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Grimes, Carl

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by Carl Grimes, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes Visitor

    the world is never the same after the apocalypse

    Played by Matty

    Fandom: The Walking Dead
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Season 6, Episode 1
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Carl has had to pick up skills most kids his age never imagined. His knowledge in handling firearms is quite intensive, to the point he has become quite the marksman. Being able to hit targets from a pretty good yard or more away from wherever he stands. Carl is novice at best when it comes to close quarters combat. Being able to hold his own in most fights. There are a few odds, and ends that he has picked up at some point. Hot wiring cars, siphoning gas tanks, and picking locks to state the ones most prominent. Besides what is stated already he is quite normal, and lack any otherworldly superpowers.


    Carl has had mature to accommodate the state of the world. There were times that he made mistakes which occasionally turned deadly. Yet, while he made those mistakes he has learned from them. Past events has made it hard for him to easily trust others. It isn't necessarily because of anything in particular that the people in question does. Though one act that proves them as trustworthy is the only thing that he needs.

    In the time that their group came together he has become fiercely protective. Carl would die or kill to keep anyone of them alive. It takes a lot of responsibility for someone his age to take a life. One would say that his killing is something that he has no remorse over. Psychologically the mind of one still growing has become damaged. Still it is a small price to pay to keep those he loves alive.

    Carl has come quite skilled and capable to the point of being dependable. While not particularly the best marksman he can hold his own against those more skilled. His true talent lies in his knife, where as his small frame allows him to move quickly to get close. While not being physically strong, the weakened skull of walkers makes physical strength less important. Most members of the group would count of him to watch any of their backs.All in all Carl is matured, protective, and obviously a bit damaged.

    Takes time to trust others, but once gained he would die to protect anybody close. One couldn't possibly imagine the consequences of growing up in the world from a young age. Yet, he has somehow made it strengthen him instead of losing himself. Carl will continue to fight if nothing else to make sure his sister stays alive


    Despite being in the apocalypse Carl has grown nicely into his own. Not yet hitting his growth spurt he stands at merely 5'7 weighing close to 156 pounds. Under the sheriff hate perched on his head, lie uncut messy brown hair accompanied by blue eyes. Even though it isn't quite noticeable under his clothes muscles had become to develop. Giving signs to the fact that he is growing slowly, but would soon be the man his mother wished him to be. Still he has quite a time to go before he is fully developed.

    When it comes to his clothing style Carl dresses quiet relaxed. Mostly plaid shirts usually unbuttoned with some sort of short-sleeved shirt beneath. Jeans that are slowly become a bit too big on him though not to the point of being bothersome. Boots which only gives to the cowboy persona accompanied by the sheriff hat on his head. A gun holster rests on his right hip while his knife sheath rests on his left. Carl is becoming quite the young man. Hoping to live up to the man his mother wanted him to be.




    Alexandria has been the place that the group had been searching for. It had everything they needed to try to return to some sort of normalcy. It had some rebuilding to do sure, but it was just another chance to make it their own. The people of the town had banded together to restore their home to its former glory. For once since they lost the prison Carl believed that they weren't the only strong survivors left.

    His first impression of the town had not been very open-minded. His hardened survivor side believed the town was built to make them weak. The people had their heads up their asses trying to pretend the world had been restored. Carl wanted to show them the countless outfits he had covered in walker guts. Just the smell alone would have them puking their guts out. All in all he wanted nothing to do with them.

    While they had proved themselves defending the town he still felt a bit iffy about them. Carl had been damaged not only physically, but psychologically too. With the left side of his face shredded he felt a bit self-conscious about it. Like everybody whispered behind his back talking about how ugly he looked. Daryl joked that women like men with scars so that did make him feel a tad better. Enid had stayed by his side throughout everything they had gone through.

    Speaking of Enid he had to admit he felt as if things between them felt good. They snuck out into the woods just to sit there reading comic books. Something that used to make him feel like he was a kid again. Now since they had a stable place he allowed himself to feel that way. Carl glanced over occasionally to stare at her for no reason. Yes he sort of liked her, but wasn't sure if he liked her more than a friend. One reason he liked her had been because she acted like him a bit more than the other kids.

    An engine roared nearby, and immediately he knew his father had returned. He and Daryl had been going out every day to search for supplies. Often did they ask him if he wanted to tag along though he always turned them down. Since losing his eye Carl turned his focus on staying behind to keep Judith safe. She was the only reason he kept moving forward no matter what happens to him. If he kept her alive he knew he wouldn't give up on surviving.

    “We should get back.”

    The teen spoke as he stood readjusting the hat perched on his head. Carl held on to his bowie knife as he trudged back towards Alexandria. Leafs crumbled beneath their feet as they walked as not a sound could be heard. Every day they went around the surrounding woods to clear any walkers that got too close to the town. If they wanted to feel a bit more normal having little to no walkers was key.

    “Do you think they found anything useful?” Enid had asked.

    “Not sure, but anything could be useful at this point.” he added.

    Carl knew that any supplies could be useful to the town's success. The supplies in the kitchen, and armory wasn't going to last forever. At the same time, supplies were scarce so finding anything was more luck than anything else. Finally, they emerged from the woods and jogged through the gates as they closed. Sasha on duty caught his eye as he nodded towards her. Instead of the supplies his attention went directly towards the survivor.

    They barely had enough supplies for the people that they currently had. Carl still understood that they needed to stay true to the values they had. It wasn't like they could leave survivors out there to survive on their own. His only worry was that letting people in could lead to more trouble. Still he trusted his father so he knew he had his own reasons for his actions.

    “Hey Carl! How about you help get him settled?” his father asked as he noticed his son.

    “Sorry, but I need to check on Judith.”
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