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Hail HYDRA-Wanna Join the terrorists with the most-est?

Discussion in 'Brainstorming (Guest Friendly!)' started by Ophelia Sarkissian, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    "Hail, Hydra! Immortal Hydra! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off one head, two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master—as the world shall soon serve us! Hail Hydra!"

    So, as you can see here Ward has been declared a Terrorist Fiend and has gone off-radar to start recruiting for HYDRA. Madame HYDRA has arrived on site, guns blazing in all her badass glory. So we have two Heads of HYDRA roaming around Pandora looking for skilled people to add to their ranks.

    What we would like to do is have a group available for characters who want to join the Terrorist Group known as HYDRA. This Group is gonna get pretty serious, actually in-acting terrorist-y acts all across Pandora to stir up a bit of Chaos. The end-game of HYDRA is as it always has been, Pinky: to try to take over the Pandorian World!

    So if your character likes causing chaos for chaos's sake, likes the idea of a united Pandora controlled under the iron fist of HYDRA, tell us and then come brainstorm with us below!

    Some potential ideas in the works that we can discuss/You can put your two-cents on:

    1. You can join other groups such as HUMANS or Kingsmen. The idea is that HYDRA's influence is everywhere, always watching Wazowski, always watching. As joining other groups, they could essentially make their character's sleeper agents, ready to act the moment Ward or Sarkissian snap their fingers. That'll add a new dynamic of feels, issues with friendships, the idea that if you are caught by say the Kingsmen you could be killed. Drama! Death! Murder baby~

    2. Operating an illegal trade such as weapons manufacturing or drugs in order to gain funds. There will be no legal connections to HYDRA, however they will be the one controlling it and distributing funds to nicer things: like bombs. That means that they'll need drug dealers/smugglers/scientists who are not really 'brothers' but surely get their paycheck from the many-headed dragon that is HYDRA. Meaning you can be apart of the group, get HYDRA's protection as say a drug dealer/smuggler/scientist in exchange for your good work and monies. So even if you don't want to join as an agent, you can still join as this role!

    3. When agents join, they are assigned a handler (either Ward or Sarkissian) who manage their duties and keep them up-to-date on missions and keep them well trained, etc. They also understand that once they join, there is no going back. The handler is both their guardian and potential executioner. People who show undying loyalty to the cause and are skilled enough could become handlers themselves. We could create Level rankings for members where missions completed and accomplishments could rise or lower their level.

    4. Mother-fucking-terroristy fun-times. Set up of fun events where HYDRA attacks certain areas in Pandora to incite all that fear and chaos that Ward loves and the Madame adores. These events are optional for HYDRA members, they can join the mission if they want or they can keep doing their thing. These events can also be open to groups like Kingsmen, Avengers, etc who want to stop HYDRA's fun time, which can create enemies and problems, and drama.

    So come on in, don't be shy, plot away with us! And Hail HYDRA. ;-)

    @Grant Ward
  2. Semirhage

    Semirhage Guest

    HAI. Okay so, I've been looking around for something long term that Semi could have a hand in because at the moment, writing with her is starting to feel a little stale and I want to shake things up a bit.

    A quick rundown on Semi: She's a powerful sorceress who pledged her soul to the Dark One, who is a cosmic force in her world that pretty much created all evil yada yada. She's a phenomenal Healer who can heal pretty much everything except death, she's an even better torturer, she's a scientist who's always finding new ways to torment people into insanity and pushing people to do absolutely awful things, etc, and she's also a deceptive, manipulative woman with a head for tactics and strategy who has commanded armies in battle. Her sorcery also allows her to cover herself with magic so that she appears to people as anyone she wants. She's currently using at least four different guises around Pandora, one of which she uses while working at Pandora's Hospital as a Healer called Nerith.

    Oh yeah, and she can mind control, too.

    And she has two creatures with her called Myddraal that have no eyes and whose gazes instill fear on all but the most strong-willed people who look on them, are masters with swords and can teleport between shadows.

