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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Glorificus, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Glorificus

    Glorificus Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    "I look at this world you're so eager to be a part of, and all I see are six billion lunatics looking for the fastest ride out."

    Played by Nic

    Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Age: Eons
    Species: Hell-God
    Gender: Technically genderless, appears female
    Canon Point: S5E22 "The Gift," just as Xander smashes her through the wall with a wrecking ball
    NPC Companions: Ben, her human vessel; Dreg and Gronx, Glory's (very ugly) Minions.


    Evil Bitch-God From Hell™It's important to note that Glory's abilities are currently very watered-down due to being entrapped in a mortal body. Her full powers as a god are much more extensive, but the most powerful of them are beyond her reach unless she returns to her native dimension (not possible in Pandora), or finds some other way to unlock them.

    (Near) Invulnerability
    Glory is impervious to physical and elemental attacks of just about any kind. Blades, bullets, blunt trauma, fire, lightning, etc. don't seem to harm her. While attacks of a massive scale - such as getting hit by a wrecking ball or something similar - can momentarily stun her, they don't do any lasting damage.​

    Enhanced Attributes
    When Glory is in control of her vessel's body, she gains enhanced speed, strength, and senses. She can throw cars, smash through walls, run faster than the eye can see, and hear over great distances.​

    Energy Absorption
    Glory can absorb the energy that knits a being's mind together. Theoretically she can do this to any sentient creature (she often threatened her non-human Minions with it). It requires physical contact - she digs her fingers into the individual's temple and feeds off their mental energy to restore her own sanity. The victim is left insane in the process. Presumably, once Glory is killed these energies will return to the people she stole them from. A powerful spell could also return a victim's mind.​

    Cloaking Spell
    Part of the dark magic that allows Glory to use Ben as a host is that no mortal recognizes the link between them. Even someone who directly witnesses the transformation will soon forget. Even the Slayer was blinded by this magic.
    Supernatural, non-human beings such as vampires and demons seem to be immune to this effect.​

    Species Differentiation
    Glory recognizes non-human species on sight, even if they look human or are using glamour.​

    Glory can understand, speak, and read any language.​

    Glory is fully capable of using magic,
    but she isn't inherently magical while trapped in a mortal body. This means she is limited to spells that depend on external catalysts to work (rituals, runes, incantations, etc.).​

    BenBen is just a normal guy, other than the part where he's hosting the consciousness of a Hell God. He's totally mortal, and other than his education as a doctor he doesn't have any extraordinary skills. At the moment, Ben is in control about 75% of the time, but as Glory recovers from her encounter with the Slayer, she will gradually become the dominant personality.

    MinionsTwo of Glory's minions, Dreg and Gronx came to Pandora as well. They are very weak, physically, and seem to exist solely to serve Glory's needs. They are capable of casting spells and wielding weapons and have been known to take up arms for her most glistening, glittering Glorificus, but for the most part they're tasked with running her bubble bath and giving her pedicures. Gronx also mends Glory's dresses and keeps her vast wardrobe in order.


    Divine Weapons
    She can be harmed by magical/enchanted/god-like weapons. Basically anything that is supernatural in origin stands a good chance of injuring her.​

    Though well-versed in magic, Glory is also vulnerable to it. Mental attacks don't seem to hold any sway over her, but others - elemental attacks that are magical in origin, hexes, combat spells, etc - can harm her.​

    The Dagon Sphere
    Created specifically to repel Glory. It isn't an absolute method of defeating her, but when she's physically close to it her powers and strength are significantly reduced.​

    Glory's human vessel is a weakness on two fronts: his humanity, and his mortality. Ben and Glory share thoughts and consciousness, and though they don't always remember what the other has been up to, Glory can sometimes be affected by Ben's emotions. This leaves her vulnerable to emotions like guilt and fear - things she's absolutely not accustomed to feeling otherwise.

    Glory is at her most vulnerable when Ben is the dominant form. He is completely mortal, and if he's killed, Glory would die with him. Likewise, because Ben is mortal his mind can't handle containing the entire consciousness of a god. For that reason, Glory is constantly unraveling, and if she doesn't regularly suck the sanity out of mortal victims, she'll go insane.

    Glory and Ben also have trouble recalling what the other was doing when they were in control. Glory seems to sometimes sense when Ben is close to something she wants, because she's been known to make a sudden appearance at very opportune moments. However, they don't seem to remember specific conversations or events.​


    GloryThere are many words that can be used to describe Glorificus: vain, arrogant, proud, volatile, high maintenance, and - depending on the day - utterly off her rocker. Being that she's one of three gods of a terrible hell-dimension, it's probably not surprising that Glory has an intense sadistic streak. Pain and chaos are her favorite themes, and she quite enjoys inflicting them herself. What Glory wants, Glory gets, and despite the fact that she has a pack of scabby minions to do her bidding, Glorificus tends to prefer to get things done herself. Why send a lowly demon do a god's work, after all?

    Having spent most of her many eons of existence personally sowing terror and reaping violence, Glory isn't accustomed to things not going her way. She doesn't handle failure well, and she doesn't handle rejection at all (unless pummeling things into piles of dust and blood is an acceptable coping mechanism). One might even go so far as to say that Glory reacts to obstacles the way a spoiled child might; yelling, stomping her feet, ripping at her hair and screaming loudly enough to shatter glass. These fits become extra prevalent when Glory has gone too long without feeding off of a psyche; she begins to lose control of her reactions and might even dissolve into long fits of incoherent babbling. All in all, she's quite the Drama Queen.

