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News Article Guards Raid Pandoravision Looking for Cop Murderer

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Pietro Maximoff, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Pietro Maximoff

    Pietro Maximoff Marvel Universe

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    24 (+1)
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    June 14, Y108

    The 63rd annual running of Pandora's often controversial inter-regional singing competition, held in Heavenfell this year, was interrupted by a guard raid last night during one of the performances. Centria's own @Simon Lewis was in the middle of his semi-final act when the guards disrupted the crowd to seemingly flush out someone wanted for a murder conducted in Pandopolis. No video footage of the event had been uncovered due to the technological difficulty that the Vales presents but the very public display was caught on audio as well as witnessed by multiple event goers.

    The chase ended in the culprits purportedly getting away using some type of portal magic, however the police have issued a short public statement. Wanted for the murder of an undercover cop during a drug dealing bust, a surveillance image of the fugitive has been posted at the bottom of this article. The fugitive's name is unknown, but is described as white-haired, fair skin, 6', wearing tracksuit, and reported is capable of moving at very fast speeds. The woman he was with that night was vaguely described by eyewitnesses to be dark-haired, fair skinned, shorter height, and wielding magic with a red hue. The male is considered armed and dangerous.

    A bounty of £10,000, or equivalent of depending on region, was posted this morning for the information or capture of the man. The woman, who was deemed to be his possible accomplice, is wanted for questioning. Any knowledge about the whereabouts of the either persons should be reported to the closest law enforcement agency.


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