    Maybe HYDRA will be interested in her..? ;D

    Thing with Semirhage is that she is incredibly arrogant. She considers herself better than the vast majority of people and because of that it takes quite a lot to make her feel threatened in the least bit. Pretty unwise of her really, but aren't most villains ridiculously egotistical? I'm sure HYDRA as an organisation would perhaps mildly intrigue her since if it dominates Pandora she has less in the way of her being a science jerk and wouldn't need to hide, though it would also probably mainly amuse her, and were she to be recruited, she wouldn't be satisfied with being a grunt at the bottom of the ladder.

    I'm also having a little bit of trouble working out how they could find out about each other. Semirhage has several different locations around Pandora that she uses as lairs, though the caves in Silverwood are the only place where she uses her own face, and there are only a few people in Pandora who know what she actually looks like.

    Sorry for this rambling mess and apologies if I've not really given you anything good to work with, haha. I'm still trying to figure out ways for her to catch their interest at the moment... I suck at scenarios :|

    #2 Semirhage, Nov 8, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 8, 2016
  3. Hmmmmm

    She could be recruited as a scientist first? If she's a super-secret scientist, she might just hear around through rumors that a mysterious organization is looking for scientists and are paying them lots of money to do some dirty deeds. She isn't satisfied with just not knowing about this mysterious organization, so she straight up asks Ophelia about it while they meet to discuss payment and what she'll be doing as a scientist? Soooo she basically finds them through their recruiting of scientists and such? Gets interested?

    Ultimately, I could see her as a pretty effective member of HYDRA. Totes probably wouldn't start at the bottom of the ladder, so I wouldn't worry about that, but Ward and Sarkissian would probably keep her as a scientist until they know they can trust her enough with higher level status. Cause I know Oph would really like her, but she'd also be wary of the magic stuff cause she doesn't know anything about that magic stuff. I don't know about Ward himself though: what do yah think, Tucker-brah?
  4. Grant Ward

    Grant Ward Marvel Universe

    Criminal, Terrorist, Spy
    Misty Hollow
    Neutral Evil
    Yep, I think she'd be recruited as a scientist initially, and given the freedom to explore her...hobbies through HYDRA's nefarious means. Once she earns some trust and such, Ward or Ophelia could even have her moved up the totem pole to an influential position within HYDRA! :D
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  5. @Semirhage

    Neat! So what do you think? I can start up a thread where Sem meets up with Ophelia to have an 'interview' or you can? Unless you want to re-think this?
  6. Semirhage

    Semirhage Guest

    Ahhh, sorry guys, I'm trash and forgot about this. I'm unsure really whether she would contact them if she heard about them wanting scientists, or really, how she would even hear about it. She used to head a pretty extensive spy network back in her own world but that isn't something that's really caught her interest so far in Pandora. I guess maybe her Myrddraal could pick up rumours and relay them to her thinking such a thing could be of use. She wouldn't be interested in money at all, but she might go along to meet Ophelia and get a feel for her and what they do because it's always a good idea to keep an eye on things going on.

    Since Semirhage is a highly deceptive person, there's no saying how much she displays at the 'interview' will be a disguise and how much will actually be her. I'll figure that out as I go xD But yeah, if you wanna start up the 'interview' thread that'd be cool! Semi's mostly free through October if that works?

  7. Neat Neat and more Neat!

    How about in November? Or we can wait for the season to change, Oph didn't show up until October, and didn't reveal herself to Ward until November 12th. If you are cool for a random day in November I could do that, if not I can hook you back up for the change of Season in December?
  8. Semirhage

    Semirhage Guest

    November would work fine! I think she only has a thread on Nov 17, so any other date is fine!

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  9. Metus

    Metus The Puppeteer

    The Netherlands
    Hello, I know my activity is on a deep-end low level right now, but I do have someone who likes chaos just for chaos's sake. He's not really doing all that much on that level since his younger brother's been a bit of a jerk and he's met other powerful life forms, also humans which surprise him quite a lot. I'm talking about Raditz, he doesn't like to be commanded or anything, he has had that a lot in his life, but if they give him amusing things to do, he might just consider it and a place like Pandora can use some more chaos in his opinion. Apart from that, he cares very little for who controls the place as long as he can make people suffer also he wants to become stronger and more powerful than some people *coughKakarotcough* so he can deal with them too.

