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Private Game Girls Cross Paths

Discussion in 'Cascade Bay' started by Millicent, Jul 12, 2018 at 4:36 AM.

  1. Millicent

    Millicent Diablo III

    Priest of Rathma
    True Neutral
    July 19th, midday

    Millicent didn't often need to go into town and had already done much of her errands, though she didn't have a house or place near the city. Millicent was indeed a resident of the area, kind of given she worked and lived at the school. She had stopped by the sea and the nearby beach where Sid went and stuffed around on the beach, he was essentially a child of sorts really.

    All he did for Millicent was pick things up and do minor chores, but because he was her responsibility then Sid had to be around. She didn't think he really could be swayed in anyway, especially given the carnage she'd already been through with Sid right by her side.

    She was however no where near Sanctuary anymore and while she'd had her share of tribulation while in Pandora, the place itself for the most part was quite peaceful. While the odd random event that seemed to crop up, was loose enough for her not to feel like she was back in her old life. However for now she was simply sitting on the side of a wooden walk way that run behind the beach, she also had her items she'd picked up sitting behind her in a bag or two as well.

    @Akane Kurashiki
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  2. Akane Kurashiki

    Akane Kurashiki Zero Escape

    Waitress at Benici's Seaside Bistro
    House 113, Cascade Bay
    Chaotic Good


    From the moment Akane stepped off the boat, she knew that this place was going to be her home in Pandora.

    The farm had been lovely, but too isolated (too much space to think), and Pandora Town had piqued her curiosity, but it was simply too overwhelming. There were so many people and places and choices that even a week there felt too long. It could be good for brief trips, she supposed, but she didn't think she'd be able to sleep in such a busy place.

    But Cascade Bay was a perfect mix - enough people so she wouldn't be lonely, but not too many; she wouldn't be overwhelmed by crowds. It seemed to be the perfect next step, plus she couldn't deny that she would feel so safe being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves lapping against the shore.

    In Pandora Town, she had the mindset of a tourist, but now, Akane kept her eyes open for anything that could be useful for someone living here. Where was the good food? Were there any jobs around? And was there a place to live that would feel more homey than the shelter she stayed at for her week in Pandora Town? She quickly got distracted by reading street signs and looking inside shop windows.

    In fact, she was so distracted that she didn't notice Gab approaching a stranger, getting far too close to the woman's personal space if she wasn't a fan of dogs.

    "I'm sorry, I hope Gab's not bothering you," Akane said, blushing slightly when she realized she was staring at the stranger. She had never seen anyone who looked quite like this woman before, with her light hair and strange clothes... then again, someone could easily think that way of her brother Aoi, and he was no stranger than any other boy his age. Perhaps she just needed to give the woman a chance - and she did need help...

    "Are you from around here? I just got here - well, I got to Pandora two weeks ago, but I don't have a place to live. I think I'd like to live here, though... I just got here, but I like it a lot." She stood around awkwardly as Gab continued to sniff at the woman's pointy boots.

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