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Government Jobs

Discussion in 'Guidebook' started by Rani, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Rani

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    Government Jobs

    On Pandora, we like to give all players the opportunity to directly shape the towns. The most straight-forward way to do this is to sign your character up for a leadership or government position in any of the current towns of Pandora.

    Regular Government Jobs

    Every town has a number of government jobs that any qualified character can apply for. These use our standard sign-up form, and if there’s a government job you’re interested in that doesn’t seem to exist, PM a member of staff to see if that can be added! Every government job, no matter how minor, can help influence future developments of towns.

    Regular government jobs function the same way non-government jobs do. Once your character is signed up, they have that position permanently, barring any plotting or IC consequences that may occur that would require them to leave that position.

    If you’re interested in a government job, check out these sign-ups!

    Town Leadership Positions

    Every town has its own leadership positions. Characters and players in these positions have the most direct influence on shaping future town developments, though they should work together with others who work in non-leadership positions for ideas and plots as well.

    In our rules for Town Leadership positions, we handle large towns (Pandora Town, Misty Hollow, and Cascade Bay) differently from small towns (Horizon and Morhall). Leadership positions for small towns will be permanent, just like with the regular government job sign-ups.

    For large towns, however, the leadership positions are not permanent. Leadership terms last for 9 IC and 9 OOC months. After that time period, they cannot reapply for the same leadership position until at least 3 OOC months have passed.

    When a leadership position opens up, an announcement will be made and we’ll accept sign-ups from qualified characters for that position for 2 weeks. Once the sign-up period closes, if there are multiple interested characters, we will randomize the result. In Character, you can assume there was an election process and can decide how your character won that election, whether it was through charisma, great ideas, or shady dealings. If no characters sign-up at that time, the position will be given to a temporary NPC that can be replaced at any time by an interested player/character.

    If you’re interested in a town leadership position, check out these sign-ups!