    On another note: He can use some technician, he's still running around with his broken Scouter and trying to use something that is malfunctioning isn't really working out too well for him. At least it hasn't blown up yet since he keeps it mostly turned off.
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  10. theioashdfoiasdf Raditz!

    Well we have our nifty science and technology division that would be fine with helping a new recruit out, myboi, and would totes help repair that Scouter. And as for amusing things where we get to blow stuff up and make people sad and miserable: you have COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! *jazz hands*

    It seems that he would work best as a mercenary type, someone who can leap in and kick some ass, take some names. I can't see Raditz becoming a super secret Agent man, so having fun blowing stuff up might be his best roll for the organization. That and giving him experimental enhancements so he can be better than that one Karrot Kackoraooroo guy pffft he's so last year.

    Maybe he could eventually be head-mercenary man? Who knows? He certainly has the power to do so, that alien strength is the business. So even if he has to take orders sometimes, he'll get to order other people around eventually and that's good too! :D

    How about Raditz hears a shady organization is hiring muscle and decides he needs money and learns they could also maybe fix that scouter? Whatchathink?
  11. Raditz

    Raditz Guest

    Eheheh. Sounds all great. He'd definitely would be more of a mercenary type than anything, heck it's not entirely different from his past job. He's not the type to become some kind of agent. If he can make it to the point where he leads others, he'd be sure to beat them into shape. =P He'd be happy to show his superiority over some others, having had that done to him enough in the past with how Vegeta and Nappa were.

    If Raditz hears of someone hiring muscle, he might just check it out he could use the money anyway and he doesn't really know too well what all he can do around the place outside killing some travelers and robbing them when he's not trying to find a way out of Pandora. He's been actively searching for some people to fix his Scouter as well, so it's a win-win for him. Especially if he can beat some people to a pulp in return. Would probably also raise his current mood, since he's been mainly annoyed with everything for months now. =P

    Raditz hasn't really been able to find Kakarrot for a while now either, so I would think this organization would also be a help in regards of information. :)
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  12. Caleb Dume

    Caleb Dume Guest

    I don't really know what to say, but here.... Have a skilled force user who is full of anger and desires for revenge.... Caleb is skilled at combat both with and without the force/ meaning he can kick butt without using his powers if he has to, has become rather skilled in the force since he was blinded and he is unafraid to hurt/kill others...

    Basically, Caleb could probably do a lot of things Hydra would ask of him and he'd probably be a useful Powered asset to have on side.... Especially if he's allowed to hurt the HUMANS group...
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  13. @Raditz
    Nice nice nice! Welcome on board, m8. So Raditz goes around hearing about mercenary work to be had and goes on a quest to meet the big bosses, either @Grant Ward or Madame HYDRA. Which one do you want to meet with? Grant has been doing more of the work of getting men to fight, but Madame HYDRA has been doing more recruiting. Which do you think Raditz will take to better?

    @Caleb Dume
    Ooooh a bitter force user is always fun!

    Ophelia might be a bit reserved on his youth (not that she has a problem with putting kids in harms way OR letting them join. She was ten herself when she became an Agent), but rather that he is young and might not be able to get the jobs needed done without a heavy bit of training with controlling his emotions, being able to trick people, being able to sneak around, etc etc

    She'd be more than happy to do it if you are okay with her being in that role, and to promise him revenge on HUMANS if he swears eternal allegiance to the HYDRA cause. But he's gonna have to work hard, and force powers is not enough to become an agent of HYDRA. And I'm sure he'll surpass all of her expectations and become the best HYDRA agent ever. Mama HYDRA will be the proudest as he goes off assassinating people, tears will be in her eyes, she'll feel slightly emotional. What do yah think?
    #13 Ophelia Sarkissian, Dec 4, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2016
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  14. Raditz

    Raditz Guest

    Hmm... Not entirely sure who'd fit better. Seeing Madame HYDRA is the one doing the recruiting, I could see Raditz earlier meet her when it involves mercenary work while he's more likely to attack Grant if he's getting people to fight. Either for amusement or... err... well, it's all amusement in the end... Not too sure how much of it would be good for training. Plus, even that would be amusement.

