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Good Samaritan(s) Wanted!

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Kaz Brekker, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Kaz Brekker

    Kaz Brekker Guest

    Okay so, Kaz here is a young criminal mastermind/prodigy who was recently brought into Pandora. He's going to be trying to build up his big-bag reputation, and what better way to screw with my own character's plans than to bring in a good!Kaz doppleganger? I may or may not have rushed to bring Kaz in this season purely for this seasonal event. Basically, good!Kaz, or Kaz 2.0, is a goody-two-shoes and since he's going around and being super duper nice to everyone, it could potentially ruin Kaz's name in the criminal underground, while his name is already on weak legs being new and all. Once the original Kaz finds out, he just can't have this happen. So, he's going to try and kill his own doppleganger!

    How You Might Help:
    • I'm basically looking for a good Samaritan, or someone who will help Kaz 2.0 out. I'm hoping someone might want to take Kaz 2.0 in, essentially, and sort of protect him from the original Kaz, in any way. Maybe they've become friends with Kaz 2.0 and decide they need to keep him safe from his own doppleganger? Maybe they've got a prejudice about this doppleganger thing going on, and since the original Kaz is more evil than Kaz 2.0, believe that the original Kaz is the Pandora construct and think he needs to be brought down? Or maybe they even fall in love with Kaz 2.0 and that's why they want to save him?
    • Whatever the case, I'm looking for someone to thread with the rest of this season, and to have a couple of faster-paced threads involving the original Kaz and his doppleganger.
    • Also, just friendly interactions in general, if you don't think your character would stick their neck out for a virtual stranger??
    • And interactions with kids!! Kaz 2.0 is going to be a street magician, who also does birthday parties for kids.

    Some More Info on Kaz 2.0:
    • He's, as I mentioned before, way nicer than original!Kaz. He's a total sweetheart who wouldn't hurt a fly, is really good with kids, and is a total flirt with the adults (he swings both ways, ladies and gents!). He's a pure bean tho.
    • His memories are different than original!Kaz. Jordie, his older brother, never fell for Pekka Rollins' con, and therefore, he and Kaz never ended up penniless and living on the streets. Jordie still died of the plague that year, but Kaz doesn't blame Pekka. He was never driven to join the Dregs, never broke his leg on a heist, never was driven by revenge. He became a stage, and street magician instead.
    • Also, since he never had to touch Jordie's dead body, he doesn't have an aversion to skin on skin contact like original!Kaz does! It gives him more potential for romantic/flirtatious interactions. If we were to go down this road, it would have the potential for more angst too since not only will Kaz 2.0 be gone at the end of the season but there is absolutely no possibility of a similar scenario happening with original!Kaz (especially if your character is male, as original!Kaz is straight and Kaz 2.0 is not). Idk, it's something to possibly play around with!
    • He doesn't know he's fake, he believes he's the real Kaz.
    • He's probs going to end up dying my orginal!Kaz's hand.
    • He's just really cute and adorable so come play with him!!

    hopefully i didn't forget to mention anything lol cuz i typed this up super fast.
    But yeah! I'll probably be down for anything you throw at me so have at it!! Let me know your thoughts!​
  2. Okay, so, this would 100% not be a romantic thing, since not only is Melissa taken, but Kaz is way too young for her. However, Melissa has a tendency towards kinda-adoption, so if you were after a mum-figure as the good Samaritan, I can offer her.

    I also have two other characters, @Alex Treveney and @Elspeth Gordie , who are both 16, and might be an option for the romantic route. Both are kinda cynical, but nice on the inside. The issue with Alex is that anyone she expresses affection for will suffer immense pain (but not death, so thanks Pandora!) so Kaz 2.0 might have some trouble getting through to her. Nevertheless, she will help him out. As for Elspeth, well, she helps out random strangers for a living, and though she has a canon love interest, that is never going to happen. So... yeah.
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  3. Kaz Brekker

    Kaz Brekker Guest

    @Melissa McCall

    okay shit, sorry! i've been all over the place lately, but i'm totally down for this! especially with melissa! <3 kaz 2.0 (and original for that matter) never had a mother, so a mom-figure would def be strange at first but also super welcome after a while! it would also be real cute since he'd be super polite with her and sweet and secretly love every hug he can get xD

    now i know this is really late, so i'll try and prioritize getting some threads up. with that in mind, i'd be also open to plotting with your other characters if you still like? i don't think he'd pursue alex if she expresses anything similar to reluctance, but they could be friends! as for elspeth, a cutsey little romance could possibly happen! like she helps him out and he gets a little crush and gives her flowers or something lol. it probably wouldn't get very far, since he's a gentleman and would want to take his time - except he doesn't quite have that.
  4. Melissa is slowly accruing an army of kids But yes! A cute little romance would be adorable, especially because Elspeth would have no idea how to deal with it.
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