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Garroway, Luke

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Luke Garroway, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Luke Garroway

    Luke Garroway The Mortal Instruments

    Late 30s
    I appreciate the confidence.

    Played by Crystal Peak

    Fandom: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
    Age: Late 30s
    Species: Werewolf
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: 2x14: The Fair Folk, after being released by Alec


    As a Shadowhunter, Luke trained in the art of war to fight demons when he was pretty young, learning how to train with a variety of weapons. From swordsman ship to combat skills and runic magic, Luke is as much as a warrior no as he was back in his youth. He has knowledge of the Shadow World and its species, as well as some of the politics of the Clave.

    As a police officer, Luke has grown efficient in marksmanship skills, knowing how to use his gun efficiently to take down a suspect. He also knows how to investigate crime scenes and knows when to focus when he’s on a case.

    WerewolfWhile Luke was born a Shadowhunter, after being betrayed by Valentine, Luke turned into a werewolf. As a werewolf, he can turn into the form of a large wolf. In both forms, Luke’s much faster and stronger than an average human. He also has greater reflexes and senses than most, and has accelerated healing that certainly helps in a pinch after a fight.

    He can also turn a human through a scratch or bite mark, though that only works half of the time due to measures both the Shadowhunters and werewolves take in the modern age.

    EquipmentLuke has the standard handgun of the NYPD, as well as a badge, a police vest and his cell phone.


    Luke has several weaknesses, despite being a werewolf. For starters, he’s still mortal. That means he can age and die like any other human as well.

    He’s also weak against seraph blades as well as silver. Pure silver can be deadly for werewolves, causing them immense pain and permanent damage. They have difficulty healing when they are attacked with silver.

    Throughout the years, Luke has learned to control his transformation, but even he has difficulty with it when the full moon comes or if his emotions are in turmoil.


    Luke has always been a kind man, despite what he’s gone through the years. While gentle, he can keep a calm head and be the mediator when things become heated between anyone—especially with his family and pack.

    Loyal to the people he loves, Luke can be righteous, knowing when to make the tough choices—such as telling the Clave he’d kill a member of his pack if they were killing innocent people. He usually wants to investigate all angels and options of a situation before making any final decisions, especially when it comes to life and death situations.

    He tends to offer sage advice and guidance to those who need it, sometimes even acting as a father figure, especially to newly turned werewolves. Despite all this however, his emotions can cloud his judgment, especially when it comes to personal matters. As he’s been betrayed in the worst way possible, he doesn’t tolerate betrayal from others and will react in kind; an eye for an eye as they say.


    Luke is a tall man in his late thirties with a dark complexion. He has a muscular build, dark hair and eyes—though they shift to a glowing green/yellow color, showing that he’s a werewolf to others. He usually wears casual clothing that won’t hinder his movement while on a case with the police.

    As a wolf, he’s much larger than normal wolves. His height easily reaches to the waist of an average human, and his fur is a dark color, allowing him to stealthily move around at night. His eyes are the same green/yellow tint as when they shift as a human.


    Luke was born as Lucian Graymark, as a Shadowhunter, who trained in Idris in the art of combat, to fight the evils that plagued the world. During his youth, he became friends with Jocelyn and her husband, Valentine Morgenstern—the latter becoming his parabatai. Valentine wanted to protect the Accords, so he created the Circle, a group meant to achieve their goal.

    However, during this time, Valentine became more radical and his ideals twisted into wanting to destroy the Downworlders, as he saw them impure. Luke and Jocelyn began plotting to bring the Valentine they knew back, but neither of them realized they’d grow feelings for each other. But their love for Valentine overcame anything they felt for one another.

    Yet, their meetings made Valentine think they were having an affair, and as such, the man set a trap for Luke to be mauled by werewolves, hoping Luke would die in the process. And yet, he didn’t. Instead, he became a werewolf himself.

    When the Circle staged an uprising against the Clave to steal the Mortal Cup and murdered Shadowhunters and Downworlders, Luke confronted Valentine. He would have died had Jocelyn not arrived and stole the Cup from Valentine. Luke was disowned by his family, as they were disgusted of him becoming a Downworlder. So he left Idris, to start a new life in the mundane world. It was after five years in that world did he reunited with Jocelyn in New York and became a father figure for her daughter, Clary.

