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Community Government Sign-Ups!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Octi, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Octi

    Octi The Helpful Octopus
    Community Relations Division

    Music Teacher
    Disney World
    Disney Fairy
    Lawful Good

    Government Sign-Ups!

    If you've seen the latest announcing regarding changes to our government system, then you know what this is all about. If you haven't seen it, though, be sure to READ IT!

    Available Positions
    Pandora Town
    Head of Commerce and Labor
    Head of Intelligence
    Head of Justice
    Head of Magical Advancements
    Head of Public Affairs

    Council Member (endless term)

    Misty Hollow
    Council Member

    • You are applying for a limited 9 month term, with the exception of our open Horizon council position, which is an endless term.
    • These positions are open to all characters aside from those characters who just logically don't make sense, such as a child, somebody who is known for committing major crimes, or somebody who is lacking knowledge in a field that they really, really need in order to actually do that job. Try to think realistically about the reality of your character actually being accepted into one of these positions!
    • We recognize applicants who are already government employees and has an active thread related to government shenanigans by dropping their names into the randomizer up to two more times.
    • These sign-ups will be open for two weeks, closing on SUNDAY, APRIL 29.
    • If interested, fill out the form below and post it in this thread!

    The Form
    Character Name:
    Government Employee?: If yes, you will receive an extra spot in the randomizer.
    Government-Related Thread: Provide us a link to a thread where your character is doing their government-related job or chatting about government stuff and you will receive an extra spot in the randomizer. GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES ONLY!
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  2. Sabine

    Sabine Moderator
    Plots & Events Division

    Character Name: Claude Frollo
    Position: Head of Intelligence, Head of Justice (1st choice)
    Qualifications: He is the chief Judge currently and has been active in criminal justice reform and crime control
    Government Employee?: Yep! He is the Chief Judge
    Government-Related Thread: Fur Flying Everywhere - In court
    Fire and Brimstone and A Judge's Modus Operandi - Involved in bettering criminal justice system
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  3. Hunter

    Hunter they're in his infinite void of darkness

    Natural Disaster
    True Neutral
    Character Name: Lucy Lane
    Position: Head of the Justice Dept (1st choice), Head of the Intelligence Dept (2nd choice)
    Qualifications: She's already the prosecutor for Pandora Town, is active in court case threads and the news, was a lawyer and army major/military advisor in her canon (where she graduated from West Point and Harvard Law), and is generally categorized as Lawful Good. Her time with the military also dealt a lot in intelligence and she was at one point the director of a secret alien-fighting government organization -dabs- and is currently an A.R.M.O.U.R interrogator because she's really good at it OK i promise
    Government Employee?: Yes! She is already part of the Justice Dept since May Y6 as an active prosecutor and the Intelligence Dept as an A.R.M.O.U.R interrogator double points
    Government-Related Thread: here is a completed court case with her, a defense attorney, a judge, and the defendant we tried really hard in this plot okay
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  4. Hannah

    Hannah the brightest light casts the darkest shadow;

    Character Name: Padmé Amidala
    Position: Head of Public Affairs
    Qualifications: Whilst she hasn't done much in Pandora (due to me being a lazy idiot), in her own world, Padmé has been in public service since she was a child, Queen of a planet and a Senator. I think being able to have a position where she helps to negotiate between towns, the government and also help people who are in need would be right up her street, as she has always been someone 'for the people.' She has a natural empathy which would work well with helping to sort out the town's affairs and generally try to always make things better for the public.

    Also, I promise to get my ass in gear and post moreee.
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  5. Behold! Instant Noodles!

    Behold! Instant Noodles! ...was a poorly thought out name.

    London, UK
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  6. Idris

    Idris Player

    Character Name: Jocelyn Morgenstern
    Position: Head of the Department of Intelligence
    Qualifications: She's worked at the Department of Intelligence for over a year now, is used to leading teams of people and has a detailed knowledge of a range of supernatural people.
    Government Employee?: Yes
    Government-Related Thread:
    Checking on members of the community
    Investigating 2
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