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News Article Green Lantern Press Run!

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Hal Jordan, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Hal Jordan

    Hal Jordan DC Universe
    The Only and Hottest Lantern You'll Ever Need

    GL Corps Leader
    Chaotic Good
    Green Lantern Press Run!
    May 16th Onward
    Former Starfleet lieutenant and poster boy, Harold Jordan has publicly come out as the vigilante known throughout Pandora as the Green Lantern. After suddenly stepping down from his position within Starfleet four months ago, Harold was said to be living in Centria up until he was rumored to have died just over a month ago. And while the average news story would end with that, this has quite the unexpected turn.

    The lone Green Lantern of Pandora has come to an agreement with Elysium to help fund his soon to be formed fully independent militia based around his Lantern abilities. As a means to both announce and promote the Green Lantern Corps Harold has begun to go on a number of morning and late night shows. And thanks to Harold's lack of political correctness it seems the man is more than willing to speak freely before everyone about everything.

    The sheer fact that he's stated he agrees with much of Elysiums system has left critics claiming he's just another pawn, likely one who'll end up pushing Gen Sec Anakin's agenda down the line. But there are those who've heard his views on the number of restrictions(freedom of speech mainly) and the rumored mysterious disappearance and re-education programs have left many to believe he'll aid in pushing the Alliance in the right direction.

    More so due to his claims that he'll investigate each and every single report sent to the Green Lantern Corps once they get off the ground. Of course, we'll be sure to keep you updated as more is told. But until be sure to watch Harold Jordan on tonight's edition of the 'Elysian Tonight' on at 9 PM.

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