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News Article Grisly Murder "Display" Found In Silverpool

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by ChaoticAbsolute, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. ChaoticAbsolute

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    October 10
    On October 11th, Silverpool was shocked and horrified at what can only be described as a macabre display of death found just a few steps away from the iconic casino, 'The Bomb.' Full details available will not be described in their entirety here to due to the graphic and unsettling nature of the crime scene, however the case has been deemed a murder by Pandora Town Watch.

    The scene of the crime was discovered early in the morning of the 11th by a casino employee walking past an alleyway in which the murder occurred on their way home from an overnight shift, and is believed to have occured the night prior. The employee was unavailable for a comment, but close relatives have been contacted, and made the statement that they are, 'currently recovering from the shock of the scene, and possibly seeking psychiatric treatment.' As of 9:00 A.M., the alleyway has been sealed off by Town Watch from public view, and traffic is being directed in an alternate route to avoid exposure. It is confirmed that the murder seems to have been carried out with a ballistic weapon of some kind at close range, and while this article can not speculate on whether or not the murder was premeditated, we can confirm that it appears some implement was used to maim the victim beforehand. Perhaps the most disturbing detail in this case is the description of the scene by one onlooker before the alley was closed off as, 'some kind of murder performance piece.' We were able to obtain a statement from an officer on scene, who said: "I've honestly never seen anything like it, neither have any of the boys here. We believe the body may have been manipulated after death into it's current position; how is still under investigation. Whoever did this, they wanted people to see it."

    Our reporter on this story was provided a preliminary report of the details, but was not allowed to view the body personally. The Town Watch has asked us to assure the general public that they believe this to be an isolated incident, however citizens of Silverpool are encouraged to travel in groups if possible after dark, and an increased police presence at 'The Bomb' and areas in close proximity is in place for the time being.

    OOC Information

    Oh hi there, Pandora~ So, a man known only as Khada Jhin has arrived in Pandora, and his purpose is to create these 'perfect' scenes for all to see and be enthralled by. He is a psychopathic serial killer, specializing in the use of his powerful gun Whisper, traps and guile who equates death and the gruesome contorting of his victims' bodies with his magic to works of art, believing that he is making them 'beautiful.' This is his first scene, but be assured, he will kill again. And each piece will be more grand than the last.

    I would love to have a few things possibly happen here. I really want to pit Jhin up against someone or even a couple people on the justice side of the equation for him to be pursued and play with a little bit. Our artist here is brilliant, devious, and has the advantage of a lifetime of stagehand experience, which he uses to expertly hide his face with makeup. Having evaded some extremely skilled trackers for years before he was caught the first time in his homeworld, Jhin is certainly no stranger to evading the law of the l and. No one has ever seen him unmasked and lived, and so the face under the makeup and behind the mask he wears to kill is almost entirely unknown. I'm sure it would be a marvelous chase, and a little cat and mouse is always a fun subject for RP I think!

    On the other side I'd be more than interested to have an interest taken in him by other criminals, he's already made contact with @James Moriarty, who seems to be quite intrigued with his methods. Also possibly contact with a group who might see his work and want to hire him for his...unique services would be something I'd be all for. I'll be setting up a discussion thread for anyone interested shortly, but please, drop some IC responses here if you like, to let me know who might be itnerested~

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