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Grayson, Richard "Dick"

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Richard Grayson, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Richard Grayson

    Richard Grayson DC Universe

    Richard "Dick" Grayson
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    Played by ChaoticAbsolute

    Fandom: DC Universe (Young Justice)
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: During Season 2 In Bludhaven, after discovering Blue Beetle has become an agent of the Reach.
    NPC Companions: None


    If your character possesses skills, equipment, or enhancements that have the potential to be invasive, integral, or impactful (e.g., mind control or blowing up buildings), you'll want be comprehensive enough so that anyone looking to thread with your character will know what they're getting into. Remember to define canon-specific terms for those who are not familiar with your canon.

    Skills and Abilities
    • Conditioning - As a result of his rigorous physical training under Batman, a regimen which he maintains out of habit even after ceasing to be his direct partner, Dick possesses physical form and condition at nearly a perfect peak level for a person of his age and size. This descriptor applies to most physical traits that would be involved in crime fighting, such as his speed, stamina, strength and agility. All of these are essentially at the level of an Olympic athlete, and as such are markedly greater than those of a normal adult male in his prime. His excellent hand-eye coordination also lends itself to a proficiency in marksmanship; while not as proficient as someone like the Green Arrow, Dick's aim is impeccable as demonstrated by his skill with the batarang.
    • Hand to Hand Combat - Due to his extensive training under Batman and time in the field working with him, as well as his experience in combat with a variety of different scenarios including against multiple adversaries and super-powered individuals, Dick can be considered a master of martial arts and general hand to hand combat. He has extensive training in many different styles, including stick fighting, which he has taken time to master since separating from Bruce. In addition to his training, Dick possesses an uncommon level of instinct and natural talent for fighting, making him a reactive and generally dangerous opponent.
    • Acrobatics/Escape Artistry - Due to the training he received as a child with his family's circus act, "The Flying Graysons," Dick is extremely talented in feats of acrobatic prowess. He is capable of performing complex aerial and gymnastic maneuvers with ease, for example being one of the only people in the world to ever perform a quadruple aerial somersault. As an accessory to this he also has extremely good balance, and possesses no fear of heights or falling whatsoever. Lastly, Dick is also trained in escape artistry, and as such is able to escape from such things as restraints, bonds, and other conventional movement impairing implements quickly and with much more ease and chance of success than the average person.
    • Stealth - One of the skills he is most proficient in alongside acrobatics and computers, Dick is highly talented and experienced in the art of stealth. He is capable of moving in complete silence and is highly talented at hiding and evading detection, to the point that even super-powered individuals with telepathic abilities such as M'gann M'orzz can not always see him coming or keep track of his location easily.
    • Field Skills - Though not as talented in detective skills and the knowledge surrounding detective work as Batman or even the younger Tim Drake, Dick does have training in these, and has shown exceptional deductive reasoning abilities and an understanding of criminal psychology. He is also capable in the arts of tracking and interrogation. Like all of the batfamily, Dick also has extensive survival training and knowledge, enabling him to endure in circumstances that others might not.
    • Computer Skills/Hacking - Another of his core abilities as it were, Dick is extremely skilled with computer hardware and software in general, and specifically at hacking and gaining access to secure files and computer systems with relative ease; sometimes in a matter of seconds. At the age of 13 he was able to on multiple occasions break into the Justice League's database, a computer system with extremely advanced security protocols, as well as into Cadmus' files, which are similarly protected.
    • Mathematics - While not an expert in the subject, Dick has advanced computational and mathematical skill for his age.
    • Strategic Planning - Dick has always been talented in analyzing situations and developing complex (if necessary) plans to overcome difficult obstacles or odds quickly. While he was once only good at doing this between himself and Batman, his time with Young Justice and then later on his own have developed this ability considerably. Dick is a natural leader and able to coordinate people efficiently in conjunction with his proclivity for coming up with quick and effective tactics.
    • Mutlilingual - in addition to of course English, Dick is fluent in multiple other languages, and has demonstrated this fluency in Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese.
    As Nightwing, Dick's equipment set has changed somewhat since his time working with Batman. His suit of course is different, and now more akin to armor, able to repel knives and low caliber gunfire. Like Batman's costume, Nightwing's is similarly the most durable at the logo on his chest, which is intentionally flashy to draw fire to that part of the suit. There are also knuckle weights in the gloves of the suit, enabling his strikes to hit harder and with more power while also protecting his hands. He carries small field equipment such as high tech binoculars with multiple modes of vision, a rebreather, a high powered taser, a knife, a lockpick, a persicope for seeing around corners, handcuffs and a stick of chalk for drawing up plans in the various pouches and containers on his suit.

