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Government Job Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pandora Town Sign-ups' started by Octi, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Pandora Town
    Government Job Sign-Ups

    As Pandora Town has grown, developing its own government in the process, various government positions are available to apply to. All positions are paid from the Department of Commerce and Labor.

    • If your character already has a full-time job, do not apply for a government position as these are all full-time jobs as well.
    • All characters who apply for government jobs must be at least physically 16 or have passed the mental examination to be considered a mature adult.
    • High-ranking positions (lead, head, chief, commander, etc.) are available only to characters who have been in Pandora long enough to have realistically achieved this position (with a minimum of 3 months/a season at least) and should have IC evidence to show that they have worked toward it.

    Pandora Town Council

    With the monarchy dying out alongside its last representative, the people of Pandora Town decided that they would never again invest supreme power in the hands of a single individual, no matter how well-meaning.

    The council is made up of the heads of each of the governmental departments, and elections are held once every 6 months. Terms begin on March 1st and September 1st respectively.

    Council Members:

    • OPEN (Head of Commerce and Labor)
    • Claude Frollo (Head of Intelligence)
    • Lucy Lane (Head of Justice)
    • Magnus Bane (Head of Magical Advancements)
    • Dawn Bellweather (Head of Public Affairs)

    Department of Commerce and Labor

    The Department of Commerce and Labor was merged with the Department of Treasury. It manages government finances, tax collection, and supervision of Pandora Town's Bank. They are responsible for setting the budget for Pandora Town’s expenses, as well as the manpower and industry of Pandora Town. To an extent, it liaises with the Department of Public Affairs to coordinate trade agreements with other towns and other economic affairs.

    Head: OPEN

    Assistant: Qi'ra
    Secretary: Jordan Baker
    Workers’ Representative:
    Senior Clerk:
    Tax Collectors:​

    Department of Intelligence

    The Department of Intelligence gathers and analyzes intelligence, and performs investigations that pertain to the overall safety of Pandora Town and its territory. These may involve enemies of the state, large threats to Pandora Town as a whole, and cases that are deemed out of the league of the City Watch. Much of what they investigate is considered classified information and limited information is carefully released to the public.

    Head: Claude Frollo

    Head of Department PA:
    Secretary: Natasha Romanoff (Natalie Rushman)
    Forensic Scientists: Ema Skye
    Intelligence Officers: Light Yagami, Jocelyn Morgenstern, Spencer Reid
    Investigators: Will Graham, Faile Bashere, Porpentina Goldstein, Jessica Drew
    Consultants: Lady Margolotta​


    ARMOUR is a branch of the Department of Intelligence that operates out of the public eye and away from public scrutiny. It gathers information on and launches covert strikes against large-scale threats to the safety and stability of Pandora Town. It is composed solely of the most highly skilled and qualified individuals. ARMOUR's existence is a closely-kept government secret, as are its positions. Unlike other government jobs, characters may have another job at the same time as a cover.

    Director of Operations: Alex Danvers
    Mission Tactician: Light Yagami
    Technical Support: Leopold Fitz
    Foreign Affairs Expert:
    Munitions Expert:
    Interrogators: Lucy Lane
    Agents: Dick Grayson, Natasha Romanoff, Alex Danvers, Peggy Carter, Rin Tohsaka​

    Department of Justice

    Set up after the collapse of the monarchy, the Department of Justice makes sure that power is no longer abused. Those who work here deal with the legal system, running trials and ensuring that any criminal proceedings are carried out according to a very strict code of conduct. Recently, it has been merged with the City Watch as a subgroup in order for criminals to be dealt with swiftly, but fairly.

