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News Article Governor of Cascade Bay Disappears

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Keira, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Keira

    Keira Player

    Chaotic Evil

    September 5th, Year 109

    At midday on September 5th, the Governor of Cascade Bay, Daenerys Targaryen, was tragically taken from Pandora by the black vines that are the cause of people's appearances and disappearances in this world. Governor Targaryen's disappearance was confirmed by witnesses including the two bodyguards on duty at the time, and also her personal secretary, Raumolíre. "She was a great leader and was truly going to lead Cascade Bay into a bright future," spoke the secretary when asked about her disappearance. "Even as the vines came, so suddenly, to take her away we were heading to a council meant to keep the citizens of the city secure and prosperous. "

    Governor Targaryen's term was a short one, lasting only four months, with the first of those in May acting as the interim Governor after the disappearance of her predecessor before she won the position in her own right on June 1st 108. This fact has caused many citizens to begin to whisper of whether the position is cursed. With two Governors vanishing before the end of their terms and many others over the past century also not lasting the full nine-month period of their rule, it seems Cascade Bay is struggling to find secure and stable leadership, though arguably this is a problem faced by all regions and kingdoms in Pandora, with the unstable nature of the world itself.

    By tradition, the Assistant Governor, Sansa Stark, will be temporarily taking on the role of Governor in her predecessor's stead, until Cascade Bay's government can arrange a new election. Some citizens have cast doubt on the witness reports of Governor Targaryen's disappearance and there have been rumours circulating that perhaps Assistant Governor Stark orchestrated her own sudden rise to power, as it has been noted that Lady Stark and Lady Targaryen share a home-world and were not on the best of terms there despite their apparent alliance in Pandora.

    Needless to say, eyes will be on Lady Stark to see if she can hold onto her newfound power by winning the next election, and whether the next Governor can avoid the fate that has befallen so many who take the position.

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