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Answered Grand Order - Gudako's Servants Question

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Curious Magus, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. Hi there!

    So I've been floating around the idea for a little while of potentially joining the site as the female Ritsuka Fujimaru, also known as Gudako, the protagonist of Fate/Grand Order. I'd be taking her from Part 2 of the story, where they are in the Lostbelts.

    Some minor spoilers in case people are playing NA-side and don't want JPN knowledge.

    My question less revolves around her/her abilities, but rather her Servants. At this point in the game she has access to all of her Servants via what is effectively a magic briefcase that allows her to summon them without Chaldea. My question is how to exactly implement them in terms of the application itself, since a number of Servants would require significant nerfs if they were to be tapped individually, but it would be extremely unwieldly to go through and list them all out/plan out individual nerfs on a single app.

    While I have some ideas (summoning limitations, time limits, etc.) I wanted to get opinions from the people who would actually be reviewing the app before I started.

  2. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Hi there! So, I've been researching Fate/Grand Order a bit to try and figure out how to answer your question.

    First, I'm a little uncertain that the protagonist of Fate/Grand Order is a character who could be apped on Pandora. Silent protagonists are generally very hit or miss when it comes to whether they fit on our site, and the wiki describes Ritsuku as having no connection to history, events, or a personality. In this case, she seems to be very much a blank slate and a stand-in for the player, which we don't normally allow on Pandora. Does she have a personality or dialogue of some sort depicted within the game? Is she a fleshed out character?

    Also, for the servants themselves, if this is like the other entries in the series, we don't generally allow the Servants to be npcs. This is because they're full-fledged characters all on their own. If she has servants who are very light on personality and don't really act as a standalone character, then we're more likely to allow them.

    So, unfortunately, from the information we currently have, it doesn't look like this character could be apped. Of course, if there's more evidence to the contrary and a fleshed out character with a history and personality, feel free to toss it our way and we'll take another look!