    During those years, he became a detective for the police and a member of the New York werewolf pack, and had helped a newly turned named Maia, find control and a place in the pack. In 2016, the Circle had discovered Jocelyn and kidnapped her and it was then the race for Clary and the Mortal Cup began.

    Luke eventually found Clary when the pack had kidnapped her and Simon, to which Luke challenged the Alpha and killed him to protect Clary and her friends. While he was wounded in the fight (and later healed by Magnus Bane), he became the new Alpha.

    Luke had given Clary advice when Simon was in transition of becoming a vampire—which she ultimately did. The werewolf gave Simon tips and advice to adjust to his new lifestyle, despite the supposed animosity vampires and werewolves have. Luke also worked with the New York vampire clan and the Shadowhunters to save Meliorn, who would have been tortured by the Silent Brothers.

    They managed to save Jocelyn from Valentine and the Mortal Cup was given to the Clave, but Hodge managed to steal it from them and give it to Valentine. During this, they manage to find the Book of the White and woke Jocelyn from her spell, though Jace had gone with Valentine to protect his friends.

    With Jocelyn back, Luke confessed his feelings to her, which she reciprocated. While they assisted however they could in finding Jace, the new Head of the Institute wasn’t keen on cooperating with Downworlders. The pack were also out for blood when one of their own was killed by the Circle, but Luke managed to stop Maia and the rest of his pack from killing Jace, just in time for him to save Alec.

    When Luke heard of Jocelyn’s death, he went missing for weeks. The pack had almost given up on him, but Maia and Simon managed to find him, grieving in the woods. While he managed to get back on his feet, he still felt the pain of losing Jocelyn. Things didn’t help when Valentine stole the Mortal Sword and Clary told Luke that the sword could annihilate all Downworlders if it came into contact with an angelic being and a bolt of lightning.

    While they managed to cooperate with the other Downworlders to attack Valentine and destroy the sword with Jace’s blood, Jace unwittingly activated the Soul Sword as he didn’t have demon blood—but angel blood instead. Alaric and a lot of other Downworlders died during that night, but Valentine was captured and the Mortal Sword’s power was deactivated.

    Yet, Luke didn’t feel comfortable, knowing that Valentine was alive. With a new partner in the force, as well as the possibility of a Downworlder revolt, Luke was on edge. So when Alec Lightwood called for him and other Downworld representatives come to the Institute to talk about political matters, Luke got a call that offered him a way to kill Valentine. When he discovered that Magnus and Valentine switched bodies for a time, Luke decided to accept the mysterious man’s offer, as he knew the Clave wouldn’t execute Valentine to find the Mortal Cup.

    While the attempt failed, as Alec and Sebastian stopped him in time, Alec didn’t arrest him since it’d cause turmoil with the Downworlders and Alec wanted to mend those bonds. And that was when the vines took him to Pandora.


    Despite what he did, Luke didn’t feel guilty. He didn’t regret accepting the man’s offer and try to kill Valentine.

    That man has caused so much pain and death...Once upon a time, when Luke looked at Valentine and saw a man he could trust—a man he’d follow to hell and back. His brother, in everything except blood. Parabatai.

    Now, the mere thought of his betrayal, of what Valentine did do him left a bitter taste in his mouth. That he could do those things, those experiments to innocent people. Injecting demon blood in his son, and angel blood to Clary and Jace...

    And Jocelyn…

    In the end, everything he does is for her. Protecting Clary and making sure Valentine doesn’t escape. He knows the Clave will never go on with his execution, despite Alec’s attempts. The Mortal Cup was on the line, and while Luke agreed that it needed to be found...he knew Valentine would never give the location without something in return.

    But he was surprised when Alec released him. He was charged with attempted murder and should be put in jail...but politically, it’d tear down what the eldest Lightwood wanted to do. To help reconstruct the bonds with the Downworlders with what happened with the Soul Sword and the murders of those Shadowhunters.

    Maybe there was hope—but he didn’t believe the world could be fixed if Valentine was still alive in it. He sighed, exhaustion washing over him.

    Sometimes, he wondered how things would have been.
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  2. Luke Garroway

    Luke Garroway The Mortal Instruments

    Late 30s
    And he's done! Let me know if he needs anything changed! :)
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  3. Nic

    Nic Coordinator
    Plots & Events Division Application Division

    Small Child Wrangler
    Coffee Addict
    your application is

    Fantastic app as always, Crystal! Looking forward to seeing what Luke does in Pandora. :D

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