    He also carries a pair of escrima sticks, displayed prominently in a holster on his thigh. The sticks are highly durable, and possess inside of them miniature electrical cells which allow them to temporarily conduct a charge at a similar potency as a taser. Other combat implements that he typically carries include bolas, smoke pellets, flash grenades, and of course batarangs which can have various secondary functionalities like delivering a shock, exploding, playing an audio message or dispensing knockout gas.

    Lastly is his wrist-mounted computer. This high-powered device is connected to to the gloves of his suit, and has a holographic interface. It has multiple ports for physical connections to most computer inputs, as well as the ability to scan and connect wirelessly to networks. He also has a variation of this computer which takes the apparent form of a wrist watch, allowing him access to the same kind of computing power while in civilian clothes.


    Like Batman or any human vigilante, Dick is just that. Human. While he is physically exceptional and has a variety of skills at his disposal, he is just as mortal as anyone else. He can be killed or injured, is susceptible to sickness and age, and makes mistakes. He is in no way shape or form absolutely perfect in any respect. His armor is also not infallible, with weak points at the joints and areas that have to bend. In addition to this, there are various psychological traits he has which very much constitute weaknesses.

    Like his mentor Bruce, Dick also refuses to use lethal force on anyone, no matter what the circumstances. This can allow him to be controlled either by making it impossible to stop a person without killing them, or because he will have to come up with a more complex and difficult solution to avoid that possibility. Dick is also arguably more intent on saving lives and protecting others than Batman, and as a result can be predictable or easily manipulated by someone who understands this. Dick is also, though he would never admit it, far more idealistic than Bruce, and wants to see the good in people. While he is not easily fooled, this can lead to him giving second chances or being lenient where it might put him at a disadvantage.


    As Nightwing, while Dick still possesses a lot of the personality traits that he exhibited as a younger teen, but he has undoubtedly grown in more than a few ways. Though he clashes ideologically in a big sense with the way his mentor Bruce Wayne does and thinks about things, Dick is more like him than he is willing to admit outwardly at times. Like Bruce, he is extremely driven and focused, far less easily distracted from his work and what he feels to be his obligation by outside influences. Dick is a very pragmatic thinker in practice as well to compliment this focus - he tends to analyze and think ahead, and take a practical approach to most problems. He has also reined in much of the levity he displayed as a child; while he is still able to make jokes and be outwardly expressive more easily than Bruce - it would even be accurate to go so far as to say he is naturally lighthearted - he cracks wise much less often than he once did, especially when on duty, and has adopted a more somber, serious attitude. This extends to his dealing with others as well - where he was once very much a prankster and not as serious about how his actions affected others, he now behaves more like a leader, with care for the people he deals with and a better understanding of consequences. This is largely a positive result of his close friendship with Aqualad, who led Young Justice while he himself was still not ready. The maturity he once reserved only for specific situations is now his dominant mental attitude, and it shows.

    Dick does also share a number of Bruce's negative personality traits, though it could be said that he is more aware of them than his mentor. He has admittedly serious trust difficulties and problems relying on people for problems that he deems to be his own. This causes serious problems for him when it comes to interpersonal relationships, especially because he also has even more of a lady's man streak in him than Bruce does. His charisma and confidence are still primary components of his personality, making him more of an easy person to be drawn to than his mentor. However, Dick has had several relationships during and since his time as Robin, all of which he has been unable to maintain long term due to his own issues. The martyr complex that Bruce possesses, in that Dick is willing to sacrifice himself in every sense of the word for the duty he's chosen to undertake, is another thing that the two have in common.

    Where Dick diverges from his father figure most significantly is in his view of his work, as it relates to others. Where his mentor takes an "everything for the mission" mentality, willing to even sacrifice others if it means the objective is reached, Dick refuses to do so. There was a time when he idolized this aspect of Bruce, and was determined to be just like Batman. However, the trauma of sending his teammates to their deaths inside of a simulation and seeing the consequences of that attitude unfold in front of him, has caused a massive divergence from this way of thinking. It was in fact this divergence that resulted in him leaving the role of Robin to pursue his own path in fighting crime. Dick is willing to sacrifice everything he has, even his life, for the sake of the mission. But he will not throw away his life and especially anyone else's if it can be avoided. And he is very good at finding ways to avoid it. In addition to this, while he keeps it mostly internalized, Dick is far more optimistic and idealistic than Bruce when it comes to justice and the world in general. He has consciously chosen to believe that crime can be beaten, not just fought, and has more faith in the nature of human-kind in general.

