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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Greed, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Greed

    Greed Fullmetal Alchemist
    The Avaricious

    Bartender/Crime Boss
    Devil's Nest
    Around 200
    Chaotic Neutral
    They weren't my "friends". Henchmen are like money and women: possessions. And killing them is like stealing from me. And NOBODY steals from me!

    Played by FullMoon

    Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga/Brotherhood)
    Age: Looks to be in his 20s but is actually around 200 years old
    Species: Homunculus
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Episode 14, while he's running away from Edward and Izumi.
    NPC Companions: None


    Being a homunculus, Greed is essentially an improved human in every aspect, be it strength, durability, agility or stamina, he surpasses the limit of what a regular human can do. He also doesn't require food, water or even oxygen to live, being fully self-sustainable; and is also completely immune to poisons and diseases of any kind. Lastly, he doesn't age past the point he currently is and so will retain his youthful appearance forever.

    Greed's Philosopher's Stone allows him to heal any damage done to him, no matter how extreme it may be (such as being decapitated, incinerated or even blown up) he'll always heal and come back in perfect condition as if nothing had happened, although depending on the extent of the damage it does take longer for him to heal.

    Ultimate Shield
    Greed's main power is the power to convert his skin to graphene, which strengthens his body considerably and makes it almost completely invulnerable. He usually uses this on select parts of his body, such as his hands, during combat, although he can easily cover his entire body in this way. He has complete control over the composition of this protective layer and as such he can even turn into very weak graphite if he wanted for some reason.

    His fingernails become very sharp while the shield is up, making them able to cut through stone and metal with ease. The shield also doesn't hinder his movement in any way, allowing him to freely move around while making himself nearly invulnerable, although if there's a strong enough impact he can still be knocked around by strong attacks.


    Although Greed is capable of regenerating from any damage done to his body, he can't do it forever. His Philosopher's Stone runs on limited power and if it ever ends, Greed is going to die for good. He also cannot heal and shield himself at the same time, which means if he gets caught by surprise or is overwhelmed by constant attacks, he would not be able to properly shield himself while trying to heal off the damage that was done.

    Abilities that can alter the composition of his Ultimate Shield can also significantly gimp it, as it could make it not as resistant as it normally is or even make it weaker than a normal human's body depending on the effect.

    More damning, however, is the fact that Greed's confidence and vanity makes it so that he rarely fully covers his body with the shield due to it messing up his good looks, meaning he tends to leave at the very least his head exposed to attacks. He also cares very little about damage being done to his body since it can heal itself, meaning he lets himself take more damage than would be wise to.


    Being the embodiment of the sin, Greed is very selfish and understand avarice better than anyone else. He wants everything, be it money, power, women and even the world itself; and will get what he gets through any means necessary. This desire to have everything leads to him being very rebellious and doing only what he wants, as such, he doesn't really listen to authority, not even his own creator.

    Despite this, Greed is very affable, easygoing and even downright friendly, leading to him having a very charismatic personality that leads to him easily earning the loyalty of others. He treats his henchmen well and, although he might deny it, he cares for them, making him a surprisingly good leader. He also has a bit of a moral code, prefering not to fight against women if he can and being very honest, not telling even a single lie.

    He's also somewhat narcissitic, being very proud of his good looks and not making use of the full-extent of his powers due to it changing him into something that looks less appealing. Although he's normally very calm and doesn't seem to be fazed by most things, once he gets angered he can be be very violent and reckless when fighting.

    He sees humans as weak and powerless, but doesn't actually harbor any hatred towards them or even any sociopathic behavior unlike his siblings. He is all too willing to have humans as his subordinates and treats them with his usual friendly disposition, even believing that his regeneration and Ultimate Shield are the only things that make his body really different from that of a normal human.

    Lastly, although it's not something that Greed would admit himself and to an extent isn't even aware of, in the end all he really wants are true friends who care for him and vice-versa and most of his own greed comes from the fact that he feels empty and, as such, tries to fill in the void with anything he can.


    Full body:


    Ultimate Shield:



    Greed was the third Homunculus created by Father, but he ended up defecting because following his creator's ambitions would prevent him from obtaining his wordly desires and eventually settled in a bar called the Devil's Nest in Dublin, where he gathered many henchmen who were chimeras made by the military that he saved from experimentation.

    He caught wind of the Elric brothers, specifically, Alphonse Elric, and was curious about the young boy trapped in a suit of armor, as Greed was looking for a way to become truly immortal. He had his henchmen kidnap Alphonse, but ended up having to lure Edward to the Devil's Nest since he was the one who knew about the process that led to his brother being put in that armor. The two of them fought, with Greed initially having the upper hand until Edward figured out how his Ultimate Shield worked and began turning things around.

    That was when the Elric brother's teacher, Izumi, made her appearance. Now having two opponents to deal with, Greed decided to run away since he had already bought enough time for his henchmen to run away with Alphonse, however, while he was on his way to regroup with them, he was suddenly pulled down by black vines and was brought into Pandora.


    Well, out of all the things he was expecting to happen that day, getting in a fight with a bratty kid and a housewife wasn't anywhere close to the top of the list. Even farther from the top was what happened while Greed was trying to ditch the two of them while the lady seemed to be struggling with all the blood that was coming out of her mouth for some reason.

    He was making a dash towards the sewers where he would meet up with Marta and the others and escape with the armor boy, but as he ran he suddenly felt something grab his feet and he only had a split second to look down and see the black vines before his body was pulled down into nothingness.

    Or that was what he thought at first, until he opened his eyes and found himself lying down on grass. He immediately sat up and began looking around, taking notice of the fact that he was in an empty field surrounded by nothing but nature. That was definitely not Father's hideout, but who else would be able to pull something like that except the old man? There didn't seem to be anyone around either, so now he was stuck somewhere else while his henchmen would probably be running in circles looking for him. Now that was just great.

    "... Man, things just aren't going my way today are they?" Greed muttered in what was perhaps too little of a reaction considering what had just happened. He stood up and dusted his clothes and looked around for any hint of where in the world he even was, only to find nothing. "Now what...?" He asked himself as he tried to figure out where to even go from there.

    After a couple of minutes of only standing around doing nothing, Greed merely sighed and began moving in a random direction hoping that he would actually reach somewhere eventually. He could only hope that the others would manage to get away while he was out, otherwise all that effort to get the armor boy would have been for nothing.
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  2. Nic

    Nic Coordinator
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    your application is

    Greed is looking good! Have fun with him, FullMoon!