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Private "Grabby Hands" Is A Bad Trait

Discussion in 'Crystal Vales' started by Eliot Waugh, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Eliot Waugh

    Eliot Waugh The Magicians

    Chaotic Good

    October 16th, Year 108
    @Dorian Pavus

    So the giant cock chicken was gone.
    And Eliot definitely didn't miss riding on the back of that beast through town. Or feeding it an awful lot of corn. Or telling it bedtime stories. That would just be ridiculous.

    He's fixed up his flat after the chicken had managed to ruin some furniture, and realized that he had lost quite a few ingredients he needed for spells during his time chicken-sitting.
    It was all too convenient that there was a market in town this week, and it promised to deliver a variety of useful magical ingredients (and also useless antiques which Eliot might just purchase for the sake of having them).
    He was well prepared - bag in hand, a shopping list scribbled down on a piece of paper, his flask in his pocket, and -

    "Oh my..."
    Eliot turned on his heel to stride over to one of the booths that belonged to a shady-looking lizard-man as it seemed. The artifact which had caught his eye was a goblet of silver, covered in shiny gemstones which, upon closer inspection, appeared to reflect entirely different images than the marketplace surrounding them.
    Frankly, it wasn't like he needed this old thing, and he also had little idea just what it was, really. But something about those shimmering gemstones was ridiculously appealing, and - was that a moon reflecting in that ruby?
    The price-tag for the object was as equally ridiculous as its shiny stones were appealing, and Eliot frowned in disbelief at the number scribbling down the goblet's worth.
    Curiously, he reached out to run a thumb over what appeared to be a ruby, as if he'd be able to determine by touch alone whether the stone was real.
    "Are those even real? Because really you aren't the first one to come up with-..."

    He wouldn't ever get to finish his oh so well thought-out phrase, because the moment his fingers touched the gemstone, he was gone.
    The last thing Eliot Waugh saw, was the maliciously grinning lizard man, and the reflecting of the strangely-shaped moon in the ruby upon that goblet.
    And for a few seconds that was really the last thing he saw - because what followed was a swirl of color like a melting lollipop, or a melting, swirling world, and him right in the middle of it all until he was pretty sure he'd be sick from it any moment now - and that was really not hot at all.

    What was hot though, was the water which rained down upon him a moment later.
    The marketplace had vanished, so had the grinning lizardman (which, all things considered, wasn't really a loss - no offense but that guy had been ugly af), and instead -
    - Eliot was pretty certain this was a naked guy's ass he was facing right now.
    And why was it raining hot water? And why -..... ooohhh.
    This was a shower.
    And it was apparently not his shower.
    And also he was getting fucking soaked, in his coat and all. At least the view wasn't bad - yet, this seemed a little inappropriate, even for him.

    "While I'd love to stay a little longer and admire that view, I think I should get going before you get a chance to settle this for me..."
    Running a hand over his face in an attempt to get the damned water out of his eyes (and the hair that's fallen into his face now, too, thanks to being soaked), Eliot tried to get to his feet preferably without slipping and falling atop of that naked guy in that guy's very own shower.
    Where, by the way, he still had no fucking idea how he's wound up in.

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