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Private Good Luck (You're F**ked)

Discussion in 'Centria' started by Nero, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Nero

    Nero Guest

    October 25th, 109
    @Maria Calavera

    "Christ! It's cold," Nero murmured as he strode along down the main drag of this nameless small town. Autumn was in full force now, and Winter wasn't far behind if the falling temperatures were any indication. There wasn't any snow yet, but there would be soon. Of that, he was sure.

    Nero missed Summer now that it was gone, though he always complained about the heat when it was there. There never was a pleasant balance for long. Maybe a few days out of the year if you were lucky. It was either too damn hot or too damn cold.

    Nero drew his azure coat a little tighter around his body as he walked, hands casually shoved into his pockets to keep the wind from blowing it about. The Red Queen, his sword of choice, was strapped firmly to his back, with Blue Rose holstered at his hip. Usually, he didn't go around packing a whole lot of heat, but today wasn't like any other day in Pandora. He wasn't here to help orphans or pretend he had any social life. No. Today he was going to kill a monster.

    The streets were deserted. Despite the cold, there should have been a lot more people bustling around, going about their business. The fact that there wasn't told Nero that he was in the right place. The people of this small town were terrorized to the point of total fear. They were afraid to leave their homes, even during the day. Those who were extraordinarily brave hurried along, casting their gaze skyward for any sign of their winged assailant. Now that it was early evening, though, even those brave souls were gone. It was about this time that the damn monster, whatever it was, always attacked.

    Nero found a place to sit in the main square, the center of the city. There was a large fountain with benches set up around it, so Nero drew his sword, plopped down, and waited. Surely he looked like a tasty morsel to any angry beasties that may or may not be surveying the land. He swept his gaze across the cloudy sky, the sword resting in his lap, bored expression plastered on his face. He hated waiting.

    After what felt like an hour, he finally got the response he was looking for. A roar reverberated through the tiny town, shaking the very ground beneath Nero's feet. He raised an eyebrow and stood as something large descended from the sky, dipping out of the clouds and coming to land down the road. It was an enormous beast, more massive than any Nero had seen since he kicked Goliath's ass way back when. It had leathery, bat-like wings that unfurled as it let out another roar, bearing shockingly large and exceptionally sharp teeth.

    Nero grinned and picked up his sword, letting it rest on his shoulder as he stood. "Now that's what I call a welcome party," he said.

    The creature began approaching, each footfall leaving deep furrows in the ground as it made its way down the street. Then, without warning, it surged forward, bounding towards Nero with insane speed.

    Nero readied himself, his grin turning into a sneer. "Let's go, big guy. Hope you're ready to get your ass handed to you." And then he rushed forward, closing the gap between them, and swung his sword right as the monster lashed out with razor-sharp claws. The sword bit into scaled flesh while the creature's talons raked into Nero's side. The force of the blow sent Nero flying into the fountain, crashing straight through it. He tumbled across the ground for several feet before finally coming to a stop. Any normal human would have been dead by that point. Thankfully, Nero was far from normal.

    He hopped back onto his feet, already healing from the wound. He rolled his shoulders. "It ain't gonna be that easy, pal." he growled.
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  2. Maria Calavera

    Neutral Good
    For her part, Maria was waiting on the roof.

    It had seemed, at least at the time, like the most sensible place to wait for a demonic dragon said to be terrorizing a small town by night, leaving it quaking in fear during the day. The town itself was nestled into the foothills of the mountain range that separated Centria from the Dread Wastes. Had the populace any militia to speak of, it was even in a reasonably defensible position—and if it had been on the Wastes side, the people here would probably have been more than capable of defending themselves. As it was, though, the location was remote enough that while the town was largely self-sufficient, there had been nothing for it to need defense against.

    At least until that dragon showed up and started eating people. If Maria didn’t know better, she might’ve thought it was a Nevermore—but from the descriptions she’d gotten from the townspeople who hadn’t been too afraid to open their doors earlier that day, it was much, much bigger.

    She was almost excited to meet it.

    Given that it seemed to be dormant during the day, Maria’s plan had been to wait for it to show up, injure it, and then follow it when it took off—if it had a mate or any offspring, they were probably back at whatever served for its den in the mountains, and they’d need to be dealt with, too. So she picked the tallest building—the Town Hall, in this case—climbed to the highest point she could, and settled in to wait.

    She was expecting the roar and the deafening sound of wings beating overhead—what she wasn’t expecting was for the dragon to soar right past her, heading for the fountain square in the center of town.

    There was a man down there, she realized with a start. Out in the open, just waiting to be eaten.

    When the dragon rushed him, he didn’t run away—he ran towards it, and got blasted back into the fountain for his troubles. “Of all the stupid—” she muttered, pulling out her scythes and extending their blades. Evidently, the idiot in the square was more durable than he looked—he was already getting up, looking ready for a fight—but Maria wasn’t in the mood to be charitable. She’d had a perfectly serviceable plan, and he was the wrench in the works.

    Although, she had to admit, the dragon was a lot bigger than she’d been anticipating. Maybe it was a good thing she had some back-up.

    With a strangled yell, Maria hurled one of her scythes at the beast in the square—it howled in pain and rage as the blade bit deep into its wing. She pressed a button on the scythe still in her hand and the Dust activated—she went flying through the air, her second scythe finding purchase in more dragonhide as she landed on the beast’s back.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” she yelled down at the guy on the ground. “Are you trying to get yourself-” Maria was cut off as the dragon gave an almighty shake, dislodging her blades and sending her flying through the air—she felt the strain as her Aura absorbed the damage, and she managed to sink one of her blades into the ground in time to keep her from sliding right into the shattered—sharp—remains of the fountain.

    Maria pushed herself to her feet, shaking the worst of the debris from her cloak. “I don’t suppose you have a plan, Hot Shot?” she asked, giving the man beside her an appraising glance.

    He didn’t look like much.

    Then again, looks could be very deceiving.
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