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greater than zero | akane's directory

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Eris, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Eris

    Eris Player

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    Akane Kurashiki

    Zero Escape


    Basic Info
    I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me
    • Home: 903 Tverskaya Villa, Overcity Prime, Elysium, Cosmic Wilderness
    • Job: Councillor of Science, The Alliance
    • Pet: Gab the dog

    RelationshipsCharacters With 2+ Completed Threads / Deeper Interactions
    • Robin': Kind but quite fearful. Likely has a similar dark past to Akane. Akane feels sympathy for her and also wants to be her friend.
    • Sans: Akane's assistant at work. Seems friendly enough, but quite mysterious.

    OpinionsCharacters With 0-1 Completed Threads / Surface Interactions
    • Chibiterasu: Cute and fluffy, but making it hard to go along with the loss of faith.
    • The Governor: Nice kitty! ... mysterious kitty...
    • Monty Green: Reminds her of herself when she was younger; someone who may need some help.
    • Lapis Lazuli: Lost and unsure, but not a bad person.
    • Brigitte Lindholm: Friendly and may come from a world with similar circumstances.
    • Quirrel: A friendly bug who always has interesting things to say.
    • Nicholas St. North: The real Santa! Amazing!
    • Stitch: Kind and considerate. An alien dog... must learn more!
    • Jane Tobias: Need to keep an eye on her considering her recent trauma, and perhaps find a way to help.
    • Emily Young: Seems like she cares about the children in her charge quite a lot.
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  2. Eris

    Eris Player

    Writer & Nerd
    I just moved!
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    Summer Year 7
    June 14: Akane falls into Pandora along with Gab, landing in the outskirts of Pandora Town, and makes her way to Lon Lon Ranch. She stays at the ranch for about three weeks, learning about Pandora in bits and pieces from the travelers who pass by before eventually deciding to make the trek to Pandora Town.
    July 11: Dog Days Of Summer with Sans (FullMoon) - Akane meets a pun-loving skeleton as Gab spends time with his skeleton dog.
    July 11: One Dog, Two Dogs with Chibiterasu (Chio) - Akane finds a pup in need of water and ends up in over her head, leading to an embarrassing confrontation.
    July 12: Sprinkles of Positivity with Luna Lovegood (Diana) - While getting ice cream, Akane encounters another girl about her age who also believes in the unbelievable.
    July 14: There Is More To Life Than Breath with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Wisdom) - Akane meets a kind ally who helps her after she is faced with one of her greatest fears.
    July 16: Double The Love, Double The Grief with Mat Cauthon (Keira) - Akane angsts over the sight of a pair of red-headed twins.
    July 17: We're Going On A Dragon Hunt with Imra Ardeen (Carnelian)
    July 19: Akane takes a boat to Cascade Bay and moves into 113 Cascade Bay
    July 19: Game Girls Cross Paths with Millicent (Liquid Snake)
    July 21: Beach Drama with The Governor (Dharke) - Akane recovers her kidnapped dog with the help of an unlikely ally.
    July 22: A Blue Drop Falling with Lapis Lazuli (Helena) - Akane explains Pandora to a new arrival.
    July 30: Sea, Sand, And... What Is That? with Lift (Keira) - Akane and Gab encounter a strange creature and its handler on the beach.
    August 2: Magic Hat: Starry-Eyed Surprise with Brigitte Lindholm (FullMoon) - Akane meets a new friend while stargazing in the outskirts of Pandora Town.
    August 4: Use You As A Warning Sign with Monty Green (Octi) - While in her hotel room, an armed man pops into Pandora from elsewhere. Akane eventually befriends Monty.
    August 5: Wishes Carried Upon Stars - Akane travels to Pandora Town and attends a traditional Tanabata festival on River Street.
    August 8: Akane becomes employed at Benici's Seaside Bistro
    August 11: A Birthday Party with Emily Young (Linnie) - Akane works as a waitress at a child's birthday party.
    August 19: Another Day In Paradise with Laureline (Blix) - Akane meets a woman and her strange pet on the beach.
    August 25: Tonight We'll Be Deathless - Akane travels to Misty Hollow to attend a festival celebrating spirits and the dead.

    The Calamity
    Hour 8: Didn't See This Thing On The Moon [Calamity] with Stitch (Prix) - Akane meets a blue alien dog who helps her find shelter during the beginning of the Calamity.
    Hour 71: In The Shadow Of The End... [Calamity] with Nero (Leo) - Akane spends the frantic end of the Calamity with a stranger and a dune buggy fallen from the sky.

    Fall Year 108
    Early September: The Calamity resolves and Akane is drawn into the Cosmic Wilderness. The people around her remember her Fake History as the Councillor of Science in Elysium and a prominent inventor.
    September 1: Kurashiki Forgets Identity, No Comment On Cosmic Tortoises - Akane confuses a journalist immediately after her arrival into the new Pandora.
    September 3: Time To Explore A Friendlier Space with Quirrel (InclinedToServe) - Akane makes friends with a bug who remembers the world before the change.
    September 5: Mechanical Distraction with Robin' (InclinedToServe) - Akane helps a stranger make it through the terrifying experience of space travel.
    September 7: Solving The Mystery with Toyosatomimi no Miko (FullMoon) - Akane encounters a person who reminds her of one of her favorite legends.
    September 9: Small Big World with Sans (FullMoon) - Akane discovers her new assistant is an old friend.
    September 11: Give A Dog A Bone with Papyrus (Bria)
    September 18: Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Esper? with Anakin Skywalker (Siri)
    September 27: Caught In The Grind with Jasnah Kholin (Steel)
    October 5: Death And Resurrection with Jane Tobias (Linnie) - Akane meets someone else dealing with traumatic resurrection and helps her sort through her feelings and memories.
    October 28: To: Akane Kurashiki - Akane receives a Princess Kitty Halloween Decoration from the anonymous Spider-Spook.
    November 20: Two Scientists Meet At A Bar with Lena Luthor (TerraNova)

    Winter Year 108
    December 8: Naughty and Nice with Nicholas St. North (Hunter) - Akane meets the real Santa and he remembers a childhood wish for world peace and a bunny rabbit, gifting her with a stuffed bunny.
    December 8: Cheers, Mate. with Crowley (Jack)
    December 24: To: Akane Kurashiki - Akane receives a letter of thanks and a present from Robin, who she helped earlier in the year.
    January 4: Hello, I'm Your New Assistant with Sans (FullMoon)
    February 1: Majestic with Jace Herondale (Renee)

    Timeline Events Ongoing Complete Planned Event Dead ☎ Text​
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