    Glory has a sharp, caustic sense of humor that sometimes leans toward morbid, even cruel. While she possesses godlike strength and she definitely isn't afraid to use it, Glorificus also appreciates the power of a good insult, too. She has a way of saying things that leave a person feeling small and vulnerable. It's ill-advised to let her find out about any skeletons in your closet because she won't hesitate to yank them out into the open - and maybe do a little dance with them while you and everyone you care about watch.

    On top of her other oh-so-colorful traits, Glorificus can put any upper-class snob to shame. She has a penchant for silks and furs and all things opulent and expensive. Red seems to be a preferred color, which probably makes sense since she's been known to literally bathe in the blood of her enemies (or just people she doesn't like. Or... random people, when she's bored). She can most often be seen in a perfectly form-fitting dress and a pair of killer heels, and don't think for a moment that her shoes will slow her down.

    BenBen is just a normal guy who made a deal with a hell-god in exchange for eternal life. He's actually a pretty Good Guy, ignoring the fact that he's playing host to a being often referred to as 'The Beast'. He's a doctor and spends most of his days helping and healing. He has a warm, compassionate nature and an easy sense of humor.

    Ben is also a coward. Or a survivalist, depending on how you look at things. When it comes down to it, he'll choose his own life over the life of billions (as evidenced by his unwillingness to sacrifice himself in order to stop Glory from ripping open the seams between dimensions and literally unleashing Hell on Earth).




    - Ruled over a Hell Dimension with two other Hell Gods. Because they existed before humans (and therefore language), none of them actually have names.

    - Glory's thirst for violence and chaos was so strong that even the other Hell Gods envied her. Fearing that she would attempt to take control of the world for herself (and let's be real, she probably would have), the other gods combined their power to forcibly exile Glory from the realm.

    - Earth was Glorificus' prison, and her consciousness came to be trapped in the mind of a mortal man named Ben. The only way for Glory to return to her native dimension was to find the Key, an object made of pure energy that had to be used on a specific night at a specific time to rip open the seams between worlds.

    - Unbeknownst to Glory, a bunch of Monks (very annoying Monks, mind you) created a human girl from the Slayer's own flesh and blood and put the Key inside of her.

    - Glory's minions eventually discovered that the Key was human and under the Slayer's protection, so Glory began to relentlessly hunt her. Soon the Key was revealed to be the Slayer's own little sister.

    - Glory finally managed to capture the Key, but before the ritual could be completed the Slayer and her Scooby Gang arrived to wreck the day. She came very close to opening the portal but was smashed through a brick wall by a wrecking ball and briefly incapacitated. It was at this moment that the vines rose up to rip her away into yet another world.


    His head was killing him. With a groan, Ben lifted his hands to his face and pressed them over his eyes in an attempt to ease the pressure building behind them. It didn't help that Glory was screaming, her voice a furious, agonizing shriek that no one but him could hear. Blood trickled from his hair, and he was mildly alarmed to realize that he wasn't healing. Glory wasn't healing.

    The Slayer had weakened her.

    There were no words to describe the depths of her fury. Failed, she'd failed! Glory didn't fail. This was so screwed up that it made her want to rip her hair out. Was it so bad that she wanted to go home? That she wanted to go back to the hell dimension that was rightfully hers to rule? She hadn't done anything to deserve this kind of treatment! She was fair in her terribleness. She treated everyone with equal cruelty. Not all gods were so just!

    Ugh, and that damn Slayer ruined her favorite pair of shoes.


    Slowly, Ben pushed himself into a sitting position, wincing at the pain that ignited in his ribs. Damn, that hurt. It'd been a long time since he'd felt pain like this. He still couldn't believe that Buffy had let him live. He'd been sure she would kill him, but she'd looked down into his eyes and then she'd left him. That was probably a stupid thing to do. A good man would have begged her to kill him. A good man would have thrown himself off a cliff years ago. But not Ben. He didn't want to die. Did that make him evil?

    Blinking, Ben looked around himself and realized for the first time that he was... well, he didn't know where he was. An alley somewhere. What the hell had happened? He felt as if his body had been run over by a Mac truck. They'd really kicked Glory's ass.

    He couldn't help but chuckle at that thought, but quickly stopped when a fresh stab of pain took his breath away.

    So close. She'd been so damn close. Worse, she was trapped inside this stupidly, infuriatingly small mind and she couldn't even rage the way she wanted to. She could feel herself coming apart at the seams, all those minds she'd sucked dry had been torn away and now she was losing her freaking mind and there wasn't a damn thing she could do oh god the dogs smelled so bad was that a wet rat on the floor who the hell put holes in her head?? Minds. Need minds.


    Gasping with pain and the intensity of the compulsion that he felt from Glory, Ben stumbled to his feet. He used the nearby alley wall to brace himself up but nearly fell over again when he attempted to take a step forward. His head was still bleeding and he could feel something clicking in his chest every time he moved. Fractured ribs, a probable concussion, who knew how much internal bleeding... he needed to get to a hospital.

    There was movement at the mouth of the alley, and a figure came into view. Ben held up a trembling, bloodied hand. He tried to speak but only coughed, so he swallowed and tried again, relieved when his voice worked even if it was hoarse and dry.

    "Please! Help. I need help!"
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  2. Glorificus

    Glorificus Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  3. Kitty

    Kitty help, i'm FEELING
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    glory! get your badass, crazy self into pandora, pronto! im excited to see what she gets up to :3​

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