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Going For A Swim

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Chloe Decker, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Chloe Decker

    Chloe Decker Guest

    Year 7
    15th June, Summer

    @ OPEN

    Chloe hadn't been to Cascade Bay in a number of months. Work had been keeping her busy of late, and even though the Detective was now a million miles away from L.A, some things never changed. She'd always used work to hide from her feelings, the worries that kept her up at night and focus strictly on the task at hand. Normally, that was a case or some gruesome murder, but Chloe had found herself with a day completely free and now there was nothing to distract her from the deep grief she felt inside.

    The weather was bright and beautiful today. The sun shone upon Chloe's face the moment she'd walked outside, and after a few short strolls through the town, she'd began to feel beads of sweat upon her forehead. She'd found herself at the docks, watching ships come and go and disappear beyond the horizon. The sea was peaceful and there were a number of people enjoying the tranquil waters. Chloe felt herself drawn to it and suddenly realised she could not remember the last time she'd even been swimming.

    Her eyes fell upon the local shops along the beach front and she made a decision then and there to treat herself. Why not? There must be a swimming costume in one of those shops, a beach towel and somewhere to change. Chloe smiled lightly to herself and headed toward the beach front, feeling slightly relieved that she'd found something to do. A welcome distraction from the pain in her heart.


    Half an hour later, Chloe was changed and ready for the beach. Towel around herself, she headed straight for the shore and left her clothes, bag and badge in a heap a few metres away. She wouldn't go far, and was more than trained to handle anyone who might see her possession as an easy steal. The water was surprisingly cold despite the warm weather, but Chloe felt euphoric as the waves gently hit her skin. She waded in up to her waist and began to float, letting the waves carry her away as she swam back and forth.
  2. Imra Ardeen

    Imra Ardeen Guest

    She had booked at least one day off to enjoy the sunny weather. Wearing a pink one-piece swim-suit under a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, Imra had opted for flip-flops over trainers. Grabbing a beach-bag holding a towel, two books she was planning to read and a pair of shades in addition to a small cooler holding some snacks and drinks, she had flown to the more tropical beaches of the island region.

    Landing, Imra got the towel out and moved up the beach, out of the tide's reach and spread it out before placing both bag and cooler on each side, she flopped onto the towel. What to do first - swim, read or sunbathe? While debating that, she began to remove her clothes to fold them neatly and stick them in the bottom of her bag, replacing the sunglasses and books on top.

    The blonde girl applied some sun-cream and once she finished, stretched herself out on her towel, glancing down the beach to notice an older woman already in the water. Not sure if the lady would notice her calling 'hello', she waved instead.
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  3. Kobayashi

    Kobayashi Guest

    Kobayashi had been fairly busy himself lately, while they didn't work in the same part of Pandora Town. Kobayashi dealt with a fairly heavy case load, much like the woman known as Chloe Decker must have had as well. Thankfully things had slowed down and he'd been given time to have a little fun, making his way to Cascade Bay Kobayashi had thought about taking a swim.

    He was wearing a fairly loose white shirt and some frayed jean shorts, his usual fancy attire wasn't really suited for this climate and was often more for cases then fun stuff. It had been a while since he'd gone for a swim, but he was here with a towel over his shoulder and his kitten following close by. He wasn't about to leave the poor little thing at home, and Kobayashi was going to keep an eye on it while here as well.

    Not all cats hated water and being a kitten, this one could enjoy the water as much as some of it's big cousins did. Walking ahead of him the kitten walked about the beach, trying to be confident but having some trouble with the loose sand. Jumping and bounding where it could to avoid sinking anywhere, while Kobayashi had found a spot to put his towel. A rock jutting out of the sand, was where he leaned his towel. While he also slipped off his jean shorts, for a brief moment a gold speedo could be seen.

    However there wasn't enough time to determine gender as the white shirt covered him over once more, putting the shorts aside Kobayashi run with his kitten on the beach as it jumped around. He had spotted a girl with blond hair and pink eyes nearby, while an older lady floated in the water a short distance away.
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  4. Luke liked to go for a swim every now and then. He hadn't learned until he was grown since Tatooine had no water other than what was collected from the air. He thought back to the first time he'd seen even small body of water-the pools and rivers on Yavi IV's jungles-and the sense of awe when he'd first seen an ocean. it never really left him completely, he thought.