    Dick cares a great deal for Bruce, and for all the members of the batfamily. He is proud of having been his protege, and living up to the man Bruce hoped he would be. While they still work together well and have a good relationship however, the difference is that now Dick views his father figure as an equal rather than an idol. Someone who's approach and opinions can be opposed or disagreed with. While the trauma of losing his family is still what drives him to fight crime, Dick consciously refuses to let that pain control him as he feels it controls Bruce.


    • Born December 1st, 1996, Dick Grayson spent much of his childhood with his family, who performed as a popular acrobatic circus act known as "The Flying Graysons." This happy life was shattered however when a mob boss by the name of Zucco organized a "trapeze accident" when Dick was just 9 years old, which ended in the death of his entire family, with the exception of an uncle who was incapable of taking care of him following the event.
    • Dick was taken in and adopted by Bruce Wayne following this, who witnessed the accident occur and felt for the boy, sympathizing with the loss of his family. It soon became obvious that Dick was angry over the injustice done, and without direction as very likely to go down a path to vengeance that would take him to what Bruce knew were dark and dangerous places. Not wanting to see Dick become him, or worse, he took him under his wing as Batman, training him and eventually giving him the title of Robin.
    • For nearly 4 years following this Bruce and Dick were partners in crime fighting, with Dick displaying great ability and potential for his still very young age. Together the two eventually brought Zucco to justice, along with a great many other criminals. As Robin and in general, Dick developed a view of Bruce as his idol, a father figure that he struggled to impress and emulate.
    • At 13 Dick, alongside other sidekicks Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad, were expecting to be inducted into the Justice League and given full privleges as crime fighters of their own. However, when it became obvious that this was not what the adult heroes had in mind, at least as expediently as the young heroes were hoping, Dick, Kid Flash and Aqualad took it upon themselves to undergo a mission of their own - investigating a company known as Cadmus, finding and freeing Superboy, an attempted clone of Superman, in the process. When confronted on their actions the 4 stood up to their mentors, refusing to act only as sidekicks any longer. In response they were organized into a semi-independent covert ops team, and given their own HQ in Mount Justice. The team was joined soon after by M'gann M'orzz a.k.a Miss Martian, a supposed cousin of J'onn J'onzz.
    • After their first successful mission, stopping a massive distribution of the drug known as venom by Bane, a familiar foe to Robin, the team worked together over the following year with great effectiveness, often connecting with and undergoing missions with other young heroes including Zatanna, whom Dick formed a romantic relationship that lasted for a time before the two separated mutually. One standout event during this period that shaped Dick in the years to come was a telepathic training simulation run by J'onn J'onzz. The simulation went wrong when Artemis, another member of the team, "died" and the resulting trauma caused Miss Martian's mind to take over the simulation, causing the others to forget that what was happening was not real. Robin took over leading the team when Aqualad was forced to sacrifice himself, and was subsequently forced to send his friends to their deaths in an apparent suicide mission. All of the team were traumatized by the event, but Dick especially was forced to look at his desire to be just like Batman, and found that he did not agree with his mentor's "everything for the mission mentality," which eventually led to him questioning a multitude of Bruce's ideals.
    • Some time after October of 2012, Dick left his role as Robin and sidekick to Batman, striking out on his own from both him and the Team under the name "Nightwing." Jason Todd replaced him in the role of Robin, but some time after this died under mysterious circumstances and was replaced himself by Tim Drake. In 2015 he returned to the Team, stepping in as its leader. After the death of Aquagirl on a mission involving the dangerous criminal organization "The Light," responsible for the brainwashing of the adults in the Justice League in 2010, Dick and Aqualad formed an extremely secret plan for Aqualad to "betray" the Team and play double agent and eventually bring down the organization and a new Partner of theirs from the inside.
    • This plan, which the rest of the Team was not aware of, ran parallel to the group's other operations through 2015 and into 2016. These operations brought the Team into contact with a group known as the Reach, the partners of the Light. This partnership brought the Warworld - a massive satellite base in deep space - and its warlord, called Mongol, to earth. Most of the Team was lost on the Warworld after taking down Mongol with the exception of one of the members, Blue Beetle. He was converted to an agent of the Reach unbeknownst to the Team, which Dick discovered after deducing an attempt by Tim Drake to stop him from betraying the rest of the young heroes. This suspicion was confirmed from the team's HQ in Bludhaven the next day. As Dick left the warehouse however to obtain Miss Martian's help in tracking down the other young heroes, he was met by something he did not expect. A black hole seemingly to nowhere, and vines pulling him in despite his struggles to no avail. Rather than going back to Warworld, Dick Grayson was on his way to Pandora.