    Though, Raditz is not the most friendly sort to come across, even if he's a bit more tame than how he acted to the farmer, Piccolo, and Goku's group. So unsure, would Madame HYDRA like to meet the annoyed Saiyan or would Grant's group like someone crashing the party?
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    So Ophelia can handle his grumpy no problem! She'll be nice and charming and very very flattery. And eventually mention that if he wants to make money and fix his shit, he can join their organization.

    Where do you want them to meet? Maybe Raditz is in a fighting ring trying to make fast cash? Ophelia watches him and goes talk to him when he takes a break? Or maybe he finds her, cause he hears of the recruiting stuff?
  16. Lanni

    Lanni Player

    Human Nerd
    Guests/nonmembers can now post as you can see!

    Sorry everyone!
  17. Caleb Dume

    Caleb Dume Guest

    Wooooooo Lanni! xD

    @Ophelia Sarkissian - Caleb actually has relative control of his emotions most of the time (he just gets extra extra scary when extra mad) and has done undercover work and knows how to move about undetected, he's a wanted man for murders he committed in the tower hill riots (though not wanted at the same level that Ward is currently wanted) He's also wanted by the HUMANS for his acts against them for he's kind of been working as a one man army against them for awhile.... Also he should have a place on Vader's special forces (Working for the government) when that plot picks up when Siri is less busy which could come in handy for information gathering for them.... Basically he's more of an asset than a liability... Though extra training won't hurt him and will only improve upon the abilities he already has...

    Talking about the riots from the past made me consider how they would end up recruiting him, via the riot footage could originally spark Ophelia's interest.... Then maybe he could kill two NP Hydra lackeys who had been placed HUMANS as spies, which could draw her onto his trail?
  18. @Caleb Dume
    Neat neat and more neat-ness!!! So he could be undercover/sleeper agent for them in the Government. It'll add an extra layer of "You were working as a one-man army, now you have an army of fellow HYDRA brothers to help you out, little man". Which might be nice for him? Having a group to work with again that he can trust/come to trust? Ophelia isn't afraid of a little extra training sessions to help refine his skills, he can't have learned every little thing! Which makes for fun future training sessions ah-yes.

    I like the idea that she picks him up from the riots, don't know about the lackeys. HYDRA is just starting up, so I don't know how deeply infiltrated they'll be in organizations quite yet. Besides: if he kills the lackeys how will she know it was him that did the deed specifically? I think instead the fact that she watched the riots, and has been hearing about HUMANS being killed in a simliar fashion via light-saber would be enough for her to make the connection and do a bit of tracking down a Caleb? Where is he about? Maybe she tracks him down to an alley/forest or something and he confronts her cause 'who you followin me for?' Whatchathink?
  19. Raditz

    Raditz Guest

    If Raditz finds a fighting ring to beat up some folk, he'd be very, very interested. I like, just don't expect him to take much for breaks until he beats up most of the competitors. xD Then again, he might take a break to consume a lot of food at some point and let the scrubs get a chance as well before he beats up the strongest scrub. =P


    But sure, that sounds like a nice place for the two to meet, Raditz flies around a lot, so he gets to places easily, so any town, location, or otherwise is fine with him. Unsure where you wanted to plant a fighting ring. xD He mostly settled down in the desert due to some 'contacts', but that's as far as his stay in Horizon goes if you were curious on the fancy HORIZON bar on his profile. =P

    Though, if we go by the recruiting idea, he would definitely seek her out otherwise, so that's also an option, although I'm not entirely sure how easy she is to find. Then again, he does involve himself with more people that are on this side of the balance. Whether it's beating up bandits or involving himself with other mercenaries and murderers. So he might come across hearing of her that way as well.

    I'm probably making this a bit hard for a location, we could also just combine the two and he goes to where he believes she's recruiting and finds a fighting ring as well, which might just interest him a little more for the moment. xD Plus, he gets a chance to display his strength.
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  20. @Raditz
    We can definitely do a combination of the events! Raditz is looking for HYDRA, finds this one recruiting person he knows is gonna be at a fight/club bar thing. Gets his fight on, she notices, she goes to sit down and talk to him when he stops to eat. Would you like to make the starter with Raditz up in the fight club or should I?