    He floated in the water, wearing a pair of shorts to swim in, enjoying the feel of the water against his skin. He really wished Mara were here to share it with him, but even this was fun. There were two other people around as well, an older lady in the water and a youngish boy with his kitten on the beach. He wished he could take on a form that would let him explore under the water, but even what he could see fascinated him. He occasionally watched the other people but didn't stare, as it'd be rude.
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  5. Chloe Decker

    Chloe Decker Guest

    Chloe felt free. It was oddly restorative, as though the sea were washing away her doubts, her pain and tribulations. At least for the moment. All that mattered were the waves crashing on the shore and the cool water that soothed Chloe's skin as she tread water. With just her shoulders and head showing, the detective bobbed quite happily, her gaze catching the eye of a teenage girl sunbathing not too far away. Was she waving at her?

    Chloe did an awkward little glance behind her but there was nothing but a few boats on the horizon, nothing close enough to see the people sailing them. Smiling hesitantly, Chloe raised a hand in reply. Despite the horrors she witnessed, Pandora was a pleasant place on the whole. People were good and kind. Another young boy with his kitten caught the detective's eye and she watched them frolic together, her heart melting a little. How easy it was for these kids to play with no worry of being attacked. She wondered if she'd ever let Trixie do as they did back in LA. She wasn't so sure. Los Angeles was not as safe as Cascade Bay.

    To her right there was a man, more or less around her own age, also enjoying the ocean. Like Chloe, he seemed to be enjoying the solitude and the therapeutic way the water healed her tired soul. Taking heed of the teenager who'd greeted her, the detective did the same and raised a hand in hello, hoping she didn't come across as a lunatic. People just didn't say hello to one another in big cities, or at least, that's how Chloe had known them to be. She was not used to such friendliness.
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  6. Imra Ardeen

    Imra Ardeen Guest

    A second flicker of movement out on the water briefly pulled Imra's attention out to a man also in the ocean before she nodded at the swimming woman as she waved back. As they probably had all come over to enjoy some private beach time, she glanced over at the teenager with the kitten then stretched out on her towel.

    Swimming would happen when she needed a break from the heat and the blonde girl turned onto her stomach, enjoying the peace and quiet. Especially as the three other people were doing their own thing though she wasn't about to turn away anyone who wanted a conversation.

    For now, she wanted to relax herself and brought her psychic barriers up before closing her eyes and listening to the sound of the ocean. Thankfully she was fully prepared for today with food and drink in tow and intended to fly home before the tide came in.
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  7. Luke returned the hello though he didn't push things. The other one noticed him but fortunately seemed all right. He wasn't surprised the area was popular, given the warm temperatures and the fact a lot of beings would be drawn to cool off during said temperatures. It was easy to see how someone could just float here for hours if they weren't interrupted.
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  8. Chloe Decker

    Chloe Decker Guest

    Chloe was relieved to find the others return her smiles, and even felt a certain kind of satisfaction that she wouldn't find in L.A. People were normally far too busy or wrapped up in their own lives to address a passerby or a stranger. But here, or maybe just today, things were different. There was a certain kind of tranquilly and peacefulness amongst those on the beach, with no one wanting to impose on the other, but not completely cutting them off either.

    Chloe stretched out in the water, closing her eyes briefly as she let the waves carry her back and forth as they hit the shore. She didn't go far, knowing the sea could be unpredictable, but with the weather as it was, it seemed unlikely there would be any sudden change. Unless the wind picked up, but by then Chloe doubted she'd still be in the water.

    She swam for another fifteen minutes before becoming tired and deciding to read her book instead. Dripping wet but not minding it one bit, Chloe laid out her towel and led upon her stomach, just as the teenager had done. The Detective made sure to keep a sizeable distance, not wanting to impose, but also keeping a close enough distance that they could speak if the occasion called for it. She eyed the others, glancing to a couple walking along the beach holding hands. The sight made her heart ache and so she returned to her book, trying to keep the pages as dry as she dried herself off in the sun.
  9. Kobayashi

    Kobayashi Guest

    Today seemed like a time to go to the beach as more people arrived and took their time at the beach, Kobayashi and his kitten was having fun running around.

    At one point they'd sat down and started playing in the sand directly, Kobayashi started digging and attempting to make a sandcastle. The kitten helped with digging and every time he'd get something up, the kitten would pounce on it playfully.

    Mockingly chastising the kitten but not really Kobayashi tried again but before the kitten could pounce on it again, Kobayashi dumped some sand on it. It meowed out in protest and shook itself off then it turned around and started digging sand towards Kobayashi in revenge "Hey you started it" chimed Kobayashi as he tried to protect himself from the cat's assault.
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  10. The sight of the couple saddened Luke as well. He wished Mara was here, and Ben. He couldn't help chuckling at the girl...or was it a guy? He couldn't tell easily from here...and the kitten. It reminded him of Jacen and he felt a wave of frustration at still not being able to reach him or even find him here to speak to him. Obi-Wan must have felt so much of this with his father, he thought.
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