    Dick crouched atop one of Blackhaven's old, decrepit buildings, his eyes peeled as he searched the street below for any sign of movement. He could almost laugh, if he really thought about it. Here he was in what essentially was another dimension, stranded - though at least not without people he could rely on, he had to admit - and here he was patrolling. Barb would have been quick to tell him exactly who he was emulating with that decision, and she wouldn't be wrong, to be fair. The person in question just so happened to also be here, have made the exact same decision, and was in fact also on patrol tonight - albeit somewhere else in Pandora Town. Thankfully though, Batgirl wasn't here to have that discussion with him. No it was just him. On a rooftop, at night, waiting for dealers of a narcotic called skooma to pass by on their way to a deal location Bruce had tipped him off to. Ok that did bring a slight curve of his lips. Literally transported to a world entirely separate from his own, and Bruce was still here. That was hillariously unlikely on a level he actually couldn't calculate. And stats was like...his second best math subject.

    The truth was, interestingly enough, where he was actually wasn't what was putting him off the most. Crime didn't go away just because he changed locations, and where there were people hurting others, committing crimes - he had work to do. It had taken Dick only a couple of days of scouting the town where he'd landed to find out that Pandora was no exception. There were people to protect here just like anyone else, and that had decided for him what his course of action would be. No, what was really different here was doing street level work again. It had been a year since he'd started leading the Team, and since then everything had been...big league. The things he'd seen and done in the fight against the Light, the Reach, Mongol and his Warworld - it made even the idea of interdimensional travel seem reasonable. Being back on the streets, taking on one crime at a time, it almost seemed out of place now. But that didn't change his responsibility. Besides. Who knew what Bruce could screw up without Dick to keep him in check? His smile widened a bit, but quickly disappeared again when he heard footsteps approaching. Time to go to work.

    Dick knitted his eyebrows t 5 individuals coming around the corner in a small group in front of his building, reaching into a container on his thigh and retrieving a pair of high tech binoculars, raising them to his eyes and peering down. He blinked behind the lenses at what he saw, shaking his head and muttering quietly to himself. "Ok Bruce...whelmed. Officially whelmed." He had been told by his mentor that skooma was often run by Khajit, members of a feline-humanoid race that had a high tolerance to the drug, and he hadn't been kidding. With the night vision filter on the binoculars, he could easily make out tails poking out through holes cut in their drabby clothing, the outline of triangular, cat-like ears standing out even under the coat hoods they had pulled up. What was more important than their appearance though was something else he was looking for at Bruce's direction. Quickly identifying the leader, walking at the head of the pack with a self-important swagger, Dick checked his waist, identifying a large, leather pouch. The Khajit were moving something called "moon sugar," apparently the base form of the drug - a powder which would be later concentrated into a liquid form for consumption. It fetched a high price, though even the great Batman had yet to discover where the drug was being moved to within the city. Lowering the binoculars, Dick replaced them and nodded to himself, straightening and rolling his shoulders.

    He let the group get ahead a short ways before he set to following swiftly, a silent shadow leaping and tumbling from rooftop to rooftop as easily as if he were walking on flat ground. It wasn't long before his pursuit led he and the apparent dealers to an open area that was a convergence of two winding back alleys - the seediest part of the seedy part of town as it were. Dick slipped quietly down from the rooftop to a fire escape on the side of his building, melding into the shadows as he watched to confirm that this was in fact the deal in question. A few moments passed, but he was rewarded by the arrival of a second group of the feline race, this time dressed rather...oddly. Dressed in robes, wide voluminous hoods and with ornate looking daggers thrust into the sashes at their waists, these individuals looked more like some kind of cult group than drug users or other dealers. Dick's eyebrows narrowed. "What in the world..." The leader of the first group stepped forward, gesturing to the pouch at his waist. "We have the sugar," he said in a hushed and accented tone that reminded Dick of eastern European, though his voice carried enough in the echoey space for the vigilante above to hear. "You have coin, yes?" The costumed male nodded quietly to himself. That was all he needed to hear. The deal needed to be stopped, then he could nab one of the robed Khajit and get some information out of them.

    Dick lifted a hand to his mask, pressing a button on the side, which connected screens on the inside of the eyepieces to the computer on his wrist. With a twitch of his finger, his vision through the mask cycled to an x-ray mode as he appraised the men below. there 8 altogether, 3 robed and then the 5 originals. Most of them were only armed with knives, nothing he was particularly worried about. Towards the back though two of the dealers were armed, each with what looked like the shape of handgun. 8 on 1. Two significantly armed, enclosed space. Smoke should do the trick, he figured. If he could neutralize the two with the guns, the rest would be no problem. He'd just need to make sure no one left. Reaching into his pocket with one hand he with drew four items. Between two fingers were a pair of silver orbs, and between the other two a pair of batarangs. With his free hand he twitched a finger, his vision switching to thermal. The costumed male deftly tossed the two orbs down into the group, the small items rolling to a stop at the leader's feet with a light clinking noise. He had a moment to notice and blink down at them, before vents opened on the tops and sides, and smoke poured out, quickly filling the space as the group started to panic.

    Dick flipped over the rail of the fire escape, flinging both hands out in opposite directions. The batarangs flew true, to where he'd last seen the opening to either alleyway that would lead back to the street, the projectiles lodging themselves in the brick, a light in the center of each pulsing red as they armed themselves. He landed in a silent crouch, slipping on his rebreather. One of the armed Khajit at the back of the group of dealers went for his gun, all of them coughing and yelling in confusion, but before he could get it free, the vigilante was on him. Leaping high and flashing out his leg in a spinning kick, Dick caught the thug on the jaw, the feline crumpling to the ground with a loud crack. Without pausing he drew his escrima sticks from the holster on his thigh, dashing forward to two more of the thugs. The first took a blow to the stomach that folded him in half, followed by a resounding upward strike that caught him on the chin and sent him somersaulting backward through the air, unconscious before he hit the ground. Dick turned to the second target, when he found he had made a miscalculation. His strike was blocked neatly with a forearm, and a blade flashed out at his stomach, forcing him to jump backwards away from the blow aimed at the weak part of his armor.

    Dick narrowed his eyebrows. How?? Suddenly the obvious hit him like a ton of bricks. Cat people. Idiot! He'd accounted for their hearing, but neglected to think of everything. Refractive vision. They had some visibility on him despite the smoke, and Dick was quickly surrounded as the rest of the group recovered from the initial shock, starting to draw their weapons as the smoke began to clear. The vigilante backed away, flicking his eyes back and forth as he scanned the group and twitched his finger, his vision returning to normal. The leader of the dealers stepped forward, a menacing scowl twisting his visage as he bared his teeth. "You make a big mistake, human," he hissed, waving his blade. "Now...we bleed you." Quickly, Dick took stock. The armed Khajit was beginning to reach for his own weapon, but he was within striking distance. The others were closing quickly but being cautious, not sure what else he might have up his sleeve. Two down. 6 on one. New plan of attack.

    Quickly he moved one hand behind him in what appeared to be a defensive stance, but actually used the movement to conceal his pressing a button on the middle of his escrima stick, which caused thin silver bands on the top and bottom to spark and then glow blue. When the stick was finished charging he would throw it and disable the armed thug. Luckily he had a flash grenade on his as well. Refractive vision would only serve to hurt them the moment he set it off, and then the rest would be easy pickings. Dick allowed himself a smirk, backing up one more step. "I don't think so, pussycat." He shifted his weight, about to bring the charged escrima stick around to throw, when suddenly overhead came a sound like a small boom on the air, followed by a rush of wind. Having spent as much time around the Justice League as he had, Dick knew exactly what that sound meant. You've gotta be kidding me. As the sound had distracted his attackers as well, he allowed himself a quick glance up.

    Red, blue and gold? Check. Cape? Check. ...Wait. Was that a skirt???
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