou was involved in, a few months later. Hata no Kokoro, a youkai comprised of 66 masks representing various emotions, lost her mask of hope, and as a result the other 65 began to run wild, draining the hope from the human village. Mamizou wasn't especially interested in getting involved, but people kept attacking her in their own searches for the true culprit. She obliged each of them, directing them to Kokoro afterwards. Ultimately, she confronted Kokoro herself, guiding her on the path towards creating her own unique personality, after which she would no longer need masks to fuel her emotions.

    The events of Forbidden Scrollery are also relevant, in that Mamizou is a frequent customer of the protagonist, Kosuzu Motoori's bookstore, Suzunaan. Toward the end of the manga, we find out that her goal all along was to get her hands on the Night Parade scroll (for some reason...) which she did after dropping her disguise and scaring the living shit out of Kosuzu.

    And then Mamizou comes to Pandora!


    Humans were such interesting creatures.

    As Mamizou steps her way through the Human Village, as she usually does, she nods in many men and women's directions, chit chatting over something completely unimportant on the way. Kids get pats, recognized villagers get their names spoken without honorifics to identify closeness. All the while, Mamizou sized them up. Any one of these people she could've kidnapped at her earliest convenience, devouring them as a midnight snack. Thankfully, Mamizou wasn't so crude. She enjoyed watching the daily goings-on of the humans. It fascinated her the same way it had fascinated her back in Sado. What disturbs Mamizou's usual routine is a father running into the Human Village screaming about his son. Apparently he had been kidnapped by a group of bat youkai. He hadn't seen them properly in the dark and he didn't know where they were. All he knew was that he was up a certain kind of creek without a paddle. Wordlessly, Mamizou disappears into the forming crowd. This could be trouble...

    Mamizou usually didn't play the role of the problem solver. That was usually left up to the shrine maiden and her friend. But as her slender fingers extend outward to pet along the top of the raccoon dog's head in front of her, a smirk curls onto her lips. "So, what didja find out, eh? Anythin' good?" The tanuki is lifted up to Mamizou's ear, and the information floods her brain. She was floating outside of the village undisguised, the cover of darkness assisting her in staying hidden. ...Perfect. She knew the location of the boy almost immediately. Tapping the ashes from her kiseru, Mamizou speeds off into the distance, sprouting what look like two bat wings in the process. Because if she knew where the boy was being held...

    "'Ey, girls~!"

    Then she knew where to look for the culprits. They weren't savages, as Mamizou expected. Nothing so shounen usually happened somewhere like Gensokyo. They were actually having what looked like a tea ceremony with the boy who, albeit being confused and a bit terrified, didn't appear to be harmed. Why had Mamizou disguised herself as a bat youkai, exactly? They saw through the disguise, knowing she did not belong to their clique. Maybe it was just to tease them, gain some excitement. With a low chuckle, her disguise drops, revealing her long, bushy tail and ears. Smoke flows from her still lit pipe, her free hand moving to tip her straw hat down over her eyes.

    "Yer' callin' me an intruder? How cruel 'a ya. 'm just fixin' a problem you girls are creatin'. This kinda act could start a war, y'know? And while 'm not against more work fer the shrine maiden..."

    The bat youkai are not pleased. Waves of magical energy fly in Mamizou's direction, but she's far faster than they give her credit for. Six youkai disguise themselves as ninja stars and fling themselves, making sure to pin the girls onto their own cave's wall by their dresses. All the while Mamizou chuckles her taunting, angering chuckle. The boy begins to run off out of fear of Mamizou's aggression, and she takes a small mental note of it. Better to know where he was heading before he got too far off the beaten path. Readjusting her posture, Mamizou leans back against her tail, tapping her kiseru against her thigh.

    "Wouldn't even let me finish my sentence! The impertinence of young'uns nowadays. Breaks 'm heart. Anyways, girls. Think about what you did, alright~?"

    With an impish grin, Mamizou and her entourage leave the cave amid scowls. By the time the boy gets good and lost, Mamizou comes back to greet him, only this time her human disguise is fully up. She would gain quite the decent fanfare from her villager friends. Maybe even get a dinner or two for free! Wouldn't that be something? Oh, and how would Kosuzu feel when she found out? Elated over the possibilities, Mamizou gently grasps the boy's hand, while her tanuki lie secretly within the surrounding trees. Unnecessary, maybe, but in Mamizou's mind it never hurt to have backup plans.

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  2. Mamizou Futatsuiwa

    Mamizou Futatsuiwa Touhou Project

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    Welcome to Pandora, Neon! Mamizou is looking good and she's all set to get started. Have fun, and don't forget to drop by Player Organizers to get started plotting with other players! :D