    Head: Lucy Lane

    State Lawyers:
    Defense Attorneys: Hayes Morrison
    Prosecutors: Laurel Lance
    Legal Researchers:
    Lead Researcher:
    Researchers: Hyacinthe Enjolras

    State Judges:
    Chief Judge:

    The City Watch

    The City Watch serves as patrol and law enforcement among the citizens of Pandora Town. They patrol the streets, investigate crimes, charge fines, make arrests, and maintain the public peace. Those who work here answer to the Commander, who in turn answers to the Head of Justice. Constables are in charge of certain districts of Pandora Town. Night Watchmen light the street lights, keep an eye out for fires or other disturbances, and raise the alarm to summon guards.

    Commander: Robb Stark

    River Street Division
    Constable: Asuna Yuuki
    Detectives: Chloe Decker
    City Guards: Benjamin Clawhauser,
    Night Watchmen:

    Westcourt Division
    Detectives: Naoto Shirogane
    City Guards: Makoto Niijima
    Night Watchmen:

    Silverpool Division
    Detectives: Kobayashi
    City Guards:
    Night Watchmen:

    Tower Hill Division
    Constable: Saber
    City Guards:
    Night Watchmen: Yang Xiao Long

    Tavoie Borough Division
    Detectives: Kristin Ortega, Elias Ryker
    City Guards:
    Night Watchmen:

    Blackhaven Division
    Constable: Luke Garroway
    Detectives: Connor RK800
    City Guards: Scott McCall, Alec Lightwood
    Night Watchmen:

    Dungeon Guards:​

    The Special Units Force

    Created to combat high risk situations, the S.U.F. is a group of highly trained and skilled officers with abilities and expectations beyond that of a normal guard. The S.U.F. handles situations swiftly and firmly with the ideal to save as many lives as possible while taking care of threats to the city. While they have their own chief, they are still considered under the command of the Commander of the City Watch and the Head of Justice.

    Chief Officer: Ben Solo
    Team Leaders: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Squad Members: Jaesa Willsaam, Scott Summers
    Specialists: Rin Tohsaka​

    Pandora Town Defence Force

    The PTDF was founded in Year Six in order to provide the city with the capacity to defend itself against military attack, as well as the ability to strike out at enemies beyond its borders. The formal Commander-in-Chief of the PTDF is the incumbent Head of the Department of Justice, though in practice the Force operates independently, much as the Town Guard does.

    In order for the PTDF to be sent into combat operations beyond those required in a defensive capacity, a full and unanimous vote must be passed by the Pandora Town Council.

    General: Jericho Swain, Armitage Hux (2 individuals)
    Captain: Fareeha Amari (4 individuals)
    Platoon Commander: (8 individuals)
    Battle Wizard: (6 individuals)

    Squad Medic:

    Department of Magical Advancements

    The Department of Magical Advancements is in charge of developing, maintaining and expanding Pandora’s electro-magic network, as well as researching new advancements.

    Head: Magnus bane

    Lead Researcher:

    Lead Technician:

    Magical Specialist:

    Department of Public Affairs

    The Department of Public Affairs handles communications between the government and Pandora Town’s populace, as well as providing a diplomatic service between the various towns now found across Pandora proper. They also handle and help new arrivals to Pandora Town by providing introductory tours and classes, as well as hosting food, clothing, and other types of donations. The department also supervises the Pandora Shelter.

    Head: Dawn Bellwether

    Diplomats: Padmé Amidala

    New Citizen Committee
    Tour Guides:​


    Reply Form

    Fill out the appropriate form and reply to this topic to be taken care of. If you are interested in a job we have not listed here, that's perfectly fine! Post anyway, and we'll add the necessary job to the list if appropriate. However, if your suggestion is similar to an option we have above, we will place your character in the appropriate job. Some positions have a limited number of spots available. In such cases, you'll be asked to choose a new position.

    [b]Character Name[/b]: Full Name, as displayed on the account!
    [b]Job[/b]: The specific position they are applying for. You are not limited to the limited to the list above. If you want to do something else, apply for it and we can add it to the list.
    [b]Why?[/b]: We're looking for qualifications here. Obviously, this would only apply to jobs that require certain experience. Use common sense when choosing